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  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Metal Up Your Ass and all that Jazz Room V2
    [QUOTE=rushfan4]This is a pretty rare incident where I actually almost side with the President on this one.  He knows who got him elected and to suddenly agree with Hillary that him and his kind are the deplorables would go against everything we know about Trump. And yes, a good many of them are deplorables, but there are others who just want what they think is best for them and their families.  Any white person who has lost out on a job or a college position because they are white are not necessarily the beneficiaries of "white privilege"...they have been legally discriminated against as a result of the "good intentions" of affirmative action.  And herein lies the argument that they are not racist but instead anti-discriminative against their own race...and is that much worse than the NAACP or the BLM.  He is also correct that both sides are to blame for the violence that occurred.  The "alt-left" are certainly no angels either.  The "alt-right" had at least taken out the proper permits and whatnot to protest the removal of the statue.  If the "alt-left" don't show up looking for a fight (taking the bait for a fight?) the violence that occurred may not have occurred.  In regards to the statues remaining or being removed where does it end?  As President Trump pointed out George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were also slave owners.  The TV show Last Man Standing had an episode where they wanted to change the kid's elementary school from Lewis and Clark because they were slave owners, and not very nice ones at that.  The railroads were built with Chinese slaves.  Our forefathers, slaughtered the Native American Indians.  Should any statue or other honorary item be removed for these people because of these atrocities?  Yes; No; Maybe.  These were different times.  Owning slaves, as deplorable as it was/is, was legal at the time.  When people get upset over the symbolism of somebody burning a bible or Koran or American flag, I get that it is the symbolism that pisses people off, but does it really do anything other than destroy a perfectly good door stop or flag?  If someone wants to fly a Confederate flag than so be it.  It is going to mean to me that "you are most likely an asshole who I don't want to have anything to do with and will probably avoid at all costs.  I will not attend your concert or frequent your establishment but if you don't mind behaving like an ass then it is no skin off my nose".  To me that is the message that people should receive.  [/QUOTE] pilfered....
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Beer!
    [QUOTE=Sean Trane][QUOTE=micky]yeah.. looking forward to that almost as much as the food hahha [/QUOTE] Belated HB, micky   That's your 25th , I believe, uh??    [/QUOTE]belated thanks!! old enough now to where I go by metal mental  age equivalency...that was my 12th... for 29 years running now   It's cool... till I start thinking Raff has the cooties
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Least 'metal' of our metals
    did go with Prog Metal...  metal isn't supported to be art..but dirty and low brow thus it misses out on the SINGLE MOST metal ...metal of all.  For the common Joe, not for frickin elitists and instrumental w**kers. 


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