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JT Bruce is a multi-instrumentalist who has released a string of progressive metal albums.
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JT BRUCE Anomalous Material album cover 2.88 | 3 ratings
Anomalous Material
Progressive Metal 2005
JT BRUCE The Dreamer's Paradox album cover 3.67 | 5 ratings
The Dreamer's Paradox
Progressive Metal 2006
JT BRUCE Universica album cover 2.96 | 4 ratings
Progressive Metal 2008
JT BRUCE Vandal Of Fortune album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Vandal Of Fortune
Progressive Metal 2015

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JT BRUCE Ruined Subjects album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Ruined Subjects
Progressive Metal 2011

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JT BRUCE The Dreamer's Paradox

Album · 2006 · Progressive Metal
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Conor Fynes
'The Dreamer's Paradox' - JT Bruce (7/10)

Talented multi-instrumentalist JT Bruce has returned for a second album with 'The Dreamer's Paradox;' an impressive foray into the realm of instrumental progressive metal. Developing upon the technical and rhythmic style generally associated with giants such as Dream Theater, Bruce takes his prowess at the electric guitar, and composes a generally successful song suite. While the album's style may lack the emotional impact of a masterpiece, 'The Dreamer's Paradox' is an intelligently composed and performed piece of work.

Although the music itself is instrumental, one can ascertain by the track titles, and an extended speech at the end of the album what the music is all about; dreaming and the perception of reality. Having a fair ground from which to sprout some intriguing music, the listener is greeted with an hour's worth of (slightly) melodic technical rock/metal. Although each track appears to function well on it's own, there are reucrring musical ideas throughout the piece that give flow to the album, and the sense that it is a single suite, much like 'Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence.'

Perhaps I like a bit more variety in my music, but 'The Dreamer's Paradox' feels generally samey, in terms of the way it is both played and composed. Disregarding the recurring motifs (which is to the album's benefit), alot of the album follows the same energetic, upbeat feel. The clearest exception to this rule is the final track, 'Hypnic Jerk.' Undeniably a piece of avant-garde rambling, the piece bears little to no resemblence to the rest of the music here, and packs as much weirdness into a single song as one might expect from a full blown avant artist. Each ten second segment brings in a new musical idea; at times unsettling, but always interesting. While this is very intriguing to listen to, it breaks alot of the flow to the album; making it feel almost as if the album truly ends the track before.

In any case, 'The Dreamer's Paradox' succeeds on a compositional level, even if the execution -not necessarily the guitars, which are well-played, but the other instruments/samples used- feels a bit bland. JT Bruce has come a fair way from his beginnings in 'Anomalous Material,' and anyone with a penchant for typical progressive metal should look into the work of JT Bruce and 'The Dreamer's Paradox.'

JT BRUCE Universica

Album · 2008 · Progressive Metal
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Time Signature

Genre: progressive rock/metal/electronica

While "Anomalous Material" and "The Dreamer's Paradox" were easily classifiable as progressive metal along the lines of "Fates Warning, "Universica" is more genre defiant.

There certainly are metal elements on this album, including riffage that is akin to some of the more technical stuff on Fates Warning's "A Pleasant Shade of Grey", but there are also a lot of acoustic guitar parts and quite a lot of industrial elements, ambience effects, and elements from electronica.

The compositions are dynamic and the song structures are comples and interesting, and the music is on the whole very pleasant to listen to, albeit a bit less accessible and generally darker than the predecessor albums.

As a piece of progressive music, this is worth four and a hald stars, but on a metal-oriented site, I think that I will have to give it three stars because of its lack of "metalness" compared to the genre of progressive metal as a whole and compared to JT Bruce's previous releases.

Recommended to fans of progressive rock and industrial rock as well as more adventurous progressive metal fans.

JT BRUCE The Dreamer's Paradox

Album · 2006 · Progressive Metal
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Time Signature
No ordinary world...

Genre: progressive metal

JT Bruce's debut album "Anomalous Material" was good; his second album "The Dreamer's Paradox", I think, is better.

The style is still progressive, yet accessible, progressive metal in the vein of mid-to-late 90s Fates Warning; and JT Bruce's material still consists of instrumentals. The difference between the two albums is that, "The Dreamer's Paradox" is slightly more complex and a also more adventurous. There are a couple of more unusual time signature sections and also some more off beat 4/4 parts, which works very well. I think that the compositions are also more dynamic and even more interesting on this album - and a reason could, of course, be that they are longer.

I think that most tracks on this album should appeal to fans of the likes of Fates Warning and, perhaps, Queensrÿche - maybe with the exception of the closer "Hypnic Jerk" which is basically an avant-garde chaotic soundscape mash-up sort of thing.

Recommended to fans of Fates Warning, progressive metal and instrumental metal/rock.

JT BRUCE Anomalous Material

Album · 2005 · Progressive Metal
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Time Signature
The artist, the sage, and the progster...

Genre: progressive metal

JT Bruce's debut album, "Anomalous Material" is actually quite good. It is a collection of well composed progressive metal instrumentals. What I like about the music on this album is that, while it is progressive metal, it is not overly technical or extremely technical, but rather it is quite accessible, and JT Bruce primarily makes use of 4/4 meters and and pentatonic scales, blues scales, and minor scales. Thus his compositions are quite accessible, even those who do not get prog rock or prog metal. Still, we are dealing with progressive metal here. The song structures are not straightforward but they are dynamic, and the overall approach is basically arty.

I would say that the music on this album has the same degree of progressiveness as Fates Warning's music had in the mid-to-late nineties. Very good stuff indeed.

Recommended to fans of progressive metal and instrumental metal/rock.

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