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Album · 2012

Filed under Nu Metal


1. Voragine (03:47)
2. Harmaguedon (04:48)
3. Adonaï (04:01)
4. Gravis Venter (05:04)
5. Inanis Venter (04:25)
6. Sidus (04:47)
7. Proserpina (05:45)
8. Hercolubus (05:05)
9. Praedator (01:36)
10. Anatemnein (07:45)

Total Time 47:03


- Candice / vocals
- Staif / guitars
- Greg / guitars
- Shob / bass
- Morgan / drums

About this release

Released March 2 (Europe) and March 27 (North America), 2012, on Season of Mist.

Available in standard or international versions, which contains four songs in English.

Thanks to Time Signature for the addition and Bosh66, adg211288 for the updates

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Time Signature

Genre: alternative metalcore

Eths' third album is one of those releases that are difficult to place in one single genre-box, as the French band use elements from a lot of different subgenres within the world of metal. Thus, there is a bit of thrash metal, a bit of melodic death metal, a bit of sludge metal, a bit of gothic metal, and even some symphonic elements every now and then (as in the outro of 'Anatemnein').

However, I think it is safe to say that the cores style is a blend of metalcore and alternative metal, as Eths make extensive use of metalcore styled grooves and the introspective shoegazing feel of much alternative metal. Some tracks, like 'Voragine', lean more towards metalcore, while others, like 'Gravis Venter', lean more towards alternative metal. I am well aware that metalcore and alternative metal are much hated among metal purists, but they can just fuck off, because Eths have really struck a nice balanced between the two genres, and it works brilliantly.

The vocals combine clean soft, almost inward-looking, female singing, delivered by Candice, with harsh growls, primarily also delivered by Candice, although some male backing growls appear every now and then. In addition to singing and growling, Candice also makes use of whispers and spoken word, most of which is delivered in French. The vocals are thus pretty interesting, and the overall musicianship is also quite impressive, and all tracks are performed with precision and tightness.

"III" is definitely an interesting release, combining metalcore and alternative metal very efficiently, and including elements from many other genres, and fans of modern metal should definitely check it out. I was going to give this 3.5 stars, but the fact that Eths include so many French-language lyrics earns them an extra 0.5 star.

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