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Album · 1997


1. 299 796 km/s (14:46)
2. I Am Your Flesh (7:07)
3. Kairos! (3:34)
4. Weeping Willow (11:39)
5. Omnio? Pre (11:59)
6. Omnio? Bardo (5:54)
7. Omnio? Post (8:09)

Total Time: 63:11


- Jan-Ovl. S.-TranceTH / Vocals
- Christian "X" Botteri / Guitars
- Oddvar A:M / Guitars
- Bjørn H. / Guitars
- Christopher "C:M." Botteri / Bass
- A. Kobro / Drums
- Synne "Soprana" Larsen / Vocals

Guest musicians:
- Arve Lomsland / Keyboards (on track 4)
- Kjell Age Stoveland / Viola (on tracks 1, 5-7)
- Pär Arne Hedman / Violin (on tracks 1, 5-7)
- Silje Ulvevadet Dæhli / Violin (on tracks 1, 5-7)
- Nedim Praso / Cello (on tracks 1, 5-7)

About this release

Misanthropy Records
October 14th, 1997
Catalog#: AMAZON 011
Recorded By, Mixed By, Producer - Hans Eidskard , In The Woods...

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

The Botteri brothers and Synne would go on to become part of GREEN CARNATION's debut and both of these albums are dark, atmospheric, heavy, melancholic and beautiful all at once. I will never fail to sit in wonder as i listen to these two records. Both are elevated beyond the music for me. "Omnio" has a string quartet helping out on four tracks. "Weeping Willow" is my favourite track on here. I just love the guitar early on and after 8 minutes.And it's the only track with keyboards on it. Then there's the 26 minute "Omnio" suite to close the album which is a trip in itself. An emotional masterpiece !
Whilst In the Woods' debut album was a fascinating blend of Floydian space rock and raw black metal, Omnio presents a slightly artsier take on the gothic metal style, and in particular that especially doomy variety of gothic metal originally honed by the likes of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema. It's a pleasant but forgettable listen, in my experience, and far less compelling than the wild and untamed original album. I guess if you like the idea of In the Woods trying to beat Anathema at their own game it might be an interesting listen, but to be honest Anathema win out every time over this one.
Phonebook Eater

"Omnio" is full grimness and gothic moments.

When I listened to this for the first time I was very impressed, because of it's originality and darkness. I still was the last time I heard this album.

"Omnio" is an extremely dark album, gothic, creepy, with lo fi guitars and vocals ( many times though the woman singing is not) Also very impressive the fact that this band comes from Norway, the land of obscure bands such as Motorpsycho, Green Carnation, Gazpacho, Ulver and Ihsanh. The first track "299 796km/s" is most definitely the best song in the whole album.After the beautiful and dark piano intro, the guitars come in, playing a few chords that would touch anybody who listens to it, with it's unbelievable grimness. The song has many themes, that are all contained in this 14 minute masterpiece. Another memorable moment is when the girl starts singing, creating a more gothic and less epic sound.

The second and third track are not as good as the first one, but still pretty good. " I Am Your Flesh" is unexpectedly heavy, but the atmosphere is not as magic and effective. "Kairos!" is a short song with a nice melody, but nothing more.

"Weeping Willow" is the 11 track piece that stays exactly between he first part of the album and the "Omnio" trilogy. Even this is not as good as "299", but there are many amazing moments, like the last four minutes, where their taste for dark music is highlighted. In the middle of the song I noticed it kind of loses itself.

the "Omnio" suite is another highlight of the album, formed by the three pieces "Pre", the longest and probably the best piece of the suite, because of the incredible use of highly emotive vocals and guitars, completely new in this album. "Bardo" is a five minute semi ambient piece, excellent for connecting "Pre" to "Post", the last song of the album, that closes it beautifully and with all the elements such as grimness and dark melodies that characterized "In The Woods..." second album.

Despite all the grimness that I insisted on, the album is even full of classic heavy metal, like the guitars in many pieces. A really good album, essential for anyone who loves Progressive and Avant Garde Metal.

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