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Album · 2007


1. Nothing To No One (4:10)
2. The Lesser Faith (4:37)
3. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) (4:24)
4. Blind At Heart (4:21)
5. Icipher (4:39)
6. Inside The Particle Storm (5:29)
7. Empty Me (4:59)
8. Misery's Crown (4:14)
9. Focus Shift (3:36)
10. The Mundane And The Magic (5:17)

Total Time: 45:46


- Mikael Stanne / Vocals
- Anders Jivarp / Drums
- Martin Brändström / Electronics
- Michael Nicklasson / Bass
- Niklas Sundin / Guitars
- Martin Henriksson / Guitars

About this release

17 April 2007
Century Media

The Japanese edition has the following bonus track:

11. A Closer End (4:10)

The Australian edition has the following bonus track:

11. Winter Triangle (2:18)

Special (Deluxe) edition has the following bonus tracks:

11. Below The Radiance (3:25)
12. Silence In The House Of Tongues (3:23)
13. Winter Triangle (2:18)
14. A Closer End (4:10)

Special (Deluxe) edition also has a bonus Dvd with the following tracklist:

1. Focus Shift (Promo Video)
2. Terminus (Promo Video)
3. Focus Shift (Live Rehersal)
4. Blind At Heart (Live)
5. Final Resistance (Live)
6. Misery's Crown (Live)
7. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) (Live)
8. The Lesser Faith (Live)
9. The New Build (Live)
10. The Endless Feed (Live)

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

When it comes to classic Melodic Death Metal, you really can have no real faults. The bands that really pushed the Death Metal genre and pushed it into a more respected artform ,like In Flames, Carcass & At The Gates to name a few, are also joined by these guys. I have to admit, even though I have revelled in Melo Death for a very long time, I'm afraid to say I've never really given these guys a proper listen. In fact this album is the only one I have of theirs, suprisingly.

One of the most noticeable and very well used aspects of the bands music is the use of keyboards. Unlike Soilwork who just have flourishes now and then, these guys properly use them, which makes them stand out among the godfathers of Melodic Death Metal.

Overall musically, these guys seem to harvest the more darker side to the Gothenburg scene. With a big influence from Gothic Metal and Doom Metal, the band create a sound which is a fusion of harmony and gloom, which even though is rather paradoxical, is pulled off very well.

Mikael's vocals I like to think is the perfect mix of Jeff Walker from Carcass and Tomas Lindberg from At The Gates. At times he can jump onto quite black metally gargles, but mainly contains a death metal approach to his vocals, with a very rare moment of clean vocals.

The album opener “Nothing To No One” is an amazing opener. Like “Blinded By Fear” on the classic Melodic Death Metal album “Slaughter Of The Soul” by At The Gates, this song really grabs you by the balls and comforts you with the bands sound at the same time.

One of the best moments album has to be in the track “The Lesser Faith”, with a very beautiful mid section. A big suprise in the song for me, but surprisingly pulled off very well.

The albums longest composition “Inside The Particle Storm” is one of the most diverse songs on the album, and even has some Prog Metal moments throughout. A brilliantly arranged track with a lot of space and room for experimentation.

“Misery's Crown” is one of the oddest songs on the album. With the use of clean vocals and a more simpler arrangement, it is almost like the band wrote this song with radio friendly intentions on their minds. Doesn't feel forced, so it does feel natural and is a pretty great song.

One of my favourite songs on the album “Focus Shift” has a brilliantly fast paced groove throughout. Again, this song reminds me of another At The Gates track, “Nausea”, which isn't a terrible thing, with “Nausea” being one of my favourite death metal tracks of all time.

The albums last track “The Mundane & The Magic” is one of the more melodically and gothic laced moments on the album, with the use of female vocals in the chorus. Brilliant mixtures of styles and a great ending to the album.

In conclusion, I wonder why I never have gave these guys a chance before, because I can really see why they are such pioneers in the Melodic Death Metal world. I have heard from people that this is there best album. I will give the other albums a chance in the future, but I have to admit this is a brilliant release from these guys.


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