AYREON — Electric Castle Live and Other Tales

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AYREON - Electric Castle Live and Other Tales cover
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Movie · 2020

Filed under Progressive Metal


1. Welcome To The New Dimension (3:09)
2. Narration: Isis And Osiris (0:35)
3. Isis And Osiris (10:15)
4. Narration: Amazing Flight (0:46)
5. Amazing Flight (7:39)
6. Narration: Time Beyond Time (0:20)
7. Time Beyond Time (6:10)
8. The Decision Tree (5:44)
9. Narration: Tunnel Of Light (0:26)
10. Tunnel Of Light (4:02)
11. Narration: Across The Rainbow Bridge (0:42)
12. Across The Rainbow Bridge (5:23)
13. Narration: The Garden Of Emotions (0:26)
14. The Garden Of Emotions (8:26)
15. Narration: Valley Of The Queens (0:26)
16. Valley Of The Queens (3:52)
17. Narration: The Castle Hall (0:45)
18. The Castle Hall (4:59)
19. Narration: Tower Of Hope (0:31)
20. Tower Of Hope (5:01)
21. Narration: Cosmic Fusion (0:30)
22. Cosmic Fusion (6:21)
23. Robby Valentine (4:52)
24. Narration: The Mirror Maze (0:45)
25. The Mirror Maze (6:06)
26. Narration: Evil Devolution (0:34)
27. Evil Devolution (4:26)
28. Narration: The Two Gates (0:55)
29. The Two Gates (5:58)
30. Forever Of The Stars (1:39)
31. Another Time, Another Space (6:18)
32. Other Tales Annoucement (0:48)
33. Shores Of India (The Gentle Storm Cover) (4:35)
34. Ashes (Ambeon Cover) (5:06)
35. Out In The Real World (Stream Of Passion Cover) (4:01)
36. Twisted Coil (Guilt Machine Cover) (9:18)
37. Kayleigh (Marillion Cover) (4:14)
38. Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin (4:36)
39. Songs Of The Ocean (Star One Cover) (5:42)

Total Time 146:21


- Arjen Anthony Lucassen / Vocals (as The Hippie), Guitars (on Songs of the Ocean)
- Ed Warby / Drums

Guest/Session Musicians:
- Michael Mills / Presenter
- Anneke van Giersbergen / Vocals (as The Egyptian)
- Damian Wilson / Vocals (as The Knight)
- Dianne van Giersbergen / Backing Vocals, Vocals (Songs of the Ocean)
- Edward Reekers / Vocals (as The Futureman)
- Edwin Balogh / Vocals (as The Roman)
- Fish / Vocals (as The Highlander)
- George Oosthoek / Vocals (as Death)
- Jan Willem Ketelaers / Backing Vocals
- John "Jaycee" Cuijpers / Vocals (as The Barbarian)
- Marcela Bovio / Backing Vocals, Vocals (on Out in the Real World & Songs of the Ocean)
- Mark Jansen / Vocals (as Death)
- Robert Soeterboek / Vocals (on Songs of the Ocean)
- Simone Simons / Vocals (as The Indian)
- Johan van Stratum / Bass
- Joost van den Broek / Keyboards
- Marcel Singor / Guitars
- Ferry Duijsens / Guitars
- Bob Wijtsma / Guitars
- Ben Mathot / Violin
- Jurriaan Westerveld / Cello
- Robby Valentine / Piano
- Thijs van Leer / Flute
- John de Lