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Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The band consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. The group's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues on their early albums, has drawn them recognition as one of the progenitors of heavy metal, though their unique style drew from a wide variety of influences, including folk music. After changing their name from the New Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin signed a deal with Atlantic Records that afforded them considerable artistic freedom. Although the group was initially unpopular with critics, they achieved significant commercial success with albums such as Led Zeppelin (1969), Led Zeppelin II (1969), Led Zeppelin III (1970), their untitled fourth album (1971), Houses of the Holy (1973), and Physical Graffiti (1975). Their fourth album, which features the track Stairway to Heaven, is among the most popular and read more...
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Atlantic Uk 2003
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LED ZEPPELIN Discography

LED ZEPPELIN albums / top albums

LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin album cover 4.18 | 99 ratings
Led Zeppelin
Hard Rock 1969
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin II album cover 4.20 | 106 ratings
Led Zeppelin II
Hard Rock 1969
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin III album cover 4.13 | 102 ratings
Led Zeppelin III
Hard Rock 1970
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV album cover 4.45 | 148 ratings
Led Zeppelin IV
Hard Rock 1971
LED ZEPPELIN Houses Of The Holy album cover 3.79 | 90 ratings
Houses Of The Holy
Hard Rock 1973
LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti album cover 3.85 | 83 ratings
Physical Graffiti
Hard Rock 1975
LED ZEPPELIN Presence album cover 3.60 | 66 ratings
Hard Rock 1976
LED ZEPPELIN In Through The Out Door album cover 2.96 | 56 ratings
In Through The Out Door
Hard Rock 1979
LED ZEPPELIN Coda album cover 2.74 | 42 ratings
Hard Rock 1982


LED ZEPPELIN Good Times Bad Times album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Good Times Bad Times
Hard Rock 1969
LED ZEPPELIN Whole Lotta Love album cover 3.67 | 3 ratings
Whole Lotta Love
Hard Rock 1970
LED ZEPPELIN Acoustically album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Hard Rock 1972

LED ZEPPELIN live albums

LED ZEPPELIN The Song Remains The Same album cover 4.19 | 14 ratings
The Song Remains The Same
Hard Rock 1976
LED ZEPPELIN BBC Sessions album cover 4.03 | 15 ratings
BBC Sessions
Hard Rock 1997
LED ZEPPELIN How The West Was Won album cover 4.29 | 16 ratings
How The West Was Won
Hard Rock 2003
LED ZEPPELIN Celebration Day album cover 4.65 | 14 ratings
Celebration Day
Hard Rock 2012

LED ZEPPELIN demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

LED ZEPPELIN Stairway To Heaven album cover 4.62 | 3 ratings
Stairway To Heaven
Hard Rock 1972

LED ZEPPELIN re-issues & compilations

LED ZEPPELIN Boxed Set album cover 4.21 | 7 ratings
Boxed Set
Hard Rock 1990
LED ZEPPELIN Remasters album cover 4.21 | 8 ratings
Hard Rock 1990
LED ZEPPELIN Boxed Set 2 album cover 3.93 | 5 ratings
Boxed Set 2
Hard Rock 1993
LED ZEPPELIN The Complete Studio Recordings album cover 3.50 | 2 ratings
The Complete Studio Recordings
Hard Rock 1993
LED ZEPPELIN Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One album cover 3.47 | 3 ratings
Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One
Hard Rock 1999
LED ZEPPELIN Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume Two album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume Two
Hard Rock 2000
LED ZEPPELIN Early Days & Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volumes One and Two album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Early Days & Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volumes One and Two
Hard Rock 2002
LED ZEPPELIN Mothership album cover 4.18 | 7 ratings
Hard Rock 2007
LED ZEPPELIN Definitive Collection album cover 4.17 | 3 ratings
Definitive Collection
Hard Rock 2008
LED ZEPPELIN An Introduction to Led Zeppelin album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
An Introduction to Led Zeppelin
Hard Rock 2018
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin x Led Zeppelin album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Led Zeppelin x Led Zeppelin
Hard Rock 2018

