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VINNIE MOORE - Mind's Eye Neoclassical metal
CONQUERING DYSTOPIA - Conquering Dystopia Death Metal
X JAPAN - Blue Blood Power Metal
X JAPAN - Ballad Collection Non-Metal
SKYWINGS - Vice Versa Power Metal
POMEGRANATE TIGER - Entities Progressive Metal
GALNERYUS - The Flag of Punishment Power Metal
JASON BECKER - Perpetual Burn Neoclassical metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - Dragon's Kiss Neoclassical metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Rising Force Neoclassical metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
GENTARO SATOMURA - Light and Shadow Neoclassical metal
JUPITER - Arcadia Symphonic Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Curse of Virgo Power Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Prayer Neoclassical metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - Scenes Heavy Metal
BON JOVI - Slippery When Wet Hard Rock
BON JOVI - Cross Road: The Best Of Bon Jovi Glam Metal
WARBRINGER - Woe to the Vanquished Thrash Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Maximum Security Neoclassical metal
MARE COGNITUM - Phobos Monolith Atmospheric Black Metal
VEKTOR - Terminal Redux Technical Thrash Metal
ORPHANED LAND - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs Folk Metal
DAVID VALDÉS - Paradise Lost Neoclassical metal
VERSAILLES - The Revenant Choir Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Chateau de Versailles -Holy Grail- Power Metal
X JAPAN - Tears Non-Metal
X JAPAN - The Last Song Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Dahlia Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - X Japan - Best-Fan's Selection Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Forever Love Non-Metal
X JAPAN - On Guitar Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Rusty Nail Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Say Anything Power Metal
X JAPAN - Silent Jealousy Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Kurenai / Endless Rain Promo Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Chateau de Versailles -Jubilee- Power Metal
INTERVALS - The Shape of Colour Progressive Metal
JASON BECKER - Valley of Fire Progressive Metal
ALLEGAEON - Proponent for Sentience Technical Death Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin Hard Rock
ETHEREAL SHROUD - They Became the Falling Ash Depressive Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - Luminiferous Aether Atmospheric Black Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Rosario Power Metal
MARIUS DANIELSEN'S LEGEND OF VALLEY DOOM - Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1 Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Holy Grail Symphonic Metal
JUPITER - Classical Element Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Jubilee Symphonic Metal
HIDEAKI NAKAMA - Point of No Return Neoclassical metal
POWER QUEST - Wings of Forever Power Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Sonic Firestorm Power Metal
TOMMY VITALY - Just Me Neoclassical metal
X JAPAN - Art Of Life Progressive Metal
X JAPAN - Vanishing Vision Speed Metal
THE HELIX NEBULA - Meridian Progressive Metal
GALNERYUS - Advance to the Fall Power Metal
CACOPHONY - Speed Metal Symphony Neoclassical metal
JASON BECKER - Perspective Neoclassical metal
JASON BECKER - Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Neoclassical metal
THEOCRACY - Ghost Ship Power Metal
ANIMALS AS LEADERS - The Madness of Many Progressive Metal
MESARTHIM - The Great Filter Atmospheric Black Metal
SKYWINGS - Wings Wind Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II Power Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Trilogy Neoclassical metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Marching Out Neoclassical metal
JUPITER - The Spirit Within Me Symphonic Metal
EPICA - The Holographic Principle Symphonic Metal
LORN - Arrayed Claws Black Metal
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Thrash Metal
GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite For Destruction Hard Rock
GUNS N' ROSES - Use Your Illusion I Hard Rock
METALLICA - Master of Puppets Thrash Metal
PURE WRATH - Ascetic Eventide Atmospheric Black Metal
BLOODBOUND - War of Dragons Power Metal
MELECHESH - The Epigenesis Melodic Black Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
VERSAILLES - Versailles Symphonic Metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - Introduction Non-Metal
BON JOVI - Bon Jovi Hard Rock
BON JOVI - New Jersey Hard Rock
BON JOVI - Keep The Faith Hard Rock
BON JOVI - Have A Nice Day Non-Metal
AQUILUS - Griseus Symphonic Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - An Extraconscious Lucidity Atmospheric Black Metal
PROGENIE TERRESTRE PURA - oltreLuna Atmospheric Black Metal
SEVEN KINGDOMS - Decennium Power Metal
LIHHAMON - Doctrine War Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Fire and Ice Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Live Concerto Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - From Father To Son Neoclassical metal
WHITE WARD - Futility Report Atmospheric Black Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin IV Hard Rock
ADAGIO - Life Progressive Metal
IRON MAIDEN - The Number Of The Beast NWoBHM
AVANTASIA - The Metal Opera Power Metal
ALICE COOPER - Killer Hard Rock
DRAGON GUARDIAN - The Best of Dragon Guardian Saga Power Metal
KELLY SIMONZ'S BLIND FAITH - Blind Faith Neoclassical metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - Wall of Sound Progressive Metal
ANGEL VIVALDI - Synapse Progressive Metal
PLINI - Handmade Cities Progressive Metal
SERGEY GOLOVIN - Changes Progressive Metal
BRIAN HUNSAKER - Across the Galaxy Metal Related
HELLOWEEN - Walls of Jericho Speed Metal
KARL SANDERS - Saurian Meditation Non-Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Edge Of Insanity Neoclassical metal
DRAGONFORCE - Reaching Into Infinity Power Metal
SPECTRAL VOICE - Eroded Corridors of Unbeing Death-Doom Metal
INTERVALS - The Way Forward Progressive Metal
ANKT - Ankt Doom Metal
KEEP OF KALESSIN - Reptilian Melodic Black Metal
DAVID VALDÉS - Imhotep Neoclassical metal
VERSAILLES - Best Album 2009-2012 Anthologie Symphonic Metal
VERSAILLES - Rhapsody of the Darkness Neoclassical metal
VERSAILLES - Rose Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Prince & Princess Power Metal
VERSAILLES - 20th Anniversary All Time Best ~革命の系譜~ Symphonic Metal
X JAPAN - Crucify My Love Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Endless Rain Power Metal
X JAPAN - Longing (Unchained Melody) Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Art of Life live Progressive Metal
X JAPAN - オルガスム Speed Metal
X JAPAN - Best Of - B.O.X. CD Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Perfect Best Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - On Piano Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Forever Love (Last Mix) Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Endless Rain (Live Version in 武道館) Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Kurenai Original Japanese Version Power Metal
