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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 98 3.80
2 Heavy Metal 27 4.06
3 Hard Rock 23 4.09
4 Power Metal 11 3.50
5 Non-Metal 9 4.11
6 NWoBHM 5 4.40
7 Metal Related 5 3.90
8 Proto-Metal 5 3.60
9 US Power Metal 4 3.88
10 Gothic Metal 3 4.00
11 Doom Metal 2 3.50
12 Folk Metal 2 4.50
13 Glam Metal 2 4.00
14 Melodic Death Metal 2 4.00
15 Technical Death Metal 1 4.00
16 Avant-garde Metal 1 4.00
17 Death-Doom Metal 1 3.50
18 Heavy Psych 1 4.00

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Album · 2001 · Power Metal
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For my money this one and the next one "Epica" are very close when it comes to my enjoyment factor. "Black Halo" remains my favourite from them though. I'm not a big Power-Metal fan but KAMELOT and SYMPHONY X hit the spot most of the time when i'm in that mood. Some of the highlights for me begin with "Forever" an uptempo, galloping number. "Wings Of Despair" continues with the hard hitting style. "The Light I Shine On You" is a crunchy tune that does contrast the heavy and lighter sections well. Despite "Temples Of Gold" being a laid back tune I do like it a lot. The final section to the "Elizabeth" suite kills. A fine effort and not a bad place to start for someone wanting to check these guys out.


Album · 2003 · Power Metal
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"Epica" is a concept album based loosely on Goethe's "Faust". We get a ton of guests helping out with orchestration, choirs and some obscure instruments all to bring this story alive, lots of samples as well. The band EPICA named themselves after this album and their female singer has since guested on KAMELOT recordings. While i'm not big on concept albums there is plenty here to satisfy my tastes in Metal. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Germany. I have to mention "Descent Of The Arcangel" which featrues a killer guitar solo from guest Luca Turilli the guitarist for RHAPSODY. Lots of highlights though making this an album that Power-Metal fans should check out.


Album · 1990 · Power Metal
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It is a very rare occurence that a band will release an album long after their supposed prime and hit one out of the park. This is my favourite JUDAS PRIEST record. When I think of this band I think of Halford's incredible vocals and the twin lead guitars of Tipton and Downing, but for the first time in my opinion they have a drummer who matches the skills of the three I just mentioned. Scott Travis the former drummer for RACER X is fantastic and the band is the complete package here. Intense and powerful are two words that keep coming to mind while listening to this beast. I still remember seeing the video for the title track back in the early nineties and being blown away by the sheer intensity. In my opinion this was the best album released in 1990, and obviously a must for Metal fans out there.

JUDAS PRIEST Defenders Of The Faith

Album · 1984 · Heavy Metal
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Many PRIEST fans rate this one and the previous album "Screaming For Vengence" fairly evenly. They are in the same style, released two years apart. I prefer this one over "Screaming..." despite it not having that big hit("You've Got Another Thing Coming"). By the way I have this on a two on one compilation with "Sad Wings Of Destiny" that was released in 1999. "Freewheel Burning" is the perfect track to open with as it's uptempo and on fire throughout. "Jawbreaker" doesn't ease up on the gas pedal much as they rip through another great track. They slow it down with "Rock Hard Ride Free" which I really like. It sounds like the mid-eighties when I listen to this. "The Sentinel" might be the best track on here, in fact the first half of this record is incredible. "Love Bites" is catchy with an excellent instrumental section. "Eat Me Alive" is intense. "Some Heads Are Going To Roll" is a favourite of mine, again it just sounds like the mid-eighties when listening to this track. Great song ! "Night Comes Down" is laid back and a refreshing change at this point. The last two songs are my least favs but both are short. So for me this album is a step up from "Screaming For Vengence" and worthy of 4 stars.

KATATONIA Tonight's Decision

Album · 1999 · Metal Related
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This is my least favourite studio album by KATATONIA although I still haven't heard their debut. For me it's a definite step down from the previous album "Discouraged Ones" where they had changed their style. This is in the same vein but more commercial sounding. Mind you the cover art from Travis Smith is outstanding. It starts off really well with "For My Demons" a top three for me. Great sound when it kicks in and I like the contrasts. The next two tracks are too catchy for me. "Right Into The Bliss" is another top three while honourable mentions go to "Strained" and "A Darknesss Coming", both are excellent. "Black Session" is my final top three. I was reminded of THE CURE at times mainly because of Jonas' vocals on a couple of songs. A good album but this is one record I can take or leave.

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  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Incubus (Alt metal/Hard rock)
    My daughter was a huge Incubus fan and the early stuff was surprisingly difficult almost experimental to my ears back then. I may not feel like that now because this was before i was into the strange shit i listen to now(haha).
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Best 15 Minute+ Metal Song
    Might have gone with DT if it was "Change Of Seasons" (that is 15 minutes right ?) but i'm happy to vote for Green Carnation here.
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in WHOCARES   Former members and present members from Deep Purple,Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Him and Metallica making music to help out a music school in Armenia. A cool little video to check out at the bottom too.This sounds pretty freaking good !Sinkadotentree2011-04-13 22:49:44


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