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Album · 2012

Filed under Progressive Metal


1. Eve (5:36)
2. Magnification Of A Daydream (4:50)
3. Shipwrecked Affair (5:22)
4. Fractural (6:21)
5. Spider's Nest (4:10)
6. Renaissance (4:46)
7. The Starving Litany (5:05)
8. Confessions Of Reimman (5:21)
9. La Danzatrice Scalza (6:55)
10. The Defiant Boundary (4:48)
11. Labyrinthique (4:01)


- Titta Tani / vocals, choirs
- Onofrio Falanga / guitars, backing vocals
- Alessandro Cossu / guitars
- Gianpaolo Falanga / bass
- Gilles Boscolo / keyboards, programming, saxophone
- Davide Buso / drums, percussions

About this release

Release September 21, 2012, on Lion Music

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Ashent, an Italian Progressive Metal band, return in 2012 with their third release, Inheritance. This being a milestone for any band, it also sees Ashent returning after a period of change, with changes in the band's lineup. After the 2009 release of Deconstructive, Ashent announced three new members would be filling in: Titta Tani (Goblin,Daemonia, ex-Necrophagia, ex-DGM) on lead vocals, Gilles Boscolo on keyboards and Alessandro Cossu on second guitar. And so, with lineup changes like these, it comes as no surprise that Ashent are redefining themselves a bit. Inheritance finds Ashent taking a very unique stance on Progressive Metal, melding together various styles and sounds to create a somewhat unusual blend. Along with what might be considered the "typical" combination of Progressive Metal instruments with heavy guitars and synths, Ashent mixes in some Mellotron, Hammond, and Saxophone. This gives their sound an almost Neo Prog take on Progressive Metal. And dynamically, Ashent swings between more atmospheric and mellow sections to some louder, chaotic blends. Ashent has a way of using chord progressions where they fill every chord out to the point of almost bursting, adding dissonant tones to the more conventional structures. This is not only achieved with the instrumentation (often combining atmospheric keyboards that are reminiscent of Devin Townsend with some heavy, rhythmic guitars) but also with some very full harmonies in the vocals. Add to this a very dynamic rhythm section, and the music can at times be a little overwhelming. And Ashent deploys many different textures throughout the album, with modern synths, orchestral parts, sequencers, choirs, and even some fusion, making for a very dynamic experience. All this combined also gives them a sound that has a very new, crisp and modern feel to it. This is definitely an album that breaks the mold, and as such will leave some scratching their heads, while others will praise it highly.

Originally written for
Time Signature
Spider's nest...

Genre: progressive metal

For a band branded as a dark progressive metal band, Ashent's latest effort is incredibly melodic. That is of course not a bad thing, and "Inheritance" is definitely a massive effort which is artistically successful.

Striking is, first of all, the massive crunch of the guitars and how this suits both the melodic harmonies and rhythmic ambiguities that abound on this fine album. The music is technically advanced, to be sure, but comes across inviting and accessible. The drumming is organic an full of fills and, while not overtly show offy, definitely not stuff that is easy to pull off. The bass has a nice broad and round sound, at times taking an almost lead-like position, but always providing the glue that holds the many textures on this album together. On the lead side, both keyboard solos and guitar solos reflect technically skilled musicians who know how to perform leads that showcase their skills without stealing the stage from the rest of the instrumentation.

I do not know if this type of progressive metal appeals to everyone, but I would argue that Ashent's brand of progressive metal, at least on this album, is fairly original and deserves credit for that. Some of the choral arrangements remind me of Queen, while there are also elements that make me think of Yes, Mew, and Cynic. But, at all times Ashent sounds like Ashent, and their music is so rich in texture that it is easy to immerse oneself in - even if one is not a seasoned progressive metal fan.

Titta Tani's crooning vocals might be an acquired taste, but his singing style definitely adds to the originality of the music on the album. He shows that he is indeed able to belt out some face melters whenever needed and I must say that after some initial skepticism, his vocal style has won me over.

Fans of progressive metal who ar looking for something different, yet recognizable and who love metal that emphasizes melodic and texture, should give Ashent's "Inheritance" a listen.

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