ORPHANED LAND - All Is One Folk Metal
VISIGOTH - Conqueror's Oath Heavy Metal
TOUNDRA - Vortex Metal Related
LOVEBITES - Battle Against Damnation Power Metal
MESARTHIM - Isolate Atmospheric Black Metal
JOEY TAFOLLA - Out of the Sun Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Gate of Triumph Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Destruction and Creation Power Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Angel of Chaos Neoclassical metal
UNLUCKY MORPHEUS - Vampir Power Metal
GALNERYUS - Resurrection Power Metal
HELLOWEEN - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I Power Metal
LOVEBITES - Clockwork Immortality Power Metal
GALNERYUS - Beyond the End of Despair… Power Metal
SPECTRAL LORE - Gnosis Atmospheric Black Metal
QUEEN - A Night At The Opera Proto-Metal
VEONITY - Into the Void Power Metal
SONATA ARCTICA - The Ninth Hour Power Metal
MESARTHIM - .- -... ... . -. -.-. . Atmospheric Black Metal
TWILIGHT FORCE - Heroes of Mighty Magic Power Metal
מזמור - Yodh Black Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - World on Fire Neoclassical metal
SKYWINGS - Sky Legacy Power Metal
FALLUJAH - Dreamless Technical Death Metal
JUPITER - The History of Genesis Symphonic Metal
IRONWARE - Break Out Power Metal
POWER QUEST - Neverworld Power Metal
POWER QUEST - Magic Never Dies Power Metal
POWER QUEST - Blood Alliance Power Metal
TOMMY VITALY - Hanging Rock Neoclassical metal
X JAPAN - Dahlia Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Jealousy Power Metal
SKYWINGS - The Advent Melody Power Metal
SKYWINGS - Grace Grade Power Metal
NE OBLIVISCARIS - Citadel Progressive Metal
SKYHARBOR - Guiding Lights Progressive Metal
SKYHARBOR - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos Progressive Metal
DIVINE REALM - Abyssal Light Progressive Metal
ACYL - Algebra Folk Metal
RAINBOW - Difficult to Cure Hard Rock
QUIET RIOT - Metal Health Glam Metal
ALCEST - Kodama Atmospheric Black Metal
STEVE VAI - Alien Love Secrets Hard Rock
NORIFUMI SHIMA - From the Womb to the Tomb Neoclassical metal
SAOR - Guardians Atmospheric Black Metal
FREEDOM CALL - Master of Light Power Metal
AVENGED SEVENFOLD - The Stage Heavy Metal
SEPULTURA - Machine Messiah Groove Metal
GUNS N' ROSES - Use Your Illusion II Hard Rock
GUNS N' ROSES - G N' R Lies Hard Rock
RAINBOW - Rising Heavy Metal
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Embers Of A Dying World Melodic Death Metal
EDENBRIDGE - The Great Momentum Symphonic Metal
EX DEO - The Immortal Wars Death Metal
FIREWIND - Immortals Power Metal
TOMMY VITALY - Indivisible Neoclassical metal
PALLBEARER - Heartless Doom Metal
KELLY SIMONZ'S BLIND FAITH - Sign of the Times Neoclassical metal
KELLY SIMONZ'S BLIND FAITH - Overture of Destruction Neoclassical metal
MESARTHIM - Presence Atmospheric Black Metal
JUPITER - Last Moment Symphonic Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Maiden Ritual Power Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Maiden†Ritual -experiment edition- Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Lyrical Sympathy Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Noble Power Metal
VELDES - Ember Breather Atmospheric Black Metal
VELDES - Descent Atmospheric Black Metal
VELDES - To Drown in Bleeding Hope Atmospheric Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - The Sea Which Has Become Known Atmospheric Black Metal
JUPITER - Blessing of the Future Power Metal
JUPITER - 氷の中の少女 Power Metal
BON JOVI - 7800° Fahrenheit Hard Rock
BON JOVI - These Days Hard Rock
BON JOVI - Crush Non-Metal
BON JOVI - One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001 Hard Rock
BON JOVI - Lost Highway Non-Metal
BON JOVI - What About Now Non-Metal
JUPITER - Tears of the Sun Symphonic Metal | review permalink
EUROPE - Wings of Tomorrow Heavy Metal
CRAVEN IDOL - The Shackles of Mammon Black Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Odyssey Neoclassical metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Eclipse Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Fragments of the Moon Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Rain Forest Neoclassical metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Hands Without Shadows Heavy Metal
WOE - Hope Attrition Black Metal
SQUIDHEAD - Prohibition Progressive Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin II Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin III Hard Rock
MARE COGNITUM - Resonance: Crimson Void Atmospheric Black Metal
MARE COGNITUM - Sol Atmospheric Black Metal
JEFF LOOMIS - Zero Order Phase Progressive Metal
THE SARCOPHAGUS - Beyond This World's Illusion Melodic Black Metal
ALTAIR - Descending: A Devilish Comedy Power Metal
EPICA - The Solace System Symphonic Metal
FELLWARDEN - Fellwarden Atmospheric Black Metal
THE CONTORTIONIST - Clairvoyant Progressive Metal
SIR LORD BALTIMORE - Kingdom Come Heavy Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Stone Monument Of Truth Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 蒼之志士 Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Kiyoshimaken Valkyrie Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 桜牙列伝 Power Metal
POMEGRANATE TIGER - Boundless Progressive Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - 2 X Again Heavy Metal
CIHAN TANRIVERDI - Mayranuş Metal Related
KELLY SIMONZ'S BLIND FAITH - The Rule of Right Neoclassical metal
DREAMSHIFT - Seconds Atmospheric Black Metal
GALNERYUS - Ultimate Sacrifice Power Metal
STÉPHAN FORTÉ - The Shadows Compendium Progressive Metal
VAN HALEN - Van Halen Hard Rock
DEEP PURPLE - Machine Head Hard Rock
BEYOND CREATION - The Aura Technical Death Metal
BEYOND CREATION - Earthborn Evolution Technical Death Metal
JOE SATRIANI - The Extremist Hard Rock
NE OBLIVISCARIS - Urn Progressive Metal
DREAM SPIRIT - 将·军 (General Triumphant) Folk Metal | review permalink
CONCERTO MOON - Tears of Messiah Neoclassical metal
KARL SANDERS - Saurian Exorcisms Non-Metal
RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Into the Legend Power Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Madness Hard Rock
MESARTHIM - Pillars Atmospheric Black Metal
TIMO TOLKKI - Classical Variations and Themes Neoclassical metal
ETHAN BROSH - Out Of Oblivion Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - The End of the Beginning Neoclassical metal
AC/DC - Back In Black Hard Rock
SERENITY - Lionheart Power Metal
IMPLORE - Subjugate Grindcore
VERSAILLES - Lineage ~薔薇の末裔~ Symphonic Metal
GALDERIA - Return of the Cosmic Men Power Metal
HOWLING NORTH - Immersion Atmospheric Black Metal
LOVEBITES - Awakening from Abyss Power Metal
YUHKINEN - Far Beyond the Seven Seas Progressive Metal
ATOMA - Skylight Progressive Metal
VANDROYA - Beyond the Human Mind Power Metal
PURE WRATH - Endless Journey Atmospheric Black Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Deep Purple In Rock Hard Rock
DEEP PURPLE - Burn Hard Rock
