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EUROPE - Secret Society Hard Rock | review permalink
TY TABOR - Moonflower Lane Hard Rock
IRON MAIDEN - The X Factor Heavy Metal | review permalink
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Album · 1995 · Heavy Metal
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The X Factor is an album which definitely deserved and deserves better. Obviously, many people reject this album because Bruce Dickinson is not here and Blaze did not rise to the high expectations that people have with Iron Maiden. Blaze has a different style and lacks the vocal range that Dickinson has; and the problem of the Bailey era Iron Maiden is that Harris & co did not use Blaze properly. He sounds like a guest vocalist than the band member he was supposed to be.

The good thing about this album lies in the fact that it's different, most of the songs are mid paced, a bit repetitive at times, but they do have a nice atmosphere (like the epic Sign of the Cross, Judgement of Heaven and Blood on the World's Hands, Unbeliever just to name a few).

Harris's bass playing is great, some nice intros; Murray and Jers complete each other nicely and cleverly, there are some nice riffs and guitar leads. Blaze did a good job believe it or not and last but not least, Nicko did some nice drumming. The album's got some competent songwriting and definitely good musicianship.

Overall, this is a good album, it was a successful attempt to survive after losing Bruce Dickinson; he is surely missed here, I too sometimes wonder how this album could have sounded if Bruce had sung on it (and I have listened to live versions of Sign of the Cross and Lord of the Flies).


Album · 1998 · Heavy Metal
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Iron Maiden's second album featuring Blaze Bayley on vocals is less inspired than the first one. Unfortunately. The problem is that Harris &co did not use Blaze properly again; he still seems to be the guest vocalist, not the full member that he was supposed to be.

I used to be more tolerant towards this album some years ago, but I dislike this album these days. To me, it's Iron Maiden's weakest effort. The songs are uninspired and repetitive and drag on for too long. The only decent songs are the opener Futureal (short and straight forward, to the point, I wish they tried making more songs like that) and The Clansman (a bit repetitive, but it's got a nice atmosphere). The other two longer songs are simply dreadful, especially the Angel and the Gambler. Had this song been shorter, it could have worked much better, but the repetition is annoying, simply pointless (at least I don't see it). Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger is less annoying, but goes on for too long as well and it got boring with repeated listens.

The songs sound rushed, like doing a sloppy job just to meet a deadline; did they make this album just for contractual reasons because the musicians sound like they did not have their hearts into it.

My first one star review; frustratingly poor and uninspired.

EUROPE Secret Society

Album · 2006 · Hard Rock
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Europe's Secret Society 2006 album is one of the most pleasant musical surprises I've ever experienced. I was pleased to see them come back (two years earlier, 2004)with Start from the Dark; the talented guitarist John Norum is back and his collaboration with vocalist Joey Tempest sounds better than ever. In fact I think the friendship that unites these five musicians is what helps them cooperate so well together.

So what can one expect from the new (and improved, I dare say) Europe? Heavier yet catchy riffs, blazing solos, soulful and expressive vocals, well written and more serious lyrics than before, a powerful rhythm section and nice keyboards atmosphere (and rare solos).

I know this is a subjective point of view but I've rarely been this excited about a comeback (of a band people often like to mock, well listen to this and see who's laughing now); the way I see it, there aren't any weak songs on this album, but I'll mention a few songs that really stand out: the title track, Let the Children Play, Wish I Could Believe, Brave and Beautiful Soul, Devil Sings the Blues.

I warmly recommend this album for anyone who enjoys the hard rock/glam metal genre, listen to this with an open mind, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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