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Album · 2010

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Undertow (4:49)
2. American Beauty (3:44)
3. Stranger In My Life (4:26)
4. Nobody Left To Blame (4:20)
5. Still Ain't Enough For Me (3:04)
6. Once Upon A Time (4:03)
7. As Far As I Can See (3:55)
8. All The Way Up (5:12)
9. I Won't Get In My Way (4:40)
10. Around The World (3:51)
11. I Get The Feeling (4:34)

Total Time 46:38


- Eric Martin / vocals
- Paul Gilbert / guitars
- Billy Sheehan / bass
- Pat Torpey / drums

About this release

January 21, 2011
Frontiers, Victor

Bonus track on Japanese and Korean editions:

Kill Me With A Kiss (5:59)

Bonus track on European and North American cd edition:

Unforgiven (4:16)

Thanks to progshine for the addition and Lynx33 for the updates

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MR. BIG WHAT IF... reviews

Specialists/collaborators reviews

I remember reading somewhere on the net few years back that there ain't no chance the original line-up of Mr.Big will be back together after all those disputes between members, but here we are, fast forward to 2011, they licked up what they spitted and presented us with a record full of 90s rockin' hooks that made them famous, not to mention the additional acoustic live album and worldwide shows, and even though the songs aren't as strong as what it used to be, this is still a pretty damn fine album.

Eric Martin still sounds spectacular, his youthful age-defying vocal is one of the highlights, but Mr.Big is a balance band, each member provided an above-average performance that's very much enjoyable. 'Undertow' and 'All The Way Up', these two singles are definitely the best tracks here. They seem to always know how to expertly pick songs that are casual-fans-friendly, catchy, and has potential to become concert regulars, but never underestimate the other brilliant songs such as 'Stranger In My Life', 'I Won't Get In My Way', and 'Around The World'.

Too bad on some songs, they focus mainly on the technical display and not the songs, and 'Nobody Left To Blame' and 'Once Upon A Time' are the perfect examples. 'American Beauty' and 'I Get The Feeling', also the bonus track, 'Unforgiven', also sounds average to me. However, I need to mention that 'Still Ain't Enough For Me' and 'As Far As I Can See' are growing better and love these two, even though it's not really an immediate songs. The production is also acceptable but don't know if it's only me, it sounds like they're playing inside an empty dusty barn, a bit drowny on the vocal part, but wasn't a problem at all, it just gives me a different listening atmosphere.

'What If' is a nice comeback and to see the band in a great shape together is a relief, at least in the few years to come, we still have high hopes for two or three more albums with a usual compilation and live albums throw in the middle, followed by some concerts. My single complain is that irritating flying pig on the front cover, don't know what were they thinking, but remember : never judge a book by its crappy cover!

Members reviews

Coffin Joe
...What if pigs could fly?...

Ok. first off I have to admit, the only thing I know about Mr. Big is they had a huge hit with "To be with you" in 1991. That was around the time, where I was a fat kid dreaming about making out with the hot girl of our class, and all the boys and girls wanted to look like they just walked off Beverly Hills 90210 wearing 501's and white sneakers. I get the same 90's flashback listening through Mr. Big's latest record "What if".

Every track is nicely produced, got nice hooks, and that good old 90's nice rock n' roll attitude. And maybe everything gets a little too nice along the way. The album lacks some edge or roughness to it, it's just too damn radio friendly, and that's a bit of a shame, because these guys can really play their ass off

The tracks that really stands out are Still ain't enough for me, I won't get in my way & Around the world. Especially Around the world showcases the talent Mr Big's got with some really intense bass and guitar work.

Overall it's a solid rock album, with really great guitarsolos and riff's on it, and definitely something you could listen to in your car. So if you want to timetravel back to the 90's, and you don't have access to a DeLorean fully equipped with a flux condensator, Mr. Big is a great alternative. If you DO own a DeLorean please look me up, 'cause I would kill for a ride.

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