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Album · 2012

Filed under Progressive Metal


1. Ghost House (4:13)
2. Taste Of Colours, Part 1 (3:48)
3. Taste Of Colours, Part 2 (3:05)
4. Treasure Island (5:04)
5. So Close But Alone (4:46)
6. Tkeshi (2:00)
7. Chuta Chani (6:13)
8. The Tower, Part 1 (4:39)
9. The Tower, Part 2 (5:30)
10. Turned To Gold (4:22)
11. Dedalus Falling (11:29)

Total time 55:09


- Luca Latini / vocals
- Thomas Laguzzi / guitars
- Luca Cambi / bass
- Vladimer Sichinava / drums
- Gionatan Caradonna / keyboards

About this release

February, 2012
ProgRock Records

Thanks to colt for the addition

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Though the Italian progressive rock scene is often associated with the lush, symphonic soundscapes of seminal acts like Premiata Forneria Marconi, Le Orme, or Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, there is actually much more to this vibrant scene than a casual listener may initially notice. Enter Profusion, a progressive rock quintet hailing from Italy that sports a modern, fresh, and eclectic sound. Taking elements of metal, fusion, classic progressive rock, and pop, Profusion thoroughly mixes them all together to form a style that is quite original and unique when compared to a lot of modern prog groups. Their second album, Rewotower, is a real winner across the board, and an easy recommendation to all fans of forward-thinking progressive rock.

Profusion's sound is quite melodic and easily accessible, but also complex and challenging enough to scratch my demanding 'prog itch'. Very much like Spock's Beard, Profusion manages to fuse catchy pop hooks with clever arrangements and brilliant songwriting - although finding this balance between accessibility and complexity without tipping too far in either direction is challenging, Profusion demonstrates that they are capable of doing exactly that on Rewotower. The melodic hooks will grab you right off the bat, and the strong compositions will keep you coming back for many more listens in the future. Rewotower's original approach doesn't go unnoticed by this reviewer either, and the band's firm grasp on tasteful eclecticism is quite impressive. Profusion strikes a nice balance between being eclectic and sounding incoherent, and this balance gives them a unique identity in the modern prog world. The frequent jazz flavorings, Dream Theater-influenced instrumental runs, symphonic arrangements, and pop sensibilities keep things fresh and interesting throughout all of Rewotower's 55 minute duration.

Rewotower is the sort of album that should appeal to any listener across the progressive rock spectrum; the musicianship is phenomenal, the production is flawless, and the mature songwriting instantly reveals that Profusion is a group of gifted composers. I'll definitely recommend this one to fans of Spock's Beard, IQ, Pain of Salvation, Yes, and Echolyn - Profusion is a band too good to miss!

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