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Album · 1978

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1. From The Inside (3:55)
2. Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills (3:38)
3. The Quiet Room (3:52)
4. Nurse Rozetta (4:15)
5. Millie And Billie (4:15)
6. Serious (2:44)
7. How You Gonna See Me Now (3:57)
8. For Veronica's Sake (3:37)
9. Jackknife Johnny (3:45)
10. Inmates (We're All Crazy) (5:03)

Total Time 39:06


- Alice Cooper / vocals
- David Foster / keyboards
- Steve Lukather / guitar
- Davey Johnstone / guitar
- Jim Keltner / drums
- Jay Graydon / synthesizer, guitar, keyboard programming
- Howard Kaylan / vocals
- Dee Murray / bass
- Rick Nielsen / guitar
- Mark Volman / vocals
- Dick Wagner / guitar

About this release

November 1978

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

A masterpiece concept album and one of the best of 1978. It is hard not to like this as every track has a great melody and Alice sounds sinister and superb. His lyrics are inspired by insane inmates and we meet unforgettable characters such as Millie and Billie 'criminally insane' a chilling song if ever there was one, and the sexy Nurse Rosetta 'secretly my eyes undress her, let me feel your tongue depressor, I'm suddenly twice my size, my pants are all wet inside.' It is pretty racey but school kids loved these songs back when I was in High School.

The catchy From the Inside and Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills 'I swear I couldn't drink half as much as she spills' are outstanding rockers. Then there are quiet reflective ballads such as The Quiet Room 'is like a tomb with just a moth stained naked light'.

Serious is a straight forward rocker with a great Kiss like riff.

The single was a radio friendly ballad that hit the top of the charts, How You Gonna See Me Now 'please don't se me ugly baby.'

For Veronica's Sake 'I gotta get outta here' is a bit of a throwaway but still kicks A.

Jackknife Johnny is another character that we meet and finally the creepy, I mean really creepy, Inmates (We're All Crazy) ends things 'it's not like we did something wrong, we just burned down the church while the choir within sang religious songs, with roller coaster brains, imagine diggin up graves, lizzy borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks'. Not for the squeamish, and once heard never forgotten. This is Alice at his most notorious, spine tingling lyrics and infectious melodies. Simply a fantastic album.

Members reviews

The Truth
On of my favorite records ever, Alice Cooper really hit a high point with From the Inside.

A concept album about his stay in an asylum for alcohol rehab, Alice wrote the album along with Elton John songwriter Bernie Taupin. The Taupin influence is notable as the songs flow like his typical ballad but once you inject a little Cooper madness into these songs you create something briliant. Each track addresses different aspects of the mental ward, from personal thoughts to the stories of other inmates and there is hardly any weak points in the record.

Another thing that makes this album great is the excellent rock-opera type production that Bob Ezrin gives it.

Emotional and rocking at the same time, this is a true high point in the Alice Cooper catalog.

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