FEARED - Svart Death Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Life on the Wire Neoclassical metal
ALICE COOPER - Billion Dollar Babies Hard Rock
EPICA - Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs Symphonic Metal
MISTHERIA - Gemini Neoclassical metal
SPECTRAL LORE - Sol Atmospheric Black Metal
SINISTRO - Sangue Cássia Atmospheric Sludge Metal
BLOODBARK - Bonebranches Atmospheric Black Metal
KEEP OF KALESSIN - Epistemology Melodic Black Metal
ETHAN BROSH - Live The Dream Neoclassical metal
MORARI - The Light Atmospheric Black Metal
ALICE COOPER - Love It To Death Hard Rock
TENGGER CAVALRY - Chamber Music Non-Metal
VERSAILLES - The Greatest Hits 2007 - 2016 Symphonic Metal
VERSAILLES - Philia Power Metal
JUPITER - Topaz Power Metal
MUNETAKA HIGUCHI - Destruction ~破壊凱旋録~ Heavy Metal
VERSAILLES - A Noble Was Born in Chaos Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Prince Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Ascendead Master Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Holy Grail Score Book Symphonic Metal
X JAPAN - Star Box Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - On The Verge Of Destruction Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - 紅 ~ Kurenai Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Singles - Atlantic Years Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - A Music Box for Fantasy ~Yoshiki~ Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Jade Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Week End Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - 紅 (Kurenai) Sonic Sheet Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Forever Love (Reissue) Heavy Metal
LOWERED - Lowered Black Metal
X JAPAN - CBS / SONY Audition Speed Metal
X JAPAN - Xclamation 88 Speed Metal
X JAPAN - Xclamation Speed Metal
LIONE/CONTI - Lione/Conti Power Metal
ULVEGR - Vargkult Black Metal
ECLOSS - Diluvienne Atmospheric Black Metal
IMPELLITTERI - Impellitteri Heavy Metal
MODERN DAY BABYLON - Coma Progressive Metal
THE RUNAWAYS - The Runaways Hard Rock
THE RUNAWAYS - Queens of Noise Hard Rock
THE RUNAWAYS - Live in Japan Hard Rock
SIGH - In Somniphobia Avant-garde Metal
CAPTAIN BEYOND - Captain Beyond Heavy Psych
BUDGIE - Budgie Heavy Metal
SOJOURNER - Empires of Ash Atmospheric Black Metal
ESOCTRILIHUM - Pandaemorthium (Forbidden Formulas To Awaken The Blind Sovereigns Of Nothingness) Death Metal
ESOCTRILIHUM - Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension Atmospheric Black Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Nemesis Power Metal
MESARTHIM - The Density Parameter Atmospheric Black Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Destiny of the Sacred Kingdom Power Metal | review permalink
VISIGOTH - The Revenant King Heavy Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ Power Metal | review permalink
MODERN DAY BABYLON - The Ocean Atlas Progressive Metal
HAGO - Hago Progressive Metal
KALMANKANTAJA - Ikuinen tuli Atmospheric Black Metal
IKU-TURSO - Ikuinen tuli Black Metal
GUNS N' ROSES - Shadow of Your Love Hard Rock
TESSERACT - Sonder Progressive Metal
WILT - Ruin Atmospheric Black Metal
TREES CLOUDS & SILENCE - Trees, Clouds & Silence Atmospheric Black Metal
ANGELUS APATRIDA - Cabaret de la Guillotine Thrash Metal
AGATHOS - Nihil Est Black Metal
THE WHO - Who's Next Proto-Metal
WIDEK - Dream Reflection Progressive Metal
MESARTHIM - Suffocate Atmospheric Black Metal
PLINI - Salt + Charcoal Progressive Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Time To Die Power Metal
CONCERTO MOON - After the Double Cross Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Decade of the Moon Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Live from Ashes - Concerto Moon 10th Anniversary Rise from Ashes Tour Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Savior Never Cry Neoclassical metal
CONCERTO MOON - Black Flame Power Metal
PLINI - Sunhead Progressive Metal
GALNERYUS - Angel Of Salvation Power Metal
GARY MOORE - Still Got The Blues Non-Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Rising Force - Live '85 Neoclassical metal
GUS G. - Force Majeure Neoclassical metal
LED ZEPPELIN - An Introduction to Led Zeppelin Hard Rock
MARTY FRIEDMAN - One Bad M.F. Live!! Progressive Metal
GALNERYUS - Phoenix Rising Power Metal
PURE WRATH - Sempiternal Wisdom Atmospheric Black Metal
DRAGONFORCE - Valley of the Damned Power Metal
JASON BECKER - Triumphant Hearts Metal Related
STRATOVARIUS - Visions Power Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Episode Power Metal
QUEEN - Jazz Hard Rock
RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Legendary Tales Power Metal
EQUILIBRIUM - Armageddon Folk Metal
NARNIA - Narnia Power Metal
SYMFONIA - In Paradisum Power Metal
EXIMPERITUSERQETHHZEBIBŠIPTUGAKKATHŠULWELIARZAXUŁUM - Prajecyrujučy Sinhuliarnaje Wypramieńwańnie... Technical Death Metal
FAR BEYOND - A Frozen Flame of Ice Melodic Black Metal
OPETH - Sorceress Metal Related
ERRA - Drift Metalcore
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - Incarnate Melodic Metalcore
SATOSHI KATADA - Blue Streak Heavy Metal
POWER QUEST - Master of Illusion Power Metal
TIMELESS MIRACLE - Into The Enchanted Chamber Power Metal
MASTERCASTLE - Enfer [De La Bibliothèque Nationale] Power Metal
THE BELLEROPHON PROJECT - Mental Abscess Progressive Metal
ASTRALION - Astralion Power Metal
CACOPHONY - Go Off! Neoclassical metal
ETHEREAL SHROUD - Absolution|Emptiness Depressive Black Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 遙かなる契り Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Dragonvarius Power Metal
KISS - Love Gun Hard Rock
HAIL SPIRIT NOIR - Mayhem In Blue Black Metal
MESARTHIM - Type III Atmospheric Black Metal
AUREOLE - Aurora Borealis Atmospheric Black Metal
VEONITY - Gladiator’s Tale Power Metal
GUNS N' ROSES - Chinese Democracy Hard Rock
MASTODON - Emperor of Sand Progressive Metal
CHAPTER ELEVEN - Conquer the Paradise Power Metal
VELDES - The Bitterness Prophecy Atmospheric Black Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Dignity of Crest Power Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Ruined Kingdom Power Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - Dance with Grace Power Metal
VELDES - Skyward Atmospheric Black Metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - True Obsessions Heavy Metal
BON JOVI - Bounce Non-Metal
BON JOVI - The Circle Hard Rock
WAMPYRINACHT - We Will Be Watching. Les cultes de Satan et les mystères de la mort Melodic Black Metal
EUROPE - War of Kings Hard Rock
CONCORDEA - Over Wide Spaces Progressive Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Heavy Metal
SCHAMMASCH - The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite Metal Related
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - No Boundaries Neoclassical metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Holiday Strings Non-Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Tradition Heavy Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity Heavy Metal
SERPENT COLUMN - Ornuthi Thalassa Black Metal
