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MIND TERRORIST - Spiritual Revolution Metalcore | review permalink
JUMPSCARE - Don't Close Your Eyes Melodic Death Metal | review permalink
REVOLUTION OF TWO - Revolution Of Two Death Metal | review permalink
MIND TERRORIST - Fragments Of Human Decay Metalcore | review permalink
MIND TERRORIST - A Moment In Eternity Metalcore | review permalink

Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Metalcore 3 4.83
2 Death Metal 1 5.00
3 Melodic Death Metal 1 5.00

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MIND TERRORIST Fragments Of Human Decay

Album · 2014 · Metalcore
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MIND TERRORIST is a group from Larissa, Greece. They Have a Melodic Death sound, and lyrical content that is a bit political. Their lyrical content is mostly about human rights, animal cruelty, and other “political” topics having to do with the same. The general over all ambiences of “Fragments Of Human Decay” is heavy, melodic, and pretty catchy. This is certainly not for the extreme Grindcore fan, but none the less a great metal piece. There is plenty of double bass, and hard riffs to go with a vocal style that is somewhere between clean and harsh.

The album opens with a spoken intro that is a bit of a poetic take on the dissention from the natural spiritual magic of childhood, to the cold worn down void of adulthood. From there it goes on to rant about all kinds of inhumanities. The guitar work is a bit intricate, while still heavy and hard hitting. The drums are likewise a bit technical. They do a great job of keeping the timing of the songs, and still helping keep that nice heavy edge, with plenty of double bass. The vocals as I stated previously are somewhere between clean and harsh, certainly for the style of music being played they are suitable. Actually the vocals remind me a little bit of SLAYER type lyrics (in sound). Personally, I think the lyrical content that they have is pretty awesome. They take on cause and purpose, which isn’t something I expect out of every band I listen to, but is absolutely respectable. As far as composition of the album, it I very well put together. It has a great flow and is a bit catchy. From beginning to end there really is no repetition, so I don’t get bored listening to it.

“Fragments Of Human Decay” certainly is a powerful album. It’s heavy in all the right ways, without going overboard. The catchy melodic sound they produce really sucks the listener in. As I stated before they ain’t for the extreme death fan, but they’re as heavy as they need to be. Also the lyrics are understandable, which really helps get the point they make across. The album is not repetitive at al which is a big plus. These guys are definitely worth a listen.

MIND TERRORIST A Moment In Eternity

Album · 2016 · Metalcore
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Mind Terrorist are a band with a lot of experience behind them, at their third studio work for the Teutonic OPOS Records, a record that characterizing it as "Metalcore" is reductive because, in addition to the evident influences of groups such as As I Lay Dying, Soilwork and similar, there is also a predisposition for some sounds to Soulfly, Sepultura and Nevermore (it is no coincidence that they have opened the concert in Larissa of the late Warrell Dane). The album is full of melodies, mostly melancholy, surrounded by several strong riffs, with a double granite and earthquake case. Each piece of course, besides the melodies, offers many moments that will surely stir up a bit of mosh in the live phase. Despite the clear denomination "core", I found a lot of heterogeneity even in the breakdowns and it is curious how the presence of some patterns recalling the beatdown has been exploited. What I liked most is the whole feeling of guitars and bass in many of their compositions, whose incarnation reminds me of something hardcore punk from the late 90s. On the other hand, what seems relatively tortuous are the voices that, compared to a metalcore product, are not performed with scream vocals; the voice of our Kostas, beautiful scratchy and present, will not be hyper-technical but certainly good for compositions. It is precisely the voice that is also the mole of this album, sometimes too repetitive and not pressing as it should, but it is about smallness and subjective opinions. A nice record this "A moment to eternity", we are waiting for good news from the guys who are currently in temporary stop.


Album · 2018 · Death Metal
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The R.O.T. duo, an acronym for "Revolution Of Two", begins with this album of the same name, highlighting its compositional ability, the result of the combination of a melodic death with derivations that partly embrace also progressive, alternatives and technical death metal.

Starting from the inspiration that is not lacking at all and seems to embrace a large amount of contemporary and non-contemporary subgenres, the group presents itself as melodic death metal. We can mention influences such as the first In Flames, old school inspirations deriving from Death and also something close to the Maidens. In general, the composition is excellent, albeit immature in some places, suggesting that the qualities are there and are felt throughout the disc.

Revolution Of Two is something that you must not miss: groove, breakdown, even prog influences ... a heterogeneous disc that in the future, with the right precautions, will make the two boys of Cassino churn out real masterpieces.

JUMPSCARE Don't Close Your Eyes

Album · 2019 · Melodic Death Metal
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Jumpscare is an Italian band founded in 2015. They started as an alternative metal but with their first album they abandoned their previous style to be focused only on melodic death with "core" (mostly metalcore and deathcore) and symphonic influences! Unlike traditional death metal, this album features a lot of modern elements. The album consists of razor-sharp guitar tracks, as well as precise drums and heavy bass lines, incorporated well with the singer's vocals.

The album features 8 tracks with a total length of 33 minutes, but make no mistake – though the songs are shorter than we are used to in the melodic death metal genre – they are reaching and touching, the lyrics are exciting and overall the whole album is well managed. Through the music I've lost count of time. I've enjoyed the whole release – such albums make a good reminder why I love extreme music so much – it brings the joy and fun out of me and takes me back to my teenage years when I first discovered death metal.

I give this album a 10/10, because this album makes a perfect masterpiece in my eyes. I was so lucky to own a physical copy so I passed days reading lyrics and figuring out what the band wanted to achieve with this album. Also, the guys from Jumpscare were very kind to answer some of my questions in their Facebook group about the songs, giving me have more material for this review and judging their work better! From beginning to end, this album is one of the best melodic/modern death metal I have ever listened to so far.

I think that Jumpscare really killed it. They made a fantastic album and I bet that they will be part of something new in the near future. They deserve more, so go check them out. An honorable mention to the producer Tommaso from Genus Ordinis Dei for his great work producing this masterpiece.

MIND TERRORIST Spiritual Revolution

Album · 2020 · Metalcore
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"Spiritual Revolution" is the fourth studio album of the Greek metal band Mind Terrorist, containing nine new tracks and released by One People One Struggle Records (OPOS). I want to thank the group who personally provided me with a physical copy of the album in a special version. To be precise, only 188 digipack copies were printed in a limited edition, which literally went up in smoke in a few days. The guys kindly honored me with the number 187, so I couldn't help telling you about it again after the previous review on this portal. But back to us and the work in question! Recordings, mixing and mastering of the disc took place in the United States, Greece, the Netherlands and Germany between May and December 2019. "Spiritual Revolution" is a concept album focused on the fundamental process of inner transformation according to which each of us breaks the poisonous effects of globalism, consumerism and modern civilization in general. Being in the world but not belonging to it is a purpose in life through which one realizes that modernity is not simply a way of life .. We can briefly define the album as an alternative metal, since the proposed sound is a homogeneous mix of various elements both of European and American matrix, although the band is based in Larissa (Greece). The melting pot proposed by the band is chock full of references to the Swedish death metal style with influences mainly given by groups such as At The Gates, Soilwork, The Haunted, a bit of Dismember and the latest In Flames. The style also meets the American hardcore of Hatebreed and Madball. "Spiritual Revolution" is heavy, melodic and rather captivating, certainly ideal for fans of extreme metal who like to range between hard melodies and riffs to combine with a vocal performance halfway between clean and harsh. The work of the guitar is wonderfully intricate, heavy and hard on the one hand, but also melodic in the passages and refrains on the other. The drums let themselves go in some technicality, showing off an excellent use of filling (always at the service of music) and a truly phenomenal double speaker. The voice, then, is the most particular element since the band, compared to Swedish or metalcore groups, is not in scream or growl, but more towards hardcore punk. I must say that despite being impactful, the voice still blends well with the sound proposed. This can also be seen as a demerit but I believe that in this case it gives further personality to the proposal, and compared to the previous work there is a greater maturity and awareness. The track "Revolt against The Modern World" is the masterpiece of the album, the summary of an extraordinary work that I feel like giving a 5/5 for the passion it releases and for the spirituality that exudes through the lyrics; the latter rather significant which make the album a well-worked and interesting concept. Reading the booklet I noticed how the literary sector played a fundamental role in the work in question, and the inclusion of figures inspired, for example, by George Orwell and his "1984", really pleased me, being an author who I appreciate. Before concluding, I would like to clarify that in addition to the above-mentioned passage, there is also another appreciable piece that literally entered my head, "End Of Tradition", which begins with a speech based on "1984". But the surprise is not over. A song with a rapcore vocal line in Greek lyrics that shows another side of the band, a bit unusual given the sound proposed in the other tracks. Note of merit also for the graphic sector of the well-made album with attention to the smallest details (even the eye wants its part). It must be said that all the design was created by the design of Richard Manson (Doomsdaykvlt) while AD Media oversaw the productions for viewers and video lyrics. A must for fans of modern metal, especially for the heavy matrix embellished by their characteristic "metallic hardcore" ... a heterogeneous and explosive crossover!

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