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Album · 2012

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Peste (03:16)
2. Metal Malóka (03:31)
3. Bastardos do Brasil (03:28)
4. Nota 6.66 (07:18)
5. Pinu da Granada (03:38)
6. Alegoria do Sangue 03:18)
7. Bicho Humano (02:12)
8. Vida de Mentira (03:26)
9. Caosfera (02:54)
10. Viva (01:54)

Total time 34:55


- Marcus D'Angelo / guitars, vocals
- Caio D'Angelo / drums
- Daniel Bonfogo / bass
- Alexandre de Orio / guitars

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Peste, the most recent album of Claustrofobia bring some surprises: the first is the track Nota 6.66. This is an instrumental 7 minute song, where Claustrofobia mix thrash metal with the brazilian percussion traditionally used on samba music! They were helped by the guys from Batuque de Corda, a group of percussion. The results are great, this track is all that Sepultura ever tried to do since Roots! There's even a cuíca solo! Don't expect any prog or avant-garde here, it's fast and violent thrash perfectly blended with samba.

Another surprise are the lyrics, all sung in portuguese. This is a welcomed to me, but don't worry if you are from a non-lusofone country: the songs in this album have enough brutality to delight all the thrashers around the world.

The drumming of Caio D'Angelo has improved greatly since their debut. The addition of a second guitar is also welcomed, bringing some subtleties to their sound. Sure, it's needed some listens to note these subtleties below the virulence of the sound!

The lyrics deal with personal and social struggles, a common theme in thrash metal. Peste is probably the best album of Claustrofobia. Check it out!

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