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EP · 2012


1. Hearts over Feathers (2:06)
2. Height of the Rifles (6:54)
3. Light Behind a Shadow (6:34)
4. Eyelids of Dawn (2:45)
5. That Cursed Armored Train (4:50)
6. Blackbird (5:47)

Total Time 28:56


- Bob Fouts / Drums, Bass
- Jeff Wilson / Guitars, Synthetizers
- Stavros Giannopoulos / Vocals

Guest/session musicians:
- John Wayman / Guitars

About this release

Format: CD
Label: Gravedancer Records
Release date: July 3rd, 2012

Thanks to Time Signature for the addition and adg211288 for the updates

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Time Signature
That cursed armored train...

Genre: depressive post-black metal

Formed in 2010, Chrome Waves is a relatively new band, but its members are experienced and prolific figures on the metal scene, also being, or having been, involved in acts such as Nachtmysium, Steel Aggressor, Wolvhammer, The Atlas Moth, and Twilight. So, this band is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and its members' experience clearly shows in the six tracks on Chrome Waves.

Combining the intensity of black metal with the tempos of doom metal and the melody of gothic metal, Chrome Wave present a melancholic type of post-black metal which some people have even described as beautiful. It is definitely haunting and compelling, and massively expressive. The melancholia oozes out through the texture of the music itself, from which both desolation and substance emanates, thanks to the slight touch of depressive black metal combined with a twist of melancholic 90s alternative rock.

Already in the opening track 'Hearts Over Feathers', with its almost esoteric feel and slow build-up towards 'Height- of the Rifles', do Chrome Waves make clear that their music is of the darkly melodic kind. And, I must say that I do find this EP very accomplished in terms of composition and instrumental performance. The one thing about the EP that I cannot stomach is – and I really hate myself for feeling like this – is the vocal style. Stavros Giannopoulos's harsh and aggressive screams just do not sit well with me, and this vocal style does, unfortunately for me, detract from my overall listening experience. Having said that, I fully appreciate that the screams serve as a powerful tool of expression, and that they serve to add a sense of desperation to Chrome Waves' already melancholic and depressive music. I am sure that I belong to a minority and that most listeners will absolutely love the vocals.

On the musical side, I would say that Chrome Waves is really a special release, and anyone who is into post-black metal as well as depressive black metal and melodic black metal should definitely give the EP a listen. Also, if you like screamed vocals, I am sure that you will be able to appreciate the expressive nature of Chrome Waves' music in full. In any case, this is a good release, and I look forward to future output from this band.

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