LIMP BIZKIT — Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (review)

LIMP BIZKIT — Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water album cover Album · 2000 · Nu Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
5/5 ·
"If I say fuck two more times, that's forty-six fucks in this fucked up rhyme"

That line is one of the greatest lyrics in all of metal, and if the album title of Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water wasn't enough of a giveaway, this isn't a band or album that takes itself seriously outside of musically. It's only now that people are finally starting to realize Limp Bizkit is on a similar wavelength to Primus of making fun of themselves all the while creating fantastic unique music that really can't be copied.

Chocolate Starfish combines all that made Three Dollar Bill and Significant Other such amazing albums, and goes further. The post-metal is taken to a new height with a song like Boiler, with massive riffs creating an earth-shattering wall of sound. The softer side of the band that first showed up on Significant Other is significantly improved with songs like Hold On, It'll Be Ok, and The One. If only there was more electronic alt rock, as the post-rock and trip hop elements makes these that much better. The pure hip hop tracks are increased as well, with the bonus single It's Like That Y'all that comes with some versions of the album being among the band's best. Not only does it feature hip hop legends Run DMC, but it has what's maybe DJ Lethal's best production.

The album is most known of course for its jumpdafuckup bangers like Hot Dog, My Generation, Full Nelson, and of course ROLLIN' ROLLIN' ROLLIN', which is easily one of the most iconic songs of the 00's, and for good reason. These are just instant hooks. For an album that's so long, there's little filler, the variety and quality of said variation makes this an album that works as both an album listen and every song working perfectly in any fitting playlist.
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UMUR wrote:
50 days ago
Unitron wrote:
51 days ago
UMUR wrote:
51 days ago
To each his own. You can´t really decide what another person thinks is a masterpiece. I know I love some albums, that others detest, and that´s perfectly alright in my book. As long as I know that it´s the others who are idiots for not "getting it" ;-)
ssmarcus wrote:
51 days ago
Dude, you are the man for writing this review. You clearly have balls of steel and probably just have women begging to bear your children. They're probably all like OMG who's that guy who stands by his taste and choices publicly on the internet and doesn't give a flying floop what people might think about that!?!

With that said, having looked at some of your previous reviews, you do give out a lot of 5's and prog metal is, of all your genres, your lowest average rated. For you it seems, If it rocks hard and moved you, other considerations be damned!

So I guess you struggle with understanding why Limp Bizkit is so disdained with their forced lyrics that sacrifice meaning for the sake of rhyming, their derivative riff writing, bloated filler filled albums, and their shameless and undiscerning attention seeking at the turn of the century.

I admit some tracks on this record do indeed rock so hard I can't help but love them. But FIVE STARS?! You trippin.

Unitron wrote:
2 months ago
Maybe, depends on if anything comes to mind. Usually I write something and have it sit for months before finishing it, which was the case for all four albums I most recently wrote about.

@Vim Yeah, you're right, it's actually "'cause your mouth's writing checks that your ass can't cash". :^)

Tupan wrote:
2 months ago
Will you write about the new album?

Vim Fuego wrote:
2 months ago
"That line is one of the greatest lyrics in all of metal" - no, it really isn't! :D


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