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Boxset / Compilation · 2012

Filed under Speed Metal


1. Funeral Bell 01:04
2. All Hail Hell 03:27
3. Servant of No One 03:06
4. Unholy and Rotten 03:36
5. I Am Violator 03:19
6. Hot Graves 02:58
7. Long Live Death 03:35
8. White Hot Fire 03:43
9. Endless Slut 02:46
10. Lord in Chains 02:44
11. Strike of Midnight 02:22
12. Take You to Hell 04:50
13. ...On the Wings of Satan 05:22
14. Turn up the Hell 03:37
15. Black Rock'n'Roll 02:52
16. It's a Sacrifice 03:07
17. Vomit Queens 04:10
18. Screams of Blasphemy 04:14
19. Cross Held High 04:58
20. Lucifer's Sanctuary 03:19
21. Berlin Is Burning 04:11


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Complete & Total HellComplete & Total Hell
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Complete & Total Hell by Midnight (2012-09-25)Complete & Total Hell by Midnight (2012-09-25)
Hell's Headbangers
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Time Signature
All hail hell...

Genre: black heavy metal (Satanic punk-metal)

Having terrorized the underground with their fierce Satanic blend of heavy metal and crust punk, Midnight released their debut "Satanic Royalty" in 2011. This year sees the release of "Complete and Total Hell" which collects material from their underground releases prior to 2011.

Understandably, the quality of the material - productionwise - varies between various levels of lo fi production, but the music itself is pretty consistent, all of the tracks consistently combining punk rock and heavy metal. Some tracks, like 'Servant of No One', 'Hot Graves', and 'Turn up the Hell' are all out hardcore/crust punk attacks with 'Unholy Servant' also being on the more punky side. Other tracks, like the anthem 'All Hail Hell' as well as 'Berlin Is Burning', 'Endless Slut', 'Lord in Chains' and 'It's a Sacrifice' along with a considerable handful of other tracks draw more dominantly on hard rock and traditional metal, blending this with crusty punk, which results in a dirty and primitive brand of heavy metal which is not unlike Motörhead at their dirtiest. 'I Am Violator' even borders on being primitive speed metal, while 'Long Live Death' is a nod towards the mighty Hellhammer/Celtic Frost.

Because of its considerable length, "Complete and Total Death" might become a bit monotonous in the long run - lets face it, although it features energetic and hard rocking music - there is not a lot of room for a lot of variation within the style of Midnight. However, there is no denying that almost every track on its own is incredibly enjoyable, and if you are looking for some primitive Satanic punk metal to rock out to, then you have found it.

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