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3.57 | 5 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2009

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. We Are the Undertakers (3:20)
2. Halloween (3:43)
3. Bless the Beast (3:46)
4. Girls Made of Heavy Metal (3:07)
5. Louder (2:48)
6. Metalwar (3:45)
7. Wreck of Society (4:38)
8. The Bitch Is Back (3:04)
9. Devil in Me (4:23)
10. Heavy Metal Man (3:37)
11. Pain in the Ass (3:48)

Total Time: 39:59


- Anni De Vil / vocals
- Bitchie / guitar
- RockZilla / guitar
- SatAnica / bass guitar
- Hell'n / drums

About this release

Released by CRoNG Records.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

With funny nicknames and battle outfit, Hysterica is like Spice Girls went metal, except they're not joking with their instruments. Based on what I discovered here, it's safe to say that the girls really know what they're doing. Anni De Vil has distinctive voice, sometimes she screams wildly like Doro, sometimes she still has that sweet girly vocal like Ann Wilson, a lot of potential to be explored. Bitchie and RockZilla share the same quality in guitar handling, still sound green at times, but with more practice, they'll shine in several years to come.

Out of eleven tracks, the problem with "Metalwar"'s songwriting as seen from my scope is that it only has four really great tracks. "Girls Made of Heavy Metal", despite its ridiculous title, definitely a wonderfully-crafted song; "Wreck of Society" spits some incinerating riffs, blasted high with a bombastic rhythm and hellish scream; "The Bitch Is Back" crawls with chugging hooks and uptempo chorus; and the last one, "Pain In The Ass", a splendid groove with a climax chorus, what a finish!

The rest actually aren't bad at all, except maybe "Bless The Beast" which I think is the worst of the bunch, but "Devil In Me", "Halloween", and the title track, needs to be reworked, there's something important missing here, something strong and memorable. "We Are The Undertakers", "Louder", and "Heavy Metal Man" are passable and only convinced me that they need to upgrade their writing skill in the next album. If Manowar meets Black Label Society, with a sensible Maiden approach here and there, is your thing, this is a good choice.
Hysterica are a Swedish all-girl heavy metal band and they sound really wild about their metal on this, their first full-length album, which was released in 2009. With track titles such as Girls Made of Heavy Metal, Metalwar and Heavy Metal Man, much of the album is an indulgent worship of all things metal. It may sound a bit cheesy on paper, but as a group Hysterica are competent at their instruments and lead singer Anni de Vil delivers vocals that really fit with the style.

On that note I have to say that the vocals are particularly awesome. Anni de Vil, unlike many other female vocalists in metal, doesn't come across as the typical symphonic metal singer with their melodic and operatic tones tones but rather some more true traditional heavy metal aggression and power. Her vocals are clear in their delivery, yet definitely not gentle and always full of passion for the music and never lacking energy.

Metalwar is probably best described as an album that metalheads can party to, or perhaps simply one to turn up the volume and go nuts to. It is a fair assessment to say that some of the lyrics seem to have been written with a female listener in mind, such as Heavy Metal Man since it does feel a little weird for a straight guy like myself to be listening to a song with lyrics such as "Damn! I want a Heavy Metal Man!", but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the song and recognising the quality of the music. Call it a guilty pleasure maybe.

Unfortunately the album is not without its faults. While all the members are clearly talented but there are a couple of moments where I wish they'd vary a riff a bit or included a guitar solo, since there's parts of the songs that sound like they are just dying for some lead guitar. Otherwise the album is great, especially for a debut effort. The instruments are well played all round though so no complaints in that department. My favourite tracks are We Are the Undertakers, Halloween, Girls Made of Heavy Metal and Got the Devil in Me.

There's not really much else I can say about Metalwar, it's an extremely solid and fun album but doesn't exactly bring anything new to the table of traditional heavy metal unless you count that it's a distinctly female take on it. It's nice, as always, to see more women rocking in great bands and proving time and time again that metal music is not purely a man's playground. I am looking forward to hearing what these girls can do for album number 2, since I think that by then they will have really found their feet and will delivery something that will blow Metalwar out of the water.

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