ICED EARTH - Incorruptible US Power Metal
FORMICARIUS - Black Mass Ritual Symphonic Black Metal
MEDIIS TENEBRIS - Là où les Hommes se perdent Depressive Black Metal
CODEIA - "Don't Be Afraid", She Whispered And Disappeared Atmospheric Sludge Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Death of Roses Progressive Metal
ARCH ENEMY - Will to Power Melodic Death Metal
KISS - Destroyer Hard Rock
SAAR - Sol Atmospheric Sludge Metal
DEF LEPPARD - Hysteria Hard Rock
BRÜNNDL - Brünndl II Pagan Black Metal
DREAM SPIRIT - 江山 (Mountains and Rivers) Folk Metal
LIHHAMON - Iron Hands of Domination War Metal
DREAM SPIRIT - 朝歌 (Ancient Poems) Folk Metal
TYAKRAH - demo Atmospheric Black Metal
VATTNET - Vattnet Progressive Metal
SIR LORD BALTIMORE - Sir Lord Baltimore Hard Rock
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Velga Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Fairytale Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Polyphony Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Swordmaster from the Eternal Sky Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 輪廻のウロボロス Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 少年騎士と3人の少女の英雄詩 Power Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Hands Without Shadows 2: Voices Heavy Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Intermezzo Progressive Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Shred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio Heavy Metal
NATTVERD - Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner Black Metal
THYRGRIM - Vermächtnis Black Metal
SVARTSYN - In Death Black Metal
SVNITY - Underwater Metal Related
BABYMETAL - Babymetal Alternative Metal
BABYMETAL - Metal Resistance Alternative Metal
BEYOND CREATION - Demo Technical Death Metal
TYAKRAH - Wintergedanken Atmospheric Black Metal
RENDERED HELPLESS - Entities of Transdimensional Emergence Brutal Death Metal
CRIMINOLOGY - Capitalist Destroyer Brutal Death Metal
JEFF LOOMIS - Plains of Oblivion Progressive Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Freedom To Fly Hard Rock
TONY MACALPINE - Premonition Progressive Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Evolution Progressive Metal
FIREBREATHER - Firebreather Stoner Metal
AMBERIAN DAWN - Darkness of Eternity Power Metal
DRAGONHAMMER - Obscurity Power Metal
HEREZA - I Become Death Death Metal
DEEP PURPLE - The Book Of Taliesyn Proto-Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Deep Purple Proto-Metal
I I - Miasmal Coronation War Metal
LIHHAMON - Miasmal Coronation War Metal
ALMANAC - Kingslayer Symphonic Metal
ELDAMAR - A Dark Forgotten Past Atmospheric Black Metal
ALICE COOPER - Pretties For You Proto-Metal
ATLASES - Penumbra Atmospheric Sludge Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Concrete Gardens Progressive Metal
ALICE COOPER - Trash Glam Metal
ALICE COOPER - Hey Stoopid Glam Metal
POISON - Look What The Cat Dragged In Glam Metal
ALICE COOPER - Easy Action Proto-Metal
PESTILENCE - Hadeon Death Metal
GENOCIDE PACT - Order Of Torment Death Metal
HOODED MENACE - Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Death-Doom Metal
SPECTRAL HAZE - Turning Electric Stoner Metal
AFGRUND - The Dystopian Grindcore
SHINING - X - Varg utan flock Depressive Black Metal
JOE SATRIANI - What Happens Next Hard Rock
ABNEGATION - Inception Of A Dream Melodic Death Metal
SPECTRAL LORE - Helian Atmospheric Black Metal
JUTE GYTE - Helian Avant-garde Metal
ALICE COOPER - School's Out Hard Rock
WEEDPECKER - Weedpecker Stoner Metal
NÒTT (MN) - Nòtt Black Metal
VERSAILLES - Destiny -The Lovers- Power Metal
JUPITER - Scenario -Live from Blessing of the Future- Symphonic Metal
ALICE COOPER - Muscle Of Love Hard Rock
X JAPAN - Art of Life Symphonic Metal
X JAPAN - X Live Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Symphonic Blue Blood Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Longing (Night) Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Standing Sex Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - I.V. Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Scars Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Stab Me in the Back Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - X Singles Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Orchestra Selection: Blue Blood & Jealousy Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Rose & Blood [Indies of X] Heavy Metal
KALMANKANTAJA - Tuulikannel Atmospheric Black Metal
GOOD TIGER - We Will All Be Gone Progressive Metal
GOOD TIGER - Snake Oil Hardcore Punk
OPHE - Litteras Ad Tristia Maestrum Solitude Avant-garde Metal
IMPELLITTERI - Venom Heavy Metal
ALCYONA - Trailblazer Symphonic Metal
ÂQEN - Méditation astrale Atmospheric Black Metal
9TH ENTITY - Wraiths of the Serpent's Throne Death Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower Heavy Metal
MAHR - Antelux Atmospheric Black Metal
THE RUNAWAYS - Waitin' for the Night Hard Rock
SPECTRAL VOICE - Vastum / Spectral Voice Death-Doom Metal
VASTUM - Vastum / Spectral Voice Death-Doom Metal
AEROSMITH - Get A Grip Hard Rock
BUDGIE - Squawk Heavy Metal
BUDGIE - Never Turn Your Back On A Friend Heavy Metal
SOJOURNER - The Shadowed Road Atmospheric Black Metal
AXEL RUDI PELL - Knights Call Heavy Metal
VHÄLDEMAR - Against All Kings Power Metal
WITHIN DESTRUCTION - Deathwish Deathcore
KISS - Kiss Hard Rock
PALLBEARER - Dropout Traditional Doom Metal
KISS - Dressed To Kill Hard Rock
GUS G. - Fearless Heavy Metal
ALMANAC - Tsar Symphonic Metal
VERVAL - Wederkeer Atmospheric Black Metal
THE WHO - My Generation Proto-Metal
JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS - Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth Non-Metal
JOAN JETT - Joan Jett Hard Rock
VELDES - Storm Borrower Atmospheric Black Metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - B: The Beginning - The Image Album Alternative Metal
KUILU - Monumentti Depressive Black Metal
ANABIOSIS - Submerged Into Scattered Patterns Progressive Metal
WILT - Wilt Atmospheric Black Metal
WILT - Moving Monoliths Atmospheric Black Metal
PROGENIE TERRESTRE PURA - starCross Atmospheric Black Metal
EXESA - Exesa Black Metal
TREES CLOUDS & SILENCE - Let Me Die on Your Roots Atmospheric Black Metal
ANABIOSIS - Anabiosis Progressive Metal
MESARTHIM - Coma Wall Atmospheric Black Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Live - Once in a Life Time Power Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Concerto Moon Power Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Rise from Ashes Power Metal
CONCERTO MOON - Between Life and Death Neoclassical metal
AURA NOIR - Aura Noire Thrash Metal
SPECTRAL HAZE - Spectral Haze Stoner Metal
WARBRINGER - Power Unsurpassed Thrash Metal
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Powerhouse Neoclassical metal
M.A.R.S. - Project: Driver US Power Metal
BREEZE LEAST - Breeze Least Neoclassical metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin x Led Zeppelin Hard Rock
