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Album · 2005

Filed under Glam Metal


1. Knokk 'em Down (3:36)
2. Riot in Everyone (3:57)
3. Queen Obscene / 69 Shots (3:45)
4. Breakin' the Chainz (3:02)
5. Needle in Your Eye (3:48)
6. Tikket (3:33)
7. Out of Line (3:43)
8. It's a Miracle (3:30)
9. Straight Outta Hell (2:59)
10. Back on Trakk (3:40)

Total Time: 35:33


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Crashdiet hailed from Sweden where Backyard Babies and Shotgun Messiah became the country's household names. This young sleaze army hoarded a respectable reputation after "Rest In Sleaze" was released in 2005 and received an admirable appreciation from the glam community. They delivered a colossal megablasting glam metal in the veins of Motley Crue, Ratt, and Guns N' Roses.

The gate to the wonderland was opened with "Knokk Em Down", like a nuclear bomb drop, the music exploded and radiates a deafening sleaze energy with Lepard's voice roaring wild like a prowler seeking his prey. Soon after that, the main attraction came with "Riot In Everyone" burst high with pounding bass lines and screaming siren, followed by an anthemic spirit-burner song of "Queen Obscene". "Breaking The Chains" and "It's A Miracle" are both a lovable commercial slab with a raw twist and joyous melody which only Crashdiet can do. I sense a hint of cruel version of youthful Ratt collided with the violent punky GNR in the mix of "Tikket", definitely a winner that'll made you cry in ecstasy.

The climax of the album are on the last two tracks. "Straight Outta Hell", probably the heaviest load, a pure heavy metal crack with a trace of Judas Priest style. "Back On Trakk" is even more interesting, the chords were empowered with an Iron Maiden-ish riffage and backed with a Def Leppard harmonic chant.

It's a great loss to the scene when everyone was shocked with Lepard's suicidal death in 2006, he's only 26 that time when he had so much in front of him, but life's a bitch sometimes. His place was replaced by Olliver Twisted (which later went on to form Reckless Love) before Simon Cruz jumped in to be their third singer and released "Generation Wild" in 2010. "Rest In Sleaze" is truly an epic debut with a very consistent and remarkable songwriting package, a legacy that defined a real deal of sleaze metal perfection. Buy at all cost!

Members reviews

Bomb Brigade
R.I.P. Dave Lepard. A very interesting band,to say the least.A potential heir to the throne of glam rock?,with new vocalist Simon Cruz firmly in place.The new material possesses a very powerful and edgy sound,not what is found on this earlier effort,the band's debut disc. Although Crash Diet hones its chops,recrafting early Motley,Ratt,and other American glam counterparts tuneage,and the production is really nice here,the band fails to deliver any truly memorable,stand out songs.Both lyrically and musically,the band tries again and again,yet continues to fall just short of true greatness. From these earlier efforts,such as IT'S A MIRACLE or BREAKIN' THE CHAINS,it is easy to see why the band chose H.Olliver Twisted (Reckless Love)as the initial replacement after the unfortunate and untimely passing of Dave Lepard.Twisted shares the same poppiness that excudes from these songs.RIOT IN EVERYONE,although a bit edier,again falls short in its delivery of a true and potent glam rock offering. Although the band deserves an A for their effort in keeping the glam scene alive,it's sad to see them unable to deliver the hooks to back up their looks,although definitely a band to keep your eye on and to watch for in the very near future.I sense great things to come!

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