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The foundation for what is now Twilight Force was laid out in 2011, when Felipe and Daniele decided to bring back the golden age of Epic Symphonic Power Metal. By combining strong melodies with orchestral arrangements and fast tempos, they wanted to create an intense and memorable listening experience; immersing the audience in a magic universe filled with wonder, heroic tales and mesmerizing mythical worlds. Using their vast experience from previous musical endeavours, their classical training and technical proficiency, they started working intensely and meticulously from their studio in the heart of Sweden, the "Twilight Forge". The music took shape and grew from the depths of their hearts, and the fundaments of the songs swiftly came into existence. After searching for uitable companions to fill up the ranks of Twilight Force, they finally heard tales of Christianos' great mountain-shattering vocal range. Upon hearing the songs, he soon felt the urge read more...
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TWILIGHT FORCE Tales of Ancient Prophecies album cover 3.25 | 4 ratings
Tales of Ancient Prophecies
Power Metal 2014
TWILIGHT FORCE Heroes of Mighty Magic album cover 3.25 | 4 ratings
Heroes of Mighty Magic
Power Metal 2016
TWILIGHT FORCE Dawn of the Dragonstar album cover 4.14 | 3 ratings
Dawn of the Dragonstar
Power Metal 2019


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TWILIGHT FORCE Dawn of the Dragonstar

Album · 2019 · Power Metal
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Kev Rowland
I must be honest, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to playing the latest album from Twilight Force, having not been a fan of their previous two efforts, and when it commenced with a spoken intro which reminded me for some reason of ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ I inwardly groaned. But what was this? Soaring orchestration over the top of a metal band in full flow with drumming powering it along? Who found the controls in the production suite and turned up the bottom end? Hang on, that’s a new singer as well, and although he can hit the high notes he also sings lower with plenty of passion and emotion. A quick look at the press release and I see that the new singer is Allyon, but given everyone in this band likes to use pseudonyms I did some more checking and realised this is none other than Allessandro Conti who has been working with Fabio Lione in their own band, and was also in Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody for 7 years prior to joining Twilight Force. He is a bona fide rock star in the world of power metal, and all of a sudden this band has come to life.

All the strengths have been kept from the previous two albums, but the weaknesses and concerns have been dissipated and here is a band which is playing as if their lives depended on it. This is such a step up from the previous two albums that it is almost like a brand new band, but the only new person in the band is Conti – everyone else was on the last album, while just rhythm guitarist Aerendir didn’t feature on the debut as he joined afterwards. But the dynamics have changed, the production and arrangements have greatly improved and here is a band on a roll. I may not have enjoyed the first two, but this one has been on my player a great deal, as even the twee moments which annoyed me on the first two here make me smile as the context is so much better. Definitely worth investigating.

TWILIGHT FORCE Heroes of Mighty Magic

Album · 2016 · Power Metal
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Kev Rowland
2016 saw Twilight Force return with their second album. Since the debut they had changed drummers and also added an additional guitarist so were now running with a traditional twin attack. The drumming has definitely improved but the production hasn’t, neither has the one-dimensional feel of the band, and although they have been using more orchestration it still feels like they are treading water and need a good shaking to move to the next level. All the influences from the debut album are still here, while Eriksson still hits the notes with ease but there is little breadth and depth to the vocals. As for the guitars, they often appear to be hiding in the same room as the bass, and couldn’t bother to turn up for the sessions. Signed to Nuclear Blast, who generally have a great roster with strong producers I was somewhat surprised to hear another album so similar to the debut as while it contains with same strengths as before, it also has plenty of the same weaknesses.

It is strange to think there are two years between albums and with two new members of personnel as all this material could have easily sat on the debut as well. I am sure that anyone who loves the debut will think this is just as indispensable. As for me, next!

TWILIGHT FORCE Tales of Ancient Prophecies

Album · 2014 · Power Metal
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Kev Rowland
This 2014 album was the debut from Swedish power metal outfit Twilight Force, and there is no doubt at all from looking around the web that this is one which many people rate very highly indeed. I can understand that in many ways, in that they are taking some of the best bits of classic Stratovarius, have plenty of shredding, and in Christian Eriksson (here going by the name Chrileon) they have someone who can hit very high notes indeed. The problem for me is that it is incredibly one-dimensional and is combined with very flat production which has no depth and the bottom end just hasn’t been catered for whatsoever. I know they are described as power metal outfit, but this is way more hard rock than metal, although there is no doubt whatsoever that Philip Lindh (here going by the name Lynd) is a heck of a guitarist.

The first time I played this I was decorating the garage, which meant I had plenty of boring painting to undertake and wanted an album which I could really enjoy and get a lot from, but I soon found the white walls were more interesting which is not what I expected at all. There are some spoken bits and pieces, and choirs are utilised at times, but to me it felt as if Helloween had been crossed with Angria and Malmsteen but with all the depth and soul ripped out of it. They are great musicians, with some interesting material at times, but while it isn’t an album I would dismiss totally out of hand I can’t see it being one to which I will return even though apparently it is the best thing since sliced bread.


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