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Split · 1984

Filed under Speed Metal


1. Running Wild - Iron Heads (3:38)
2. Running Wild - Bones To Ashes (5:07)
3. Hellhammer - Revelations Of Doom (2:46)
4. Hellhammer - Messiah (4:30)
5. Dark Avenger - Black Fairies (3:33)
6. Dark Avenger - Lords Of The Night (3:47)
7. Helloween - Oernst Of Life (4:41)
8. Helloween - Metal Invaders (4:27)

Total Time 32:29


Running Wild Line-up:
- Rock´n´Rolf Kasparek / Vocals, guitars
- Gerald "Preacher" Warnecke / Guitars
- Stephan Boriss / Bass
- Wolfgang "Hasche" Hagemann / Drums

Hellhammer Line-up:
- Tom "Satanic Slaughter" Warrior / Vocals, guitars
- Martin "Slayed Necros" Ain / Bass, backing vocals
- Bruce "Denial Fiend" Day / Drums

Dark Avenger Line-up:
- Siegfried Kohmann / Vocals
- Bernd Piontek / Guitars
- Claus Johannson / Buitars
- Uwe Neff / Bass
- Andreas Breindl / Drums

Helloween Line-up:
- Kai Hansen / Vocals, guitars
- Michael Weikath / Guitars
- Markus Grosskopf / Bass
- Ingo Schwichtenberg / Drums

About this release

Split, Noise Records, 1984

Released as N 006

Hellhammer tracks "Revelations of Doom" and "Messiah" featured originally on this sampler were recorded in the same sessions of the "Apocalyptic Raids" EP. Later they were included in many later LP and all CD versions.

Helloween released their contribution as a demo tape, as did Running Wild. It is unknown how much circulation they got, or how "official" the releases were. The Running Wild tracks appear on the re-release of the 1995 LP "Masquerade" (tracks re-recorded in 1999).

The "Death Metal" sampler was banned in Germany in October 1985. It was re-released with a censored cover just showing the title. Both versions are very rare LPs. In September 2010 the record was removed from the list of banned media in Germany.

Thanks to UMUR for the addition and adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Death Metal" is a 4way-split release featuring German artists Running Wild, Helloween, Dark Avenger, and Swiss group Hellhammer. The split was released in October 1984 through Noise Records. None of the band´s have had their breakthrough at this point, and all material on the split are demo recordings. Each artist are featured with two tracks.

"Death Metal" opens with the two tracks by Running Wild, which are culled from their 1984 "Demo 4". They are fairly well played but not particularly interesting heavy metal/speed metal tracks. Hellhammer is up next, and their two tracks are culled from the March 1984 recording sessions which ended up becoming the "Apocalyptic Raids" EP. The two tracks featured on this split, are however leftover tracks from the recording sessions, which originally didn´t make it unto "Apocalyptic Raids". Stylistically Hellhammer played a primitive and raw blackened speed metal style, which subsequently influenced a lot of extreme metal artists. They are arguably the most raw and extreme band on the split.

The Dark Avenger tracks are epic heavy/speed metal tracks, which are well performed, well written, and relatively well produced. As far as I know the two tracks are exclusive to this release. Dark Avenger only released a 1985 demo in addition to the material featured here and then folded. The two Helloween tracks are culled from their June 1984 "Death Metal Demo". Helloween play a more powerful, sharp, and hard edged version of the speed metal style Dark Avenger introduced on the tracks before these ones. The Helloween tracks are also well produced.

Although Hellhammer stick out a bit with their more savage sounding music style "Death Metal" is a pretty good quality split release, featuring some decent quality demo material (in some cases pretty good quality) and some of these bands would of course go on to future greatness. It´s only Dark Avenger who has more or less disappeared from metal history other than their contributions to this split. A 3 star (60%) rating is deserved.

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