LED ZEPPELIN singles (12)

.. Album Cover
2.29 | 3 ratings
Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown
Hard Rock 1969
.. Album Cover
2.64 | 3 ratings
Whole Lotta Love / Living Loving Maid
Hard Rock 1969
.. Album Cover
3.50 | 3 ratings
Immigrant Song / Hey Hey What Can I Do
Hard Rock 1970
.. Album Cover
3.25 | 2 ratings
Black Dog / Misty Mountain Hop
Hard Rock 1971
.. Album Cover
3.25 | 2 ratings
Rock And Roll / Four Sticks
Hard Rock 1972
.. Album Cover
3.50 | 2 ratings
Over The Hills And Far Away / Dancing Days
Hard Rock 1973
.. Album Cover
3.00 | 2 ratings
D'yer Mak'er / The Crunge
Hard Rock 1973
.. Album Cover
3.00 | 2 ratings
Trampled Underfoot / Black Country Woman
Hard Rock 1975
.. Album Cover
2.50 | 2 ratings
Candy Store Rock / Royal Orleans
Hard Rock 1976
.. Album Cover
2.25 | 2 ratings
Fool In The Rain / Hot Dog
Hard Rock 1979
.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
Travelling Riverside Blues
Hard Rock 1990
.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
Hard Rock 1997

LED ZEPPELIN movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
4.50 | 7 ratings
The Song Remains The Same
Hard Rock 1976
.. Album Cover
4.52 | 11 ratings
Led Zeppelin
Hard Rock 2003
.. Album Cover
4.64 | 7 ratings
Celebration Day
Hard Rock 2012



Album · 1969 · Hard Rock
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What a great solid debut for a band, no wonder they became one of the greatest bands so fast. Even though not all of it's songs are among my favourites from the band, there's no denying they are all strong ones. Going from blues, to folk, to hard rock, even to sort of psyquedelic, it is varied and enjoyable. My absolute favourite here is "Babe, I'm gonna leave you", a very hard rocking one even if it is full of acoustic passages. "Dazed and Confused" is another great hard rocker, and "Your time is gonna come" and "Black Mountain Side" are a pair of nice folkier songs. All in all, I can hardly think of many more bands that started their discography with such a strong release.

LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti

Album · 1975 · Hard Rock
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Important: I originally posted this review on progarchives, so it is a bit focussed on the progressive side of the album, though it doesn't matter as far as the rating is concerned.

Physical Graffiti is recognized as one of the strongest Led Zeppelin albums, some even say that it is the most "proggy" one. While I definitely agree with the first statement, I'm not too sure about the second one. True, the album runs over a total of nearly 83 minutes. True, 3 of the 15 songs exceed the 8 minute mark. But is that enough?

There is one main point against defining Physical Graffiti as a prog album: There's little variety in the style of the songs. Only Boogie With Stu, which is the boogie the title hints at, acoustic Bron-Yr-Aur and the ballads In The Light and Black Country Woman are different from the rest. All other songs are dominated by strong and heavy guitar riffs, though most of them are more complex than the average hard rock riff of the time. Ok, the intro parts of those songs show some variety, too. And there is of course Kashmir with its string arrangement and complex patterns which certainly qualifies as a prog song.

But of course, and especially on a Heavy Metal site, an album doesn't necessarily have to be prog to get a high rating from me. It only has to be of high quality which is certainly true for Physical Graffity. I already mentioned Jimmy Page's strong guitar work, but the other musicians' performances follow up closely and occasionally surpass him. Especially drummer John Bonham has never performed finer and more energetical than on this album. The same can be said about John Paul Jones on bass and keys and vocalist Robert Plant. He may never qualify as an opera singer, but he did exactly what the song needed in all 15 cases.

I might edit the rating up to a 5 after I've had another quiet hour with Led Zep IV (which will most certainly retain its provisional 5 star rating) to find out whether I feel a difference in quality (and liking) between the two albums. But for now, I go for solid 4.5 stars.


Boxset / Compilation · 1993 · Hard Rock
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Ok, this comp is designed for all the fans out there who do not own the individual LZ albums, bought the Remaster box set and were complaining that not all of the LZ tracks were present. This one provided the answer and summarily provides the Zephead with all the leftovers that were either too long or were no ruddy good to include on the box set. Indeed it houses some holy relics such as Good Times Bad Times, Carouselambra, Tea For One, How Many More Times and The Crunge, which are masterful in their own way, but you have to trawl through endless tedious songs to get to them. When I say tedious there is none worse than the Elvis inspired ditties such as Darlene, and the awful Presence leftovers, Hots On For Nowhere, strategically sandwiched between two gems on the comp.

We also have a ton of tracks from the afterthought "Coda" album, which is not a good sign, and 3 from "In Through the Out Door" (ITTOD), also not welcome. Listening to these is like eating a cream pie without any of the filling; it is all just mush and no flavour. However, kudos to the compiler as they place the bad with the good rather than pile all the bad in one stack for us to endure. I know some ZepHeads will state LZ can not do wrongbut there is no room for fanboyism here, folks. A lot of this compilation smells and it smells very bad indeed like the rotting corpse of prog that was stinking during 1993 when this was released to the adoring public.

On Disc numero uno we start things in a blaze of glory with the brilliant 'Good Times Bad Times', a song that captured my attention back in the early 80s when I thought Kiss were the coolest band in the world. The way Page crashes in with that flurry of notes never fails to impress.

'That's The Way' is a melancholic bluesy thing with Plant mesmirising on vox. 'Baby Come On Home' is the previously unreleased track that had ZepHeads salivating, as its better than all those bootlegs that seemed to be churned out at the time. 'The Lemon Song' from LZ2 is terrific to hear again

'You Shook Me' simply drives nails into the floorboards with ultra blues guitar and descending vocals that careen down the side of the cliff with staggering precision. When Page and Plant were in this frame of mind they were mind blowing. The song is a genuine lighting in a bottle explosion of blues heaven, and by the time it gets to the response and answer section with Page emulating Page's guitar tones, we are in masterpiece territory. The emotion behind this is overwhelming as it seems to magically encapsulate the feeling of spiralling into the abyss, yet the lyrics are oddly upbeat about Plant's sexual escapades. The song feels dark though with mournful guitar and pain wracked vocal delivery.

'Boogie With Stu' is laughable by comparison but thankfully the jangly piano rag time ditty only lasts a merciful 3:53 and is followed by another PG filler 'Bron-Yr-Aur' that is more annoying than inventive. 'Down By The Seaside is a beautiful song with pleasant cadence and tone. 'Out On The Tiles' features all those brilliant Page riffs as only he can deliver them, it works so well and doesn't feel like a reject at all, perhaps should have been on the first box set that was meant to house all the Zepclassics. It is great to hear that Bonham magic on 'Moby Dick' from LZ2, and it is followed by 'Sick Again' from PG that I had forgotten but the riff jarred my memory soon enough. It is really a rollicking blues buster, with loud bar room brawling guitar, sounding as sleazy as Rolling Stones 'Brown Sugar'.

'Hot Dog' is another forgettable thing and I had forgotten it as a strategic move, until a relisten for this review. It is from ITTOD, an album that can never measure up to the brilliance of previous LZ albums, however it chugs along nicely as only a country hillbilly rocker can chug. The honky tonk piano and idiotic humour is as awful as it sounds on paper, and Plant's Elvis impersonation is abysmal, as much as Plant probably thinks it's fun to do this. He did it on 'Candy Store Rock' and that was as bad. Thankfully this never sees the light of day on other compilations or concert performances.

'Carouselambra' may be the best song on ITTOD so no problem sitting under its lengthy running time and Page's indulgent axe work. The weird off kilter sequenced keyboards are blindingly unique to a LZ song so it holds some interest. Plant sings too many lyrics and it too repetitive until finally it breaks away into a new time sig and a synth workout. The song really builds into a guitar and synth trade off and it is a genuine curio but never tiring in its ten minutes of fame. A great side one, flawed but nevertheless a genuine treasure trove of forgotten gems.

Onto Disc numero duo and it begins with 'South Bound Saurez', a rocker from ITTOD that I had again forgotten. Returning to it reminds me of how great this band was in its day. The song just booms with Jones' bass and his piano skills are exemplary. What a blast this is! 'Walter's Walk' trudges along next, with a killer riff and pounding drums the way they should sound, over present and dominant. Well, at least they drown out the poor vocal technique of Plant drooling a bunch of nonsense. Next is 'Darlene', which is ruddy awful apart from the repetitive guitar riff. Now that we have "Coda" out of the way, we can move onto PG's 'Black Country Woman' with its odd intro dialogue and acoustic slide work. It is okay for a while but I prefer the Zep rocked up more rather than sparse and set on repeat. By the time Bonham;s drums boom along and a harmonica joins, I have lost interest.

'How Many More Times' is the first classic on this disk, it is mind blowingly brilliant. The riff hooks into me and tears my head off, such an awesome bassline and unbelievable ferocious guitar execution. I could rate this with other LZ masterpieces easily and yet this underrated gem sits here on this afterthought compilation. That in itself is criminal, but of course this is lifted from the trailblazing classic debut, one of the alltime great debuts in rock history along with debuts from Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, ELP, Rush, Alan Parsons Project and Pink Floyd. The lead break is to die for with Page scorching on hyper string bends and fret melters along that insane tempo. Then it goes silent and the band lapse into their stream of conscious mood with ethereal violin bow serrations and Plant in reflective mode. This is a precursor to the Dazed and Confused performance on "The Song Remains The Same" that would have critics chin wagging for years. It ends with a vocal Planterism answered by Page's axe strikes; masterpiece, Proggers, masterpiece.

'The Rover' is next from PG and is one I had also developed amnesia over, but it jams along with Page riffing eloquent and a bright beat, and sleaze rock melodic line. 'Four Sticks' is the one from Zoso album and of course it is a 5 star classic album so no problem with this, perhaps the most underrated song from the one with 'Stairway To Heaven'. It has a driving rock beat and some well structured passages as it moves from complex time sigs to a steady rock beat effortlessly.

'Hats Off To (Roy) Harper' is the LZ3 throwaway though many will dispute this. The vocals are warbled and there is a lot of slice and dice on acoustic. It is a curio but after a few listens this can grate on the ears. 'I Can't Quit You Baby' is back to brilliance as the Zeps move into the dominant blues landscape, a searing performance by Page who makes his guitar cry hot tears. LZ were masters of this genre and when they are released to improvised blues jamming there were none better.

'Hots On For Nowhere' is from "Presence" and is quite a mediocre attempt at injecting some life into a band that had just about given up at this point in their career. Wheelchair prone Plant gives it what he can with his "la-na-na na-lanana-naaaa yeah, ohoho ohoho"'s but it is lacklustre; what, did he run out of lyrics? 'Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)' is another one only the diehard Zepfanatic has heard of, from LZ2 but not the best example from that dynamic album. It has a great bass and guitar riff, and sounds like a vamped up Beatles song in some ways. That riff is enough to maintain interest. 'Royal Orleans' from "Presence" has been thrown here for the means of posterity, again with a cool riff but loses its impact, and also for the completist we have yet another from "Coda", 'Bonzo's Montreux', that has a clever title but little else. Okay, it is Bonham banging the living suitcase out of his kit and I guess that has merit, you have to hand it to the man, he knew how to slam those cans, but he does this every concert. Having said that it is one of the lone highlights on "Coda" so nice to hear again.

Next on the menu is 'The Crunge', that is from "Houses of the Holy", the sole one, and even though it is that album's worst song it is a reminder of how great that album is. Plant wants to tell us about his "good thing", and Page jangles his guitar to his heart's content, but this soon wears out its welcome before it is mercifully cut short by the classic ending "where's that confounded bridge", that only makes sense to me now after all these years of studying music. 'Bring It On Home' is yet another blues treasure from LZ2 with haunting harmonica and soul chilling vocals as he sings into the harmonica giving Plant a metallic edge. The feeling of isolation and nocturnal scapes are broken with a blazing riff and heavy duty tempo; absolutely terrific rock blaster.

We end on a blues blitzkrieg with the incredible 'Tea For One', that is one of the three diamonds located on "Presence" making it worthwhile. No prizes for guessing the other two. It is lengthy but so smooth and melancholy with powerful guitar blues passages that it is undisputed as one of the last triumphs of the struggling Zep in their last days. It sounds like Dazed and Confused in tempo but is unique with the guitar licks and Plant's firebrand vocals capturing the sadness he felt at the time after his horrific accident. Listen to those lyrics to hear the soul of the band; "a minute seems like a lifetime, baby when I feel this way, Sittin', lookin' at the clock, time moves so slow, I've been watchin' for the hands to move, Until I just can't look no more, How come twenty four hours, Baby sometimes seems to slip into days?" Bonham would die soon after, the final nail in the coffin for the band, and it all came crashing to a screaming halt. This song is like a penultimate farewell to the fans; as such it retains an incredible power and is chilling to the soul.

Of course it is easy to be cynical, when presented with this stack of songs that were not good enough to make it to the first box set, but there are a lot of great songs, if not excellent, especially the lengthy blues numbers. These tracks are still wonderful to listen to coming from the first 4 LZ albums, their best albums, as well as 7 tracks from PG that are always a treat. The one reject from LZ4 is of course still brilliant. Listening to all these tracks out of context is quite a delight as they are not the ones you hear ad nauseum, and therefore remain fresh rather than become stale with overuse and airplay. I think I would rather hear a repackaging of these rejected tracks than to hear them on the actual studio releases, as it always an intriguing exercise to plough through the canon of Led Zeppelin in any form. And in fact many upcoming bands would kill for just a tenth of their talent, even though at times they sound uninspired here. The compilation is worth owning for completists, I enjoyed it tremendously having forgotten most of these, and of course it is coming from arguably the most influential and indisputable rock gods, the mighty Led Zeppelin.

LED ZEPPELIN The Song Remains The Same

Live album · 1976 · Hard Rock
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This Led Zeppelin live concert movie is groundbreaking as one of the first, way before Spinal Tap's mockumentary that is very similar in style, showing the band struggling with issues and then capping it off with segments from the concert. There are some unforgettable moments such as Led Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant squaring off with merchandisers that are selling photos illegally outside the concert hall; After dropping a dozen f-bombs Grant says to the dismayed organiser, "as long as we can screw a few extra bob out of the group? if there's an extra nickle to be drained by exploiting Led Zeppelin, it's great". Grant is furious and lets the organisers have it, and they have no answers.

It is great to see the enigmatic band behind the scenes preparing to go on tour or hanging around bars, grassy fields with girls, and to see their fantasies realised, though the Mafia section is very odd. A lot of the concert material is complimented by a video clip of each band member. We see Robert Plant sword fighting, on a boat, capturing a castle and rescuing a princess, Bonham driving fast cars and hanging around farms, and we are treated to Jimmie Page changing into a tarot hermit, regressing back to the foetus and back to ancient and then lofting a sword with psychedelic colours emanating during 'Dazed and Confused'; perhaps the highlight of the concert footage.

The concerts are captured well with low angles and close ups and crowd shots showing how the band communicate their magic with the audience. They are a visual treat; with the iconic Plant bending backwards with tiny open vest, Page in starry pants clad in black maintaining poise as he saws a violin bow across his guitar strings, Bonham going manic with the drums and Jones looking aloof. It was one of the only ways of seeing the band play back in the day as, unless you saw them live on a tour, there was very little footage released of the band. Nowadays there is an unbelievable amount of concert footage available but it is mostly bootleg quality.

It is great musically too with some of their greatest songs with crunching speaker blowing riffs in 'Rock And Roll', then moves on to 'Black Dog' with killer riffs and footage showing a drive down the traffic laden streets. 'Since I've Been Loving You' is beautiful and there is a 12 minute version of 'No Quarter', always a classic Zep favourite. 'Dazed And Confused' is the blockbuster here and the film really takes off into a magical realm. The sounds of the violining are as preternatural as the film clip that accompanied it, showing Page slicing a bow over the strings. The psychedelic images are perfectly placed, zooming into Page's eye, watching the angel descend the staircase and then the wielding of the sword; it is a powerful aural and visual experience. We also see backstage some groupies desperately wanting to get in to see the show and some bouncers let them in for free; "a lot of fun" he says turning to the camera. Later we see a fan being wrestled to the ground and kicked out backstage, so it was very random the way gate crashers were treated. It is a time capsule of the 70s and as such has documentary importance to rock history connoisseurs, in the same way "Woodstock" has historical importance outside of the actual music.

After some backstage footage worth a look, a cop on horseback replying to "do you expect trouble?" with "no comment, that's all you are going to get". Plant says onstage "this is a song of hope" and we are treated to the ultimate classic 'Stairway To Heaven' clocking 11 minutes with blue moody lighting. It is an incredible performance from Plant and Page who absolutely destroy the studio version. A safety deposit box is stolen and the manager respond in a press conference, the largest amount ever taken from a hotel reportedly. We see a news report on this event, which is soon cut off by more killer rock concert footage. Live is definitely the best way to hear this iconic piece of mystique. 'Moby Dick' follows with lengthy drum solo and Bonham is brilliant. It ends with the masterpiece 'Whole Lotta Love' which is very different than the original and just as compelling. Then the band stroll off to their Mercedes cars and then hop on a plane and as 'Stairway to Heaven' chimes over we see the planes do a dance on the runway and it's all over.

Overall this movie is a terrific indispensable document of how it was back in the magnificent 70s, a no frills, no effects concert, just a brilliant band giving it everything to a mesmirised well behaved crowd. Recommended to all fans of classic rock at its highest calibre.

LED ZEPPELIN Celebration Day

Live album · 2012 · Hard Rock
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This review focuses on the DVD visuals and the main audio concert. This momentous event is definitely one for the annals of rock history. The legends are back and for one more time weave their magic before a spellbound crowd.

'Good Times Bad Times' is a perfect way to start, as the band said in the press conference, the song that started it all was the appropriate beginning. It is a terrific version, rocking real hard and Plant taking it down a tone to his vocal range and it works. The bass work of Jones is a blazing inferno, I never really gave him as much credit until I saw him live here; he is a master.

'Ramble On' is a pleasant surprise as it rocks the roof off here. Plant sounds fantastic even after all the years. 'Black Dog' is always brilliant to my ears although Jimmy struggles with those solos. I love the fact that there were no overdubs, just plain raw Zeppelin turned up to the max.

'In My Time Of Dying' has an incredible guitar sound that Jimmy gets from his gibson es-175 blonde axe. I love this version more than any I have heard, it is absolutely bone chilling. Page is more comfortable here on sliding the guitar strings with all the dexterity of the virtuoso legend he became. Bonham's son, Jason, is brilliant here taking it to the drums with a ferocity his father would have been proud of. Plant says "it still feels pretty good up here!" and my thoughts are it feels good from back here too; what a legendary performance. Plant then says "we are honoured to bring Jason in on this" and then states it is the first time they brought this next song in public. It is a strange choice because it is the little known 'For Your Life' and I had to look up from whence it came; namely "Presence", not a great album but this is the better way to hear this song, it really has a lot of passion.

Next is 'Trampled Under Foot' another gem not expected, but you have to love those guitar riffs, from the Terraplane Blues, and Jones is fantabulous on keyboards. The psychedelic visuals are effective too; a real stunner live. 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' follows and I was so delighted as I absolutely love it. The guitar again is given a ballsy muscular tone. It is incredible how tight the band are here, simply faultless (pun intended). By the time we get to the solo it is goosebumps all the way. Plant's harmonica work is great too; one of the concert highlights.

'No Quarter' was a great choice as its super popular and proggy. The guitar sounds amazing with wah wah fuzz but Jones is the real star here on psych keyboards. I love how the crowd sings softly with Plant. A perfect rendition of a classic, and the dry ice is an ethereal addition that looks ghostly. I forgot to mention too, throughout the concert, occasionally, there is an insert video that looks like a bootleg from the 70s, but it is the same concert, just made to look that way, all shakey and fuzzed; quite an affective element. The solo by Page here is one of his best on the night and when he raises his guitar at the end it is a sacrifice to the rock gods.

'Since I've Been Loving You' is a fine example of the band at their bluesiest best. It was a brave move for the band to do this as its so full of complex guitar and high bluesy wails but they nail it; Page and Bonham exchange some smiles cos they feel it. It smokes along with massive guitar solos along with shimmering organ. At the end Plant and Page share a laugh as they really enjoyed it as much as the crowd.

'Dazed And Confused' was a quintessential choice and it always has the power to captivate from beginning to end. The dynamics of tension are dramatic, with Plant screaming up a storm and scatting with improvised finesse, and it is released into some astonishing powerhouse lead soloing. Page takes the violin bow and gives the Gibson a good ol' thrashing. The laser pyramid surrounds him as he makes the guitar scream in agony; the only thing missing is the psychedelic sword wielding from the tarot hermit. It is a stunning live performance, certainly one of the better versions I have heard of this treasure. .

The band would have been lynched had they not done 'Stairway To Heaven' and it receives the appropriate ovation it deserves. The band cruise beautifully through it during the slow parts, though the double guitar sounds too distorted rather than acoustic, and it is downtuned. The heavy section with solo is excellent but it is not as dynamic as the older version from "The Song Remains the Same" movie; though still great to hear after all these years. I think the band are relieved when its over, even Plant says "we did it".

'The Song Remains The Same' is another obvious number to perform live as it is the signature tune from the infamous concert movie. The guitars are tuned down way too low to match Plant's voice and this ruins it a bit but overall it is a decent rendition. It might have been better to leave this out and do a different song, for instance my favourites are missing such as 'Immigrant Song', 'Achilles Last Stand' and 'You Shook Me'.

Plant says Bonham is "Spectacular" on drums and we believe he is right. The drummer shows proudly his Zoso tattoo which is appropriate as they launch into an upgraded version of 'Misty Mountain Hop', one of the album gems from the Zoso LZ4 classic. Bonham has fun backing on vocals and doing a great job. Plant mimics smoking dope at one point and the kaleidoscope video effects pretty much sum up what this is all about.

'Kashmir' is another definitive Zep classic and it sounds perfect here. The members play with emotion and passion and it really has the epic quality it deserves. The graphics are fantastic too on the background screen. Jones is a revelation on keys but you have to hand it to Bonham who drums his little heart out and when he bangs the gong at the end and stands to his feet, everyone in the crowd raise their fists in Valhalla glory; an absolute blockbuster performance from the Zeps at their best.

'Whole Lotta Love' is one of my faves with that awesome riff. Page is not up to scratch in the solo and Plant is a bit weird groaning in his old age here but it had to be included. The guitar interlude is a bit off the boil but you can hear the crowd loving singing along with those Planterisms which is a nice touch. The band leave after thanking everyone who made it possible. Then its off for a breather and an encore.

'Rock And Roll' is the perfect finish to this epic concert; the ultimate encore and the band really have tons of fun cranking it out. Plant plays with the crowd singing too many "lonely"'s and then Bonham lets rip on drums, and it is all over. As the band said in the press conference 5 years is 5 minutes in Zeppelin time, and it feels like time has gone fast too watching this.

The crowd roar as the band bow down and then roar even louder when the Led Zeppelin logo goes up emblazoned on the massive screen. It has been an incredible event, one that will go down in the annals of rock history. 5 stars for a masterpiece come back performance, hammered by the gods in stone, etched in our memories forever.

LED ZEPPELIN Movies Reviews

LED ZEPPELIN The Song Remains The Same

Movie · 1976 · Hard Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This is the review of the Blu-Ray version of the movie that i saw for the first time in theater a long time ago. There is a improvement of the picture quality compare to the DVD version, but nothing as good as a Blu-Ray of today. What is so interesting about this movie is that it's not only a music concert, it's a lot more. There is some fiction images throughout the movie along with behind the scenes and real day life action footage with each members of the band. The musicians played a role by illustrating the story of the songs like characters in a movie.

The movie starts with the arrival of the crew and the band in Manhattan by car. The city where the show has a important meaning to the movie. There is some entertaining behind the scenes footage, that had took place during the show. It's a real treat to see the manager takes on his crew members who had let circulate some pirates posters of the band. There goes down the drain the merchandising profits! And not only that, but we learned that a robbery of the show's profits had been stolen!

Now for the actual live footage! To have footage of the legendary band is a rare historical moment and i have never been disappointed by the quality of the footage, a little dark with no visuals, because the music was so appealing to me. The idea of illustrating the show with a story is not a bad idea, but at times, i was missing the joy of seeing the band play their instrument, it's the case, especially during the song "The Song Remains the Same", who is one of the best Led Zeppelin songs, along with "No Quarter", simply because for me that's the songs that are the closest to Progressive rock with their nice atmosphere. Another highlight of the show is the 15 minutes drum solo of John Bonham, who is captured nicely by cameras.

The extras contains more songs, and more footage of the conference press talking about the robbery that i was talking earlier in my review. After 38 years, it's easy for me to give this a 5 stars, because it's still a great music to hear today despite some flaws on the quality of the footage, but put in the context of the 70's and restore on Blu-Ray, it's nice to watch. The 5.1 mix also add a new dimension to the whole experience.


Movie · 2003 · Hard Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
A great DVD from the legends of rock, perhaps the best if you do not count 'The Song Remains the same'. The menus are interesting and you can jump straight into timeless classics such as a 15 minute version of Dazed and Confused with magnificent guitar lead break par excellence from Page. The lighting is always subdued and straightforward, they were never a spectacular showman band, their spectacle lay strictly with the music and what a sound they created! There are shots of the crowd occasionally but the focus is always on Page and Plant.

How Many More Times rocks out for 20 minutes and is a classic. Also drums are showcased on Moby Dick, a 15 minute treasure. Whole Lotta Love makes an appearance and is well sung by Plant. Immigrant Song was always my favourite and theres an awesome version here along with the quintessential Black Dog with that mesmirising riff. The driving blues of Since I've Been Loving You is worth mentioning with Page looking completely absorbed with his guitar. There is a chilling version of In My Time of Dying and of course the indelible Stairway to Heaven is added to the mix. A very strong blue light shines and makes a heavenly glow throughout the performance, similar to TSRTS film.

Rock and Roll is a favourite and also Nobody's Fault but Mine with its killer riff. Whole Lotta Love caps things off at the end of the DVD. I highly reccommend this as a perfect example of why Led Zeppelin are masters of proto metal and an influence to countless musicians worldwide.


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