SIGH - Homo Homini Lupus Progressive Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Screaming For Vengeance Heavy Metal
POISON - Open Up And Say... Ahh! Glam Metal
ESOCTRILIHUM - Inhüma Death Metal
IMPELLITTERI - Nature of the Beast Heavy Metal
QUICK FEVER - Quick Demo Neoclassical metal
SIGH - Heir to Despair Avant-garde Metal
ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - The Anomalies of Artificial Origin Brutal Death Metal
VEONITY - Legend of the Starborn Power Metal
TWILIGHT FORCE - Tales of Ancient Prophecies Power Metal
GALNERYUS - Vetelgyus Power Metal
QUEEN - A Kind Of Magic Non-Metal
QUEEN - Innuendo Non-Metal
HERMÓÐR - Forest Sky Atmospheric Black Metal
NEGURĂ BUNGET - Zi Atmospheric Black Metal
MESARTHIM - Spire Atmospheric Black Metal
ELFFOR - Malkhedant Atmospheric Black Metal
OPERADYSE - Pandemonium Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 聖邪のドラゴン Symphonic Metal
VELDES - Black Autumn / Veldes Atmospheric Black Metal
SECRET SPHERE - The Nature of Time Power Metal
MASTERCASTLE - Wine of Heaven Heavy Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Planet Gemini Speed Metal
QUIET RIOT - Road Rage Hard Rock
NADJA - Stripped Non-Metal
JACOBS DREAM - Sea of Destiny Heavy Metal
AFRAID OF DESTINY - Agony Depressive Black Metal
MASTODON - Cold Dark Place Progressive Metal
SIR LORD BALTIMORE - Sir Lord Baltimore III RAW Heavy Metal
ULULATE - Back to Cannibal World Death Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 新選組魔戦記 Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Eternal Sword Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 忠臣蔵鬼倒伝 Power Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity, Part 2 Heavy Metal
MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO - Soul in Sight Hard Rock
INFERITVM - The War of the Witches Black Metal
EMBRYO GENESIS - Dissecting Of Abomination Brutal Death Metal
SOUL OF SLAMMING - Agresi Prematur Brutal Death Metal
GRAVITATIONAL DISTORTION - The Void Between Worlds Brutal Death Metal
TONY MACALPINE - Eyes Of The World Hard Rock
SILVER SERAPH - Silver Seraph Neoclassical metal
YAYLA - Atmospheric Black Metal
MARÉ - Abschied Atmospheric Black Metal
ELDAMAR - The Force of the Ancient Land Atmospheric Black Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Shades Of Deep Purple Proto-Metal
TENGGER CAVALRY - Die on My Ride Folk Metal | review permalink
ELDAMAR - Eldamar / Dreams of Nature Atmospheric Black Metal
BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper Funeral Doom Metal
SUMMONING - With Doom We Come Atmospheric Black Metal
MOONGATES GUARDIAN - Leave the Northern Mountains Atmospheric Black Metal
DISCORDIA - Livsvarig nedgangstiden Atmospheric Black Metal
SJUKDOM - Nodus Tollens Black Metal
NEMORENSIS - The Fae Queen Atmospheric Black Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - Tactics of God Wars Power Metal
MUNETAKA HIGUCHI - Munetaka Higuchi with Dream Castle - Free World Heavy Metal
VERSAILLES - Art of "Propaganda" Power Metal
VERSAILLES - Cross Gate 2008 〜Chaotic Sorrow〜 Metal Related
X JAPAN - I'll Kill You Speed Metal
X JAPAN - I'll Kill You Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Endless Dream Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Symphonic Silent Jealousy Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Born to Be Free Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Scarlet Love Song -Buddha Mix- Non-Metal
NECROSADIST - Hideous Revelations Brutal Death Metal
GOOD TIGER - A Head Full of Moonlight Progressive Metal
GOOD TIGER - Aspirations (Skremix) Non-Metal
KRVVLA - Ø Black Metal
WINTAAR - Northernmight Black Metal
BEORN'S HALL - Estuary Pagan Black Metal
BABYMETAL - Headbangya!! Alternative Metal
KOSTNATĚNÍ - Konec je všude Black Metal
THE RUNAWAYS - And Now... the Runaways Non-Metal
THE RUNAWAYS - Flaming Schoolgirls Hard Rock
CAPTAIN BEYOND - Sufficiently Breathless Non-Metal
CAPTAIN BEYOND - Dawn Explosion Hard Rock
FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND - Anywhere Heavy Psych
POSTHUMOUS REGURGITATION - Exhumation of Cadavers for Research and Consumption Goregrind
WINTAAR - Nordic Glares Bless the Dead Atmospheric Black Metal
KISS - Hotter Than Hell Hard Rock
IKU-TURSO - The Great Tower Black Metal
BABYMETAL - Distortion Trance Metal
JOAN JETT - The Hit List Hard Rock
JOAN JETT - 1979 Non-Metal
FECUNDATION - Decomposition of Existence Brutal Death Metal
ADVERSVM - Aion Sitra Ahra Funeral Doom Metal
DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian Symphonic Black Metal
PUTREFACTION - Slavery Code Brutal Death Metal
SLEEP - The Sciences Stoner Metal
FECUNDATION - Congenital Deformity Brutal Death Metal
KRVVLA - E Black Metal
BUCKETHEAD - Pike 272 - Coniunctio Non-Metal
BUCKETHEAD - Pike 275 - Dreamthread Avant-garde Metal
NADJA - Sonnborner Drone Metal
SPECTRAL HAZE - I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains Stoner Metal
KRVVLA - M Black Metal
KRVVLA - N Black Metal
UNANIMATED - Annihilation Melodic Black Metal
DR. MASTERMIND - Dr. Mastermind Speed Metal
AVENGED SEVENFOLD - Black Reign Alternative Metal
CREAM - Disraeli Gears Proto-Metal
CREAM - Fresh Cream Proto-Metal
CREAM - Goodbye Proto-Metal
MARIUS DANIELSEN'S LEGEND OF VALLEY DOOM - Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 2 Power Metal
STRATOVARIUS - Fright Night Power Metal
AFRAID OF DESTINY - S.I.G.H.S. Depressive Black Metal
RENDERED HELPLESS - Suffer, Seraphim Brutal Death Metal
HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT - -unique- Power Metal
BON JOVI - This Left Feels Right Non-Metal
MARTY FRIEDMAN - Future Addict Heavy Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 新選組散華録 Power Metal
DRAGON GUARDIAN - 新選組悲恋歌 Power Metal
SLOTH - Por Favor, Can I Get That?? (Redeux) Non-Metal
TIMO TOLKKI - Hymn to Life Hard Rock
VOIDSPHERE - To Call | To Speak Atmospheric Black Metal
NARGAROTH - Black Metal ist Krieg: A Dedication Monument Black Metal
SOLAR DEMISE - Archaic War Death Metal
WITCHES MOON - The Womb of Those Whom Fall from Heaven Non-Metal
X JAPAN - Feel Me Tonight Heavy Metal
EHECATL - Rites of Ascension Phase II Atmospheric Black Metal
BABYMETAL - Baby Metal x Kiba of Akiba Alternative Metal
WINTAAR - Von Ruinen Und Einsamkeit Atmospheric Black Metal
BUCKETHEAD - Mirror In The Cellar Alternative Metal
CREAM - Wheels Of Fire Proto-Metal
FORTRESS OF THE OLDEN DAYS - Von Ruinen und Einsamkeit Atmospheric Black Metal
INFERITVM - The Grimoires Black Metal
MOONGATES GUARDIAN - The Last Ship Atmospheric Black Metal
ABIGOR - Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) Black Metal
X JAPAN - Feel Me Tonight (2) Heavy Metal
X JAPAN - Trance X Non-Metal
BUCKETHEAD - 5-13 10-31 Avant-garde Metal
ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - In the End of Human Existence Brutal Death Metal
PHYLLOMEDUSA - Phyllomedusa, The Destroyer Goregrind
TIMO TOLKKI - Saana - Warrior of Light, part 1: Journey to Crystal Island. Non-Metal
LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Putrefaction in Progress Goregrind
MACHETE DILDO - Machete Dildo Grindcore

Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Power Metal 124 3.95
2 Atmospheric Black Metal 74 3.66
3 Heavy Metal 63 3.74
4 Hard Rock 62 3.77
5 Neoclassical metal 56 4.22
6 Progressive Metal 49 3.98
7 Non-Metal 43 3.60
8 Black Metal 28 3.34
9 Symphonic Metal 23 4.04
10 Death Metal 13 3.62
11 Brutal Death Metal 12 3.04
12 Proto-Metal 12 3.38
13 Speed Metal 9 3.83
14 Metal Related 8 3.81
15 Folk Metal 8 3.88
16 Depressive Black Metal 7 3.50
17 Alternative Metal 7 3.07
18 Melodic Black Metal 7 3.86
19 Thrash Metal 7 4.21
20 Technical Death Metal 6 3.92
21 Stoner Metal 6 3.33
22 Avant-garde Metal 6 3.25
23 Glam Metal 6 3.83
24 Grindcore 6 3.25
25 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 4 3.63
26 Death-Doom Metal 4 3.75
27 NWoBHM 4 4.25
28 War Metal 4 3.75
29 Symphonic Black Metal 3 3.67
30 Melodic Death Metal 3 3.67
31 Goregrind 3 1.50
32 Doom Metal 2 4.25
33 Funeral Doom Metal 2 3.00
34 Heavy Psych 2 3.50
35 Pagan Black Metal 2 3.25
36 US Power Metal 2 3.50
37 Technical Thrash Metal 1 5.00
38 Traditional Doom Metal 1 3.50
39 Trance Metal 1 3.00
40 Stoner Rock 1 3.50
41 Hardcore Punk 1 3.50
42 Melodic Metalcore 1 3.50
43 Metalcore 1 3.50
44 Drone Metal 1 3.00
45 Groove Metal 1 4.00
46 Deathcore 1 3.50

