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3.55 | 12 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1995

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1. The Thirst (6:15)
2. Catharsis (5:53)
3. Oasis (8:12)
4. Acquaintance (6:31)
5. Mae Dae (3:24)
6. At Death's Door (7:17)
7. East Of Eden (5:49)
8. Nighttime Sky (8:57)
9. Enchanted (7:19)

Total Time 59:37


- Ted Leonard / lead vocals
- Douglas Ott / guitars
- Michael Geimer / keyboards
- Paul Craddick / drums
- Ed Platt / bass

- Steve Rothery / e-bow, guitars (tracks 1, 8)

About this release

Released by Dream Circle/Magna Carta, 1995

Reissued in 1997 by Inside Out with the following bonus track:

10. Open Eyes (7:43)

Reissued in 1997 by Inside Out as Special Edition with the following bonus tracks:

10. Open Eyes (7:43)
11. Enchanted (acoustic version) (6:37)

Reissued in 1997 by Inside Out as Special Edition also with a bonus disc with the following tracklist containing demos recorded between 1989-1992:

1. At Death's Door (6:52)
2. Open Eyes (7:57)
3. Mae Dae (3:23)
4. The Calling (6:16)
5. Oasis (7:30)
6. Dollars And Cents (6:03)
7. Enchanted (7:26)
8. Nighttime Sky (8:38)
9. Acquaintance (6:38)
10. The Thirst (6:20)

Total Time: 67:08

Thanks to Lynx33, UMUR for the updates


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Blueprint of the WorldBlueprint of the World
Magna Carta 1995
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A Blueprint of the World by Enchant (2002-06-24)A Blueprint of the World by Enchant (2002-06-24)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

One of progressive rocks most beloved cult bands of the 90's, Enchant combine elements of progressive metal along with 80's neo-prog, to gain the perfect balance to appeal to fans of both subgenres. They're an awesome band. They have a very distinct sound, very melodic and easy on the ears, with enough crunch in their music to get heads banging, as well as vocalist Ted Leonard, who I consider one of my all-time favourite singers.

But here's the thing.

Damn, this album took me a long time to grasp. I mean, the first song 'The Thirst' had me hooked instantly, but for some reason the rest of 'em took loads (and I mean loads) of listens until they all finally clicked. And sure, I've come to like a lot of them, especially the first half of the record, but damn, it sure took some work.

The production is definitely of a mid-90's quality, and some of the tracks could do with a little cropping. But it's okay. They're a young band, this is their first album, and while there's definitely room for improvement, they've laid down some very solid foundations for which to build upon for future releases. Songs like 'The Thirst', 'Oasis', 'Catharsis', 'Acquaintance' and 'Nighttime Sky' are all memorable tracks that definitely make 'A Blueprint of the World' a worthy blueprint for this bands sound.

Included with my version is a bonus disc consisting of demos. Nothing special. Not really anything you'd listen to more than once. There is a pretty nifty little number titled 'The Calling' which didn't make the final cut. It's not a huge loss though, and overall this disc might be a great collectable for die-hard fans, but it doesn't really add or detract from the album.

In conclusion; despite featuring some of Enchants best songs, this is nothing more than a "good" debut. It helped establish the band and got their foot in the door, which, at a time when this sort of music was probably the least fashionable thing you could do, isn't such a bad achievement.
"A Blueprint Of The World" is the debut full-length studio album by US progressive rock/metal act Enchant. The album was originally released through Dream Circle Records in 1995 but the most available version is probably the 1997 InsideOut Music reissue.

The music on the album is soft edged/melodic progressive rock/metal with neo progressive rock leanings. Ted Leonard´s strong vocals and melodic vocal lines are the center of attention, but Douglas A Ott´s also gets his time in the spotlight with some really well played and melodic guitar soloing. It´s all accompagnied by an omnipresence of keyboards/synths played by Michael Benignus Geimer and a rather busy and accomplished rythm section in drummer Paul Craddick and bassist Ed Platt.

To my ears tracks like "The Thirst", "Catharsis" and "At Death's Door" have always stood as the strongest and most memorable tracks on "A Blueprint Of The World", but the instrumental "Mae Dae" also feature some beautiful parts. The rest of the tracks (maybe except for the rather cheesy sounding "Acquaintance", which doesn´t stand out for something positive) have never stood out to me. They´re all decent, but not that memorable.

The musicianship is solid and it´s especially enjoyable to lay ears to Paul Craddick´s busy drumming but lead vocalist Ted Leonard needs a special mention too for his emotional performance. Unfortunately some of the vocal lines are not that memorable though and he is occasionally forced to sing some notes that are on the edge of his capability. He sounds uncomfortable and strained. That´s seldom a good idea and it´s something they avoided on later more mature releases.

"A Blueprint Of The World" is partially produced by Steve Rothery (Marillion) who is credited for producing half of the tracks on the album. The rest are produced by Douglas A Ott. I don´t know the story behind this but my guess is that there was some sort of dissagreement between the band and Steve Rothery half way through the recording of the album or maybe a money issue. Regardless the result isn´t satisfying to my ears. Neither the Steve Rothery nor the Douglas A Ott produced tracks feature what I would call a professional sound production.

Despite some of the issues mentioned above I still think "A Blueprint Of The World" is a pretty good progressive rock/metal album. A 3 star (60%) rating is warranted.

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