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DREAM THEATER - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Progressive Metal | review permalink
DR. SIN - Brutal Heavy Metal
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THE DARKNESS - Permission to Land Hard Rock
THE DARKNESS - One Way Ticket to Hell... And Back Hard Rock
PAIN OF SALVATION - BE Progressive Metal
ALICE IN CHAINS - MTV Unplugged Non-Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Machine Head Hard Rock
FAITH NO MORE - Album Of The Year Alternative Metal
GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite For Destruction Hard Rock
KISS - Kiss Hard Rock
KISS - Revenge Hard Rock
KISS - Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions Hard Rock
KISS - MTV Unplugged Non-Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin IV Hard Rock
MIND'S EYE - A Gentleman's Hurricane Progressive Metal
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ORPHANED LAND - Mabool: The Story of the Three Sons of Seven Folk Metal
RUSH - Moving Pictures Hard Rock
RUSH - Beyond the Lighted Stage Hard Rock | review permalink

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 180 3.83
2 Progressive Metal 111 3.57
3 Heavy Metal 97 3.47
4 Non-Metal 59 3.36
5 Thrash Metal 52 3.45
6 Power Metal 52 3.36
7 Proto-Metal 35 3.43
8 Alternative Metal 30 3.83
9 Heavy Alternative Rock 29 3.97
10 Death Metal 28 3.11
11 Metal Related 17 3.79
12 Glam Metal 14 2.93
13 Nu Metal 14 2.57
14 Black Metal 12 2.71
15 Crossover Thrash 11 3.91
16 NWoBHM 10 3.75
17 Symphonic Metal 10 2.35
18 Hardcore Punk 9 3.22
19 Melodic Death Metal 8 3.44
20 Grindcore 6 2.42
21 Groove Metal 6 4.17
22 Gothic Metal 5 3.10
23 Heavy Psych 5 3.10
24 Industrial Metal 3 3.00
25 Melodic Black Metal 3 3.67
26 Neoclassical metal 3 2.83
27 Folk Metal 3 3.50
28 Funk Metal 3 4.00
29 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 3 3.33
30 Technical Death Metal 3 3.67
31 Stoner Metal 2 3.00
32 Avant-garde Metal 2 3.00
33 Brutal Death Metal 2 3.50
34 Rap Metal 2 4.50
35 Sludge Metal 1 3.00
36 Metalcore 1 3.50
37 Cybergrind 1 2.00
38 Atmospheric Black Metal 1 3.50
39 Doom Metal 1 2.00
40 Goregrind 1 3.00
41 Stoner Rock 1 3.50
42 Technical Thrash Metal 1 4.00
43 Traditional Doom Metal 1 3.00
44 US Power Metal 1 3.50

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Album · 2011 · Heavy Metal
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It is not every day that we found great Hard Rock/Heavy metal albums sung in Portuguese. But here you go: Carro Bomba, from São Paulo, Brazil!

Usually Heavy Metal, at least in Brazil, is synonymous with imitating everything that Iron Maiden did. This includes the clothes, the riffs and the lyrics, which are generally shameful, to say the least.

Not here! Carcaça has a heavy, ripped, nervous, angry sound and the lyrics are highly intelligent, talking about daily life and social criticisms without falling into 'boremdoness' and that are pertinent.

Another thing that stands out, a lot, in this fourth album of Carro Bomba are the vocals of Rogério Fernandes! With his tone à la Ronnie James Dio he does not exaggerate in high notes (a fatal error and very common in bands of the genre) but also does not exaggerate in the 'torn' moments of his voice!

Perfect balance between vocal and powerful instrumental. Basically the best album released on Brazilian soil in this genre!

The record is available at ONERPM ( for a very cheap price and is worth it!

Go for it, you know you want to!

VIRGIN BLACK Requiem: Mezzo Forte

Album · 2007 · Gothic Metal
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Australian Gothic Metal... those words alone should have been enough for me to know I should move away from such a band like Virgin Black (what a fantastic and original name, right!?)!

Gothic Metal for me is the most unbearable atrocity that music, and Metal, has ever invented. The guy who decided that it was a good idea to join Heavy Metal with classical music, 'erudite' singers (read erudite with a lot of irony) and the whole 'Goticity' thing should burn at the stake.

But I must say that "Requiem: Mezzo Forte" is not the worst record I've ever heard in this genre (the title goes to anything Leaves' Eyes has ever recorded), being very well produced and full of interesting moments. Truth is that the album has very little Gothic Metal in it, it's more like something Therion would do, more Symphonic Metal with Doom Metal blasts I guess. But there is just no way, in the end, that this is any good in the end. You listen to it and it doesn't make you listen again, ever!

This style of Metal just doesn't do anything for me. What fans of the genre take for beauty I see only nonstop boredom. But I recognize the Australians' effort and maybe fans of the genre will like it.


Album · 2012 · Atmospheric Black Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Black Metal, in general, is a genre that does not work for me. Several times I tried to listen to the classic bands of the genre and never really liked anything. What is considered the nature of the genre (the precarious, amateur and coarse production) is for me a destruction of the ears.

I had no idea who Panopticon was, and I thought 'Kentucky' was one of those one-man-band thing that Black Metal has so much. When I was reading about the album I saw that people use the term 'Atmospheric Black Metal' for it (a pompous name that it means not so violent). However, 'Kentucky' is different! The production is not so bad and for Black Metal standards is even good. But not only that, Austin L. Lunn (the name behind the project) tried to merge Black Metal with ... Bluegrass ...

Okay, I admit, that caught my attention alone. But the truth is that 'Kentucky' does not mix both genres at all. I hoped Black Metal would be overrun by banjos and acoustic guitars, what we have instead are Bluegrass vignettes between the Black Metal tracks, which makes the album clumsy at times. There is not a fusion of the two genres, what we have, in fact, are two genres in the same album, we could even separate the album in Part 1 and part 2, who likes Black Metal hears one part, who likes Country another.

But in the end Kentucky surprised me, I (save rare exceptions) had never managed to make sense of Black Metal (still don't), and it's the first time a record of the genre has provoked a feeling that is not dislike. Actually 'Kentucky' is a good record. It suffers from the evil of the century, it is too long, it should have been shorter, no fillers, because Black Metal can be very tiring.

But it's worth a listen, even just out of curiosity.

POISON Open Up And Say... Ahh!

Album · 1988 · Glam Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
First of all let me get this out of the way: You do not even have to read an interview with guitarist CC Deville or hear him talking about his influences to know that he was one of those American teenagers obsessed with Kiss (in a Detrot Rock City film style), just listen to his guitar sound and his riffs to see it clearly.

I confess that I have an absurd preconception about this Hair Metal thing. I have not yet heard a single decent record from this 'genre', but I keep trying, I guess. The only records I remember that I have somewhat enjoyed are The Final Countdown (Europe) and Screw It! (Danger Danger). Everything else I heard does not do anything for me. The almost Pop production of the 80s weights on that factor, and on several occasions, Metal does not even exist.

'Open Up and Say ... Ahh!', Poison's second record, does not change my mind, it's an ok record if it's playing as background music in some friends' meeting or at that Rock Bar you went for a beer, and that's all. 'Nothin' But A Good Time 'is a pretty cool track, and' Every Rose Has Its Thorn 'is the obligatory ballad of the record (every Hair Metal album needs a 'power ballad', right).

Like I said, in the end, forgettable after just one listen.

WOLF Evil Star

Album · 2004 · Heavy Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
I had no idea that this band from Sweden existed, as I started my 'Evil Star' audition on Deezer the first thing I notice is that Niklas Olsson could be the new Rush vocalist, such a resemblance to Geddy Lee's voice.

If the band name (there are at least 10 bands with the same name) does not show any originality, neither does the sound. The band plays Heavy Metal, in the classic shape of the 80's Metal. The difference being the previously mentioned vocal. But look, in some cases the lack of originality may not be a negative thing (well well, classic bands like Ramones, AC/DC and Motorhead did not record the same album 20 times?!?), and Wolf, despite sounding similar to 300 other bands, is a good surprise. Well played, well composed and full of will.

It's true that the vocals, too loud all the time (in a King Diamond style sometimes), can tire the experience hearing in some parts. But overall the album has a strong grip and holds you from start to finish.

Great discovery!

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