Latest Albums Reviews

DRAGON GUARDIAN Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~

EP · 2016 · Power Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
With an extensive discography under their belt, Dragon Guardian self-released an eighth EP titled "Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~" in 2016. This time, Arthur Brave, the founder and leader of the project, counted on the collaboration of guitarist Kouta and vocalist Manami, both members of the group Dragon Eyes, in which Brave also participates. Additionally, Leo Figaro lent again his fabulous voice to most of the songs.

First of all, the sound production of this album has been greatly enhanced and now is top-notch. Compared to previous works, Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ sounds extremely polished and all the different instruments are distinguishable and perfectly audible. This is thanks to Ryosuke Yamada, who had already collaborated with Dragon Guardian, and to Takahiro Hashimoto -widely demanded by established artists, such as Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith or Gunbridge.

Despite the recurring, fantastical and cheesy lyrical themes in Dragon Guardian's songs, the content of the ones included in this record revolve around deeper subjects, like self-improvement, a sense of bleakness and hopelessness..., yet without leaving a fantasy setting. It is especially noteworthy how countless Japanese lyricists use similar metaphors in their words, and Brave is no exception.

The level of musicianship displayed here is obvious. The whole line-up comprises professional and veteran musicians who clearly know what they are doing. Leo Figaro seems to be very comfortable with the vocal phrases of every song; he does not exert himself, but still delivers. Likewise, Manami manages to show her powerful vocal range, although she only sings in the closing track. Moreover, Brave and Kouta do a damn fine job. For instance, listen to the masterful guitar solo in '時空の旅', or the stunning guitar licks in the following piece towards the end, after an elegant neoclassical counterpoint. In short, the guitar work is simply first-rate. Conversely, the bass lines and (programmed) drumming are pretty standard: typical power metal structures which serve for rhythmic purposes, but never stand out. The keyboards and orchestral arrangements, however, are effectively used throughout the record and, at times, are even cinematic.

Interestingly enough, Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ seems to be quite influenced by Galneryus in a couple of songs. For example, the second track, 時空の旅, could have been featured in memorable albums like "Resurrection" and, above all, Leo Figaro sounds somewhat similar to Sho. On top of that, in ‘血塗られた聖職者’, there are several guitar parts that are reminiscent of Syu's wizardry too. Nevertheless, Dragon Guardian's own sound can be seen in the rest of the EP, e.g. the slightly progressive ‘鬼祟り’ or the appealing ‘古城への扉’.

Brave and his bandmates can be proud of this record. Even though it has some minor flaws and the formula has been used before, Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ is filled with high-quality symphonic power metal compositions as well as impressive performances.

DRAGON GUARDIAN Destiny of the Sacred Kingdom

Album · 2011 · Power Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Do you crave some great fantasy symphonic power metal from the land of the rising sun? Well, this album is everything you need!

Led by Arthur Brave, Dragon Guardian are quite a prolific band that have been around in the metal scene for more than a decade. They are not very well-known out of Japan, but they have collaborated with many artists from their homeland. Dragon Guardian's fifth record, "Destiny of the Sacred Kingdom", was originally self-released in 2011. The subject of this review, however, is the limited edition released the following year through the German label IceWarrior Records. This very album is a re-recording of their debut "聖邪のドラゴン", and let me tell you in advance that it is a complete improvement.

Regarding the lyrics, all of them were written by Arthur Brave. Leo Figaro, who was recruited for the vocals and would later become the band's frontman, translated them into English. This is understandable since the aim of it was to reach a wider audience, but it backfires. As numerous Japanese singers, Figaro's English pronunciation is not the best, and the booklet contains a lot of grammatical mistakes. Therefore, it would have been better to leave the lyrics untouched. Anyway, the theme of these lyrics is enjoyable yet full of clichés, such as dragons, magic, treasure islands, soldiers and so on –which is a common characteristic of the genre.

The music is a different story; it is without doubt the highlight of this work. Arthur Brave is a fantastic guitarist as well as a versatile composer. He is clearly the brain behind this album: he is responsible for all the songwriting process and arrangements, and plays both guitar and bass on it too. One thing that I particularly love about Dragon Guardian is the melodic quality of their records. This one is brimming with catchy and epic melodies, which is especially noticeable on tracks like ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Requiem’ or ‘Book of the Magic’. There is also a considerable amount of slower sections and bridges with emotional pianos and neoclassical orchestral interludes that contrast with the raging power metal parts, e.g. in the glorious piece ‘The Never-Ending World’. Moreover, the thorough use of majestic and often baroque-flavoured synthesisers in almost every song complements the music perfectly.

Furthermore, Destiny of the Sacred Kingdom features a high level of virtuosity. Not only does Brave demonstrate his insane fretboard prowess, but also Kouta, aka “Johann Sebastian Bach” (Thousand Leaves), whose mind-blowing guitar mastery can be seen at the start of ‘Mountain of Sword’ or in the speedy ‘Holy Dragon vs Evil Dragon’. And this connects with the main flaw of the album: several songs sound pretty similar and it may seem that one is listening to just a long track instead of eight different pieces. Perhaps Figaro, albeit having an impressive vocal range, sounds rather monotonous, or some musical structures are overused. Nevertheless, there are enough and fairly appealing variations throughout the whole record that may oppose this view, like in the eponymous ‘Destiny of the Sacred Kingdom’.

While not a perfect album, Dragon Guardian’s fifth offering is undeniably satisfying from start to finish and highly recommended to any fan of the genre. The melodious and tuneful power metal passages interwoven with gentle neoclassical interludes make up for any flaw it might present.


