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Album · 2003


1. Needled 24/7 (4:08)
2. Sixpounder (3:24)
3. Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded) (4:12)
4. Bodom Beach Terror (4:35)
5. Angels Don't Kill (5:13)
6. Triple Corpse Hammerblow (4:06)
7. You're Better Off Dead (4:11)
8. Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood (3:24)
9. Hate Crew Deathroll (3:36)
10. Silent Scream (6:32)

Total Time: 43:25


- Alexi Laiho / vocals, lead guitar
- Alexander Kuoppala / rhythm guitar
- Janne Wirman / keyboards
- Henkka Seppälä / bass
- Jaska Raatikainen / drums

About this release

Spinefarm, Century Media, January 6, 2003.

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Hate Crew Deathroll, from 2003, is the fourth full-length studio album by the Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Children Of Bodom. It was something of a breakthrough album for the band, and is generally regarded by a large section of the fanbase as one of their best albums. If you already like the band, then it is a must-have album. If you are a new fan, it’s a good place to start.

The sound of the record is a highly melodic, but extremely aggressively played, and mostly high-speed mixture of Power Metal sounding and Thrash Metal sounding riffs, with Death and Black Metal influenced vocals, and unconventional keyboard sounds. There is an absolute ton of virtuosic guitar solos, often dual or trading off against keyboard solos.

Luckily, not only does this record have the style absolutely nailed, but the songwriting is of a high standard too. Highlights include the furious opener ‘Needled 24/7,’ the memorable ‘Sixpounder,’ as well as the slower ‘Angel’s Don’t Kill’ and the Title-Track ‘Hate Crew Deathroll.’

Overall; Hate Crew Deathroll is a brilliant, well written and musically impressive Metal album in general, and if you like speedy double-kicks, virtuosic lead guitar work, Power Metal, Thrash Metal or any other bands that get labeled Melodic Death Metal, then this may definitely be of interest to you.
I don't like cheese...the dairy product...but when cheesy music comes my way...I do kind of like it.

Now I'm not admitting to being a Cheesaholic, cause you can get your bad cheese and your good cheese. Now this cheese is the good cheese.

After Bodoms first 4 albums, the really did make a name for themselves. And as they progressed, their music was getting easier and easier to listen to in contemporary terms. And this album really pushed them into more listenable terms.

Adopting a more melodic style, with some really catchy chorus' and a bigger sound...these guys made some really cheesy songs. And I mean that in the nicest way possible

Originally a melodic death metal band, with black metal influences, and big symphonic keyboards, the band adopted more modern influences, with power metal, metalcore, and basic pop music to make some really interesting songs. Now this album isn't full of strophic 3 minute pop songs. No, in fact, the songs take their own loveable mutated form. With Yngwie influenced instrumental passages, big sing along chorus, homage to 80's metal, outlandish guitar and keyboard solos, the band become more of a light hearted affair.

And even these songs are cheesy, their still really unique. And the best thing about this album is that its such fun to listen to. And not only that, you can tell the band really enjoyed making these songs, and really enjoyed playing and messing around with them. Its passionate, yet is contemporary, which for me is the perfect unison between artistry and entertainment.

As usual, Alexi's vocals are rhaspy and screamy. Lyrically the album is the same as it always is, with songs about violence...and violence...and violence...and violence...and angels...and violence. To be honest you wouldn't really care what Alexi is saying half the time. For all I know he could be meowing like a cat in heat. Oh, and instrumentally, the band is always on top of their game.

1. Needled 24/7 – Ok, now this song is the song that marks their dramatic change. And to be honest, if you are gonna make a change, you might as well make as rocking a tune as this one. Infectiously catchy with one great chorus. Great instrumentation and some killer riffs. Theirs also something cool about the lyrics too. One of their most classic songs in my opinion. 10/10

2. Sixpounder – I love the keyboards in this song. Something about them reminds me of Dream Theater. There is some really killer head-banging moments in this song. Some great instrumentation in this song. There is something pretty cheesy about this song, but to be honest, its just a really killer song (even the silly depend voice in the chorus is amazing...but funny as well haha). 9/10

3. Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded) – The intro is very 80's. OK, the song is pretty cheesy, especially with the gang vocal chorus, but you have to love it. The changes throughout are pretty cool too, and really do surprise you. Great instrumental work, especially the neo classical instrumental sounding bit. I was surprised at how much I actually like this song, even though I've heard it loads of times. 9/10

4. Bodom Beach Terror – One of the greatest metal intros of all time in my opinion. It's a bit of a Carcass rip off, and yes bit cheesy, but you can't help but love it. Some of the lyrics aren't the best, and the song is a major cheese feast at times, but I have to admit, you can't help but bang your head to a lot of the parts. I also love the fast paced style of Alexi's vocals. 8/10

5. Angel's Don't Kill – One of the more slower and darker Bodom songs. Great main riff. The melodic guitar lines are also really beautiful at times. At times the song is really interesting, and then at times it's a bit meh, but to be honest, the interesting bits make up for the slightly boring moments, and even then the boring moments arent that bad. 7/10

6. Triple Corpse Hammerblow -There is something very The Cure about the intro of this. Very gothicy, yet with a poppy side. The main riff remind me of Dragonforce (who are the kings of cheese anyway). Some really killer instrumentation. Great chorus, even though it's very simple.9/10

7. You're Better Off Dead – Everyone knows that symphonic stabs are some of the most cheesiest things to put in a song. Ok, this song is pretty killer, and I know I have mentioned cheese too much in this review...but you have to admit...that chorus is some major cheese. None the less, a pretty kick ass song. 8/10

8. Lil' Bloodred Riding Hood – What a cheesy name for a song (I wonder why no one has thought of Ba Ba Black Metal Sheep). This song seems a bit filler, but, when the instumental section comes in, it all makes sense. In fact this song should have just stayed an instrumental, cause its fine without the vocaled fact I forget them already. 7/10

9. Hate Crew Deathroll – I wonder why this song wasn't earlier on in the album, cause it is one of the best song on the album. And yes, the Pantera reference and almost rip off to them is noticeable (although I actually like it, it's almost like a sign of respect, so don't go complaining about plagiarism yet). Great way to end the album, especially cause this is one of the best songs on it. A great chorus too, and riffs that would melt your face off. Great way to end the album in my opinion. 10/10

CONCLUSION: Not their strongest, but still pretty damn good. I'm not the world biggest Bodem fan, so to actually give it a score like this really is an honour for me, cause they made such a kick ass album (even though it is very cheesy).

Children Of Bodom's 2003 album, Hate Crew Deathroll, is a great sounding album, thats for sure.

Some of the songs:

Needled 24/7: Good upbeat metal song, kickass solo.

Sixpounder: The song starts of a bit slower, but when it really kicks in after 30 seconds, it kick in hard. I love Alexi's "666" scream.

Bodom Beach Terror: I just love the drums on this song, the intro is pretty kickass, and the fills in the middle of the song to.

Hate Crew Deathroll: The title track is without doubt the best track on the album. The hate crew singing section is pretty catchy, and Alexi once again plays a kickass crazy solo here.

Production on the album is solid, not as good as Follow The Reaper in my opinion. But it does the job, and it does it good.

3.5 stars

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