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Boxset / Compilation · 1999


Disc 1
1. Pernicious Anguish (Euthanasia demo / '99 remix) (2:20)
2. Immortal Souls ('99 remaster) (3:58)
3. Maze of Existence ('99 remix) (4:40)
4. The Dead ('99 remaster) (3:49)
5. Angel of Distress ('99 remix) (3:29)
6. Everlasting ('99 remaster) (5:38)
7. After Afterlife ('99 remix) (4:35)
8. Human Aberration ('99 remaster) (3:34)
9. Kill the Police ('99 remaster) (0:40)
10. When All Is Said ('99 remaster) (6:33)
11. Blood of My Enemies ('99 remaster) (3:31)
12. Elegy ('99 remaster) (2:29)

Total Time: 45:20

Disc 2
1. The Masque ('99 remix) (6:29)
2. Pernicious Anguish ('99 remaster) (2:10)
3. Until Eternity Ends ('99 remix) (3:55)
4. Songs of Sirens ('99 remix) (2:30)
5. Criminally Insane ('99 remaster) (2:31)
6. Murder Dividead ('99 remix) (3:16)
7. I Wanna Go Home ('99 remaster) (3:35)
8. Dawned by the Damned ('99 remaster) (5:31)
9. Moonshine ('99 remaster) (1:40)
10. Bleed You Dry ('99 remaster) (5:23)
11. Mother ('99 remaster) (3:07)
12. Epidemic Reign ('99 recording) (3:39)

Total Time: 43:52


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About this release

Compilation, Black Mark Productions, November 29th, 1999

Disc two includes a bonus data portion with two bonus tracks: excerpts from Nothing But Death Remains and "Sacrificed" remixed with electronica elements.

- Tom Müller / Mastering
- Dan Swanö / Mixing, Mastering

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Evolution" is a compilation album release by Swedish death metal act Edge of Sanity. The compilation was released through Black Mark Productions in November 1999. It was originally a two-disc release and predominantly features remaster and remix versions of tracks from the band´s pre-1999 releases. Lead vocalist Dan Swanö is credited for mixing and matering of the tracks. In addition to the remastered and remixed album tracks on the compilation, "Evolution" also features a new track ("Epidemic Reign"), and a couple of cover tracks (which have also been remastered and remixed).

I´m a fan of keeping things as they are (warts and all) and the necessity of remaster and remix albums have always eluded me. "Evolution" is not a remaster/remix compilation album which is gonna convince me otherwise. In many cases a remaster/remix version of a song lessens the impact of said song instead of enhancing the listening experience, and the original version is always preferable, even though some of the early material by Edge of Sanity did feature rough around the edges sound productions, which on the original releases certainly could have been better sounding. But that´s sometimes the charm of raw and unpolished releases and you often learn to live with and even appreciate the rough edged productions of releases like that. It becomes part of their identity and the history of the recording artist, and meddling with history like that often ends badly. To make a comparison (I know...it´s a completely ridiculous one, but my point should come across), think of how fans of Donald Duck would react, if Disney went back and changed the color or Donalds clothes from blue to red in all the old cartoons...there would be heads rollin´.

Enough of my ranting though, and let´s talk a little more about "Evolution". The compilation features 24 tracks and most Edge of Sanity albums (minus Crimson (1996)") and the "Until Eternity Ends (1994)" EP are represented by a couple of tracks, and as mentioned above there are also a couple of cover tracks and a new tracks featured on the album. A good part of the studio album picks are among the lesser remarkable tracks in the band´s discography though, and it´s what I would call odd tracklist choices for a compilation album. I understand the need to include some cover tracks and a new song to pull people in (although most of those tracks aren´t particularly remarkable either), but releasing a compilation, which does not feature the band´s best work is beyond me. I´d recommend purchasing the 2006 "When All is Said" compilation instead, if you want a taste of what Edge of Sanity is about and don´t want to purchase all their albums up front. "Evolution" is not a good way to get aquainted with the output of Edge of Sanity and is purely a release for the hardcore fans, who need to own everything the band have ever released. A 2.5 star (50%) rating is warranted.

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