Album · 2017 · Folk Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Folk metal is a very broad musical genre. It encompasses a wide range of styles, from "Celtic metal" (e.g., Skiltron) to "Mesopotamian metal" (e.g., Melechesh). I have listened to many different forms of folk metal, the last one being "Chinese metal" by Dream Spirit. But never before had I heard of a "Mongolian metal" band.

Tengger Cavalry, which means something like "cavalry of the sky god" (Tengger seems to derive from Tengri, a Mongolian and Turkic deity), have been in the metal scene for seven years. They are quite a prolific band since they have released thirteen studio albums so far. "Die on My Ride" is their penultimate offering, and it is an unusual one.

On the one hand, the instrumental work is the highlight of the record. Although most of the guitar riffs and solos are pretty basic and simple, some of them (the galloping riffs on 'Die on My Ride' or the ones on 'Cursed', for example) are very catchy and interesting enough to keep the listener’s attention. Nevertheless, a few songs, such as 'Independence Day' and 'To the Sky', feature several parts that are extremely dull and uninspired. To be honest, at those moments I just wanted to skip both pieces.

Now then, not everything is doom and gloom. The folk passages are undoubtedly the best part of the record. For instance, the opening piece, ‘Snow’, is perfect to set the mood: the igil and the morin khuur, accompanied by a delicate piano, create some emotive and slow folk melodies. It is also noteworthy how these instruments are effectively used on other tracks like the superb 'Die on My Ride', 'Strike' or 'Me Against Me'.

On the other hand, the vocal performance is the main flaw of this album. Throat singing is characteristic of Mongolia’s traditional music. It is a curious and odd way of singing, yet in this record the raspy vocals don’t convey anything to me -definitely not my cup of tea. The auto-tuned vocals on ‘Ashley’ (yes, you read well, auto-tuned) are the last straw. They are completely random after five Mongolian throat singing pieces and make the album feel rather messy, even though it’s just one song. The choruses, however, are great: they sound absolutely epic and, oftentimes, give a vibe of nomadism.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy this album after all. The positive aspects don’t make up for the bland and slightly haphazard songwriting. Die on My Ride features some notable songs and an extremely appealing folk sound, but Tengger Cavalry should improve various aspects of their music, especially the guitar riffs. Nonetheless, music is one of the most subjective things and I am sure that a lot of metalheads might appreciate this record much more than I do. Lastly, I would recommend listening to this release if you like folk metal and want to discover different and distinctive sounds.

DREAM SPIRIT 将·军 (General Triumphant)

Album · 2017 · Folk Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
It is true that nowadays metal music has spread throughout the world, and never before had it been so popular. Countries like China, however, still remain quite unknown in the metal scene. Proof of this is provided by the Encyclopaedia Metallum, where less than 300 Chinese metal bands are listed on the database. What is more, very few of these bands, such as “Tang Dynasty” or “Suffocated”, are really known in the West.

Despite the fact that “Dream Spirit” was formed in 2005, they didn’t release their debut studio album, “Mountains and Rivers”, until 2014. Three years later, this Chinese metal band present the world their second work: “General Triumphant”.

As the title suggests, this is a concept album which focuses on a fictional ancient general and his adventures (military, political, etc.). A detailed explanation of the album's background given by the band can be found at the end of the review, if anyone is interested.

General Triumphant consists of 44 min of pure Chinese folk metal blended with traditional heavy metal and symphonic metal elements, although the latter are relegated to a second place. Nevertheless, they are predominant and effectively used in the opening track to set the mood, along with traditional Chinese musical instruments.

On the one hand, the instrumental work is excellent. Every song is well-structured, the riffs and guitars verses are solid and catchy, and the album features various great, technical and melodic guitar solos. On the other hand, and this is probably the major drawback, the vocals feel somewhat lacklustre, even though a wide variety of vocal range is used on the album –even some death metal growls. If I had to pick one song among all, I would undoubtedly choose “Of Daggers and Men”. It is precisely this track the one that encompasses all the assets of this record: beautiful folk melodies, catchy choruses, solid riffing and proficient guitar solos.

All in all, General Triumphant is an interesting and enjoyable album recommended for folk metal fans and for those who want to discover new bands from distant countries like China. Hopefully, Dream Spirit will make a name for themselves in the following years.

Background information of the album:

JUPITER Tears of the Sun

EP · 2017 · Symphonic Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
After the departure of bassist Masashi and drummer Yuki, Jupiter released the single "The Spirit Within Me", which featured Rucy and Daisuke playing bass and drums, respectively, as guest musicians. However, it wasn't long before they joined Jupiter as permanent band members. A few months later, the new line-up released their latest work: "Tears of the Sun".

There are several things that quite surprised me whilst listening to this EP. First of all, their music is progressively becoming darker. Unlike many bands of the genre who soften their sound throughout the years, Jupiter seem to have much interest in adding death metal traits -we could already see this in previous songs, such as "Allegory Cave" or "Darkness"- and atmospheric elements into their musical pieces -just listen to the track "The Crucifixion". It is precisely in this song where Zin delivers an impressive performance by blending his tenor voice with death metal growls. Nevertheless, Jupiter's unique sound is still very recognizable, and a great example of it is the title track, in which the initial choir followed by a blast of symphonic metal and the melodic, neoclassical and highly proficient guitar solos by Hizaki and Teru are the band’s trademark.

Secondly, the production, both mixing and mastering, is simply flawless. It is so polished and well-done that it reminded me of albums like “Into the Legend” by Rhapsody of Fire, where it is a noticeable feature. Moreover, the lyrics fit in extremely well with the aforementioned dark sound. Although I don’t understand Japanese, the English verses depict feelings of struggle in our current society, going against the established order and so forth: “Live the pain and keep the struggle alive” or "I don't know why I was given breath, yet I still must go find the answer, no matter what", for example.

Finally, the musicianship is undeniable. Regarding the new members, their contribution is significant and they have their moments too. For instance, the bass in “We Against” and in “Guilty as Sin” or the drumming in the third track. But the symphonic elements and the guitars are the evident focus, and they take the stage.

Overall, Tears of the Sun is a really good release which represents the new phase Jupiter is entering. Not only have they maintained their characteristic sound, but they are also taking a new direction into heavier territories, in my opinion. Highly recommended for symphonic/power metal fans.

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