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Asphyx is a Dutch death metal band that incorporates doom metal and thrash metal elements into their music.

The band was formed in 1987 by Bob Bagchus and Tonny Brookhuis. Eric Daniels was found as a second guitarist and Chuck Colli joined on vocals and bass; this combo released the Enter the Domain demo.

In March 1989 Colli was replaced Theo Loomans and they recorded the Crush the Cenotaph demo. Brookhuis then left the band and the remaining three recorded Embrace the Death album which was never released due to label problems.

After Martin van Drunen left Pestilence in the early 1990s, he joined Asphyx and the band signed to Century Media Records. After the release of their debut album The Rack they went on a European tour with Entombed. Followed by a tour with Bolt Thrower and Benediction in 1992. Shortly after the recording of the second album Last
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ASPHYX Discography

ASPHYX albums / top albums

ASPHYX The Rack album cover 3.78 | 13 ratings
The Rack
Death Metal 1991
ASPHYX Last One on Earth album cover 4.19 | 8 ratings
Last One on Earth
Death Metal 1992
ASPHYX Asphyx album cover 3.42 | 6 ratings
Death Metal 1994
ASPHYX God Cries album cover 3.20 | 5 ratings
God Cries
Death Metal 1996
ASPHYX On the Wings of Inferno album cover 3.50 | 5 ratings
On the Wings of Inferno
Death Metal 2000
ASPHYX Death... The Brutal Way album cover 3.75 | 4 ratings
Death... The Brutal Way
Death Metal 2009
ASPHYX Deathhammer album cover 3.71 | 9 ratings
Death Metal 2012
ASPHYX Incoming Death album cover 3.58 | 2 ratings
Incoming Death
Death Metal 2016

ASPHYX EPs & splits

ASPHYX In the Eyes of Death album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
In the Eyes of Death
Death Metal 1991
ASPHYX Crush the Cenotaph album cover 3.17 | 3 ratings
Crush the Cenotaph
Death Metal 1992
ASPHYX Reign of the Brute album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Reign of the Brute
Death Metal 2012

ASPHYX live albums

ASPHYX Live Death Doom album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Live Death Doom
Death Metal 2010

ASPHYX demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

ASPHYX Carnage Remains album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Carnage Remains
Death Metal 1988
ASPHYX Enter the Domain album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Enter the Domain
Death Metal 1988
ASPHYX Crush the Cenotaph album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Crush the Cenotaph
Death Metal 1989
ASPHYX Promo '91 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Promo '91
Death Metal 1991
ASPHYX Promo '95 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Promo '95
Death Metal 1995

ASPHYX re-issues & compilations

ASPHYX Embrace the Death album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Embrace the Death
Death Metal 1996
ASPHYX Depths of Eternity album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Depths of Eternity
Death Metal 2009
ASPHYX Abomination Echoes album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Abomination Echoes
Death Metal 2010

ASPHYX singles (2)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Mutilating Process
Death Metal 1989
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Death the Brutal Way
Death Metal 2008

ASPHYX movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Live Death Doom
Death Metal 2010

ASPHYX Reviews

ASPHYX Incoming Death

Album · 2016 · Death Metal
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Newsweek, April 28, 1991 - "The jazz trombonist Ray Anderson noticed some years back that when he sang at certain pitches, his voice split in two. His vocal cords produced one note, and the skin outside the larynx produced a second. The first is a cartoonish Satchmo styling; its shadow sounds like Satchmo through an aerosol can. Together, vying their way through a standard like Duke Ellington's 'I'm Just a Lucky So and So,' they're as queerly beautiful and weird a voice as you're likely to hear."

My trombonist friend let me hear Ray Anderson's unique vocal style back in the early nineties, and I bring it up here because I have never heard anyone sing that way since until now. Well, alright, Anderson sings and Asphyx's vocalist Martin van Drunen does whatever it is death vocalists do: growl, bellow, roar, vociferate. But van Drunen does so with a maniacal-sounding second tone that seems to come from projecting his voice into the far back of his nasal passages, giving his vocal style quality unique to death metal vocal styles. It may give you chills, drive you mad, make you wince, or elicit a bout of uncontrollable laughter. In any case, this vocal sound is not going to be for everyone.

This was not my first choice for an Asphyx purchase. "The Rack", "Last One on Earth" (creepy cover!), or the latest release sounded better from the previews, or rather pre-listens I had. But if I was going to bring home as many new bands to my collection as possible then I had to go for albums under ¥1,000. I chose "Incoming Death".

This is not altogether speedy or technical death metal. The doom elements are strong in the riffs and tempo. The overall sound is really heavy and sometimes it feels like the audio equivalent of lying face down flat on the street while a 500kg weight is dragged back and forth over your body. The only reprieve we get is a solemn acoustic guitar outro to "The Grand Denial" and a similarly forlorn piano outro to "Subterra Incognito". Otherwise it's just absolute unrelenting heaviness to mash your brain to a quivering pulp.

Though much of the album stays fairly Black Sabbath-esque mid-tempo, there are pulverizing moments of slow and thunderous power chords as well as charged speed burners. The title track is a mere 1:56 and has all the grace and subtlety of a nuclear-powered locomotive exploding through the caverns of Hell. The opening track "Candiru", about a fish in the Amazon that enters its prey through the anal orifice and proceeds to eat the delicate innards from the inside, is a perfectly brutal beast to kick off the album. "Wardroid" has one of those crushing riffs that astound because I can't help but be awed by the fact that after 65 years of guitar riff-based music people are still coming up with simple but highly exciting and evocative riffs.

The overall album leaves a favourable impression; however, not every track is a thriller. Personally I find some like "It Came from the Skies" or "The Grand Denial" to be moments where the excitement dips a little. But what keeps me interested are the lyrical topics. Van Drunen's vocals are often clear enough to pick out the lyrics and there's a theme of innocents becoming victims of evil deliberate or initiated through other actions. "The Feeder" had me puzzled at first because it seemed the "feeder" was a woman who lures a man into a romantic relationship where he spends lots of money on her and eventually letting her move in, thus giving her control over his life to her wicked satisfaction. Not very death metal. But the story ends with him murdering her and eating her corpse, revealing the feeder to be the man who lured the woman!

I can't say if this is the best album in Asphyx's discography but I am suitably impressed enough to take a look at ordering one of their older releases, perhaps "Last One on Earth". For really heavy death / doom, Asphyx would be a good band to check out.

ASPHYX Deathhammer

Album · 2012 · Death Metal
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"Deathhammer" is the 7th full-length studio album by Dutch death metal act Asphyx (or the 8th if you count the once unreleased "Embrace the Death (1996)"). The album was released through Century Media Records in February 2012. The band returned to the scene in 2009 with "Death... The Brutal Way" after a nine year recording break. An album that was generally well received by both critics and fans.

"Deathhammer" continues down the by now trademark death/doom metal style that Asphyx have more or less practised from their inception in the late eighties. It´s filthy, raw and brutal in a no frills old school fashion. In Martin van Drunen the band have one of the most distinct sounding growling vocalists on the scene and as always he delivers his tortured growls in a fiercely aggressive fashion. He is of course famous for his membership of both Pestilence and Hail of Bullits, but it´s like Asphyx is where he truly belongs. Or at least where his unique voice sounds most at home.

While the sound production is a bit clearer than usual, "Deathhammer" is still a pretty ugly and raw sounding album. The opening trio of tracks: "Into the Timewastes", "Deathhammer" and "Minefield" will probably blow you head right off and leave your mutilated corpse in the gutter, but they also pretty much tell the story of how "Deathhammer" sounds. The combination of powerful and rather catchy tracks like the first two mentioned and the doomy death metal of the latter mentioned is what we usually expect from Asphyx and this time around is no different. The riffs may be simple and the rhythms too but most of the tracks on the album are damn catchy and there is enough variation between tracks to easily tell them apart.

Besides not having a murky dark sound production like most other releases in the genre, "Deathhammer" features just about every other element that fans of old school death metal crave. The music is well composed and memorable, the musicianship are strong and the sound production powerful. I have no complaints and a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

ASPHYX Deathhammer

Album · 2012 · Death Metal
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Soul Dreamer
The first two tracks of this album are bone crushing.. incredible how they can start with such violence...If you think you get a breath pause after that onslaught...forget it! The next song is slower, but still VERY heavy...The tone of this album comes over as more hard and damaging then anything I heard before...The 4th track is speed metal... They just don't have any pause. Only with track 8 they are back to the more sludgey third track. Track 9 is (very hard) death metal. The last track is a bit slower again. The bonus CD has 5 tracks, the first one the German version of the fifth track. The rest continues the first album, so no big differences. Overall this is one of the loudest albums I ever heard. I give it 4/'s certainly not perfect, but very intriguing...

ASPHYX Deathhammer

Album · 2012 · Death Metal
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Time Signature

Genre: death metal and death-doom

When an album just starts straight on with not intro or anything, then chances are that it will be awesome. That's exactly how the latest effort from Asphyx starts, and awesome is exactly what it is.

The first two songs, "Into the Timewastes" and "Deathhammer" are uptempo agressive old school death metal tracks that crush anything the gets in their way, while the third track on the the album, "Minefield", feature the heavy and doomy riffs that Asphyx are also known for - it's basically seven minutes of top class death-doom.

The rest of the album goes back and forth between primitive old school death metal carnage and death-doom heaviness, and both of these musical aspects of "Deathhammer" will surely massacre they way straight into the heart of any fan of old school death metal. Martin van Drunen of Pestilence and Bolt Thrower fame delivers perhaps his best-ever vocal performance on this album, his anguished growls going perfectly with the overall mood of the album.

"Deathhammer" combines primitive death metal with heavy doom metal and captures the best of the death metal of the 90s, and there should be goodies for fans of Pestilence, Obituary and Bastard Priest, early Paradise Lost as well as My Dying Bride.


Album · 1991 · Death Metal
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"The Rack" is the debut full-length studio album by Dutch death metal act Asphyx. The album was released through Century Media Records in April 1991. After leaving Pestilence, bassist/vocalist Martin Van Drunen teamed up with guitarist Eric Daniels and drummer Bob Bagchus to form Asphyx. Apparently Martin Van Drunen didn´t agree with the rest of the guys in Pestilence about the more sophisticated death metal sound that they wanted to pursue as his interest was in filthy old school death metal.

...Asphyx more than fits that description and in fact "The Rack" is probably one of the most filthy and brutal old school death metal albums out there. Martin Van Drunen has a rather distinct vocal style. A kind of desperate sounding growl/howl and he pushes his voice to the full on this album and sometimes even beyond what I find pleasant to listen to. So beware that the vocals on "The Rack" might be an aquired taste. Asphyx play a filthy doomy death metal style with an organic and authentic almost sloppy touch. There are some crushingly brutal doomy riffs on the album, but the band play both mid- and faster paced parts too. A track like "The Sickening Dwell" has always stood out to me, but the album is generally consistent in quality. But that also means that the album doesn´t feature many highlight nor many lows.

The sound production is noisy, distorted and at times almost unbearable to my ears. Filthy, filthy stuff.

"The Rack" is a classic old school death metal album from the golden year of death metal 1991. It´s not a personal favorite of mine, mainly because of the extreme vocal delivery and the equally extreme production values (I´m simply not butch enough to enjoy this album all the way through), but it´s an original and distinct sounding death metal release and deserves recognition for that. a 3.5 star (70%) rating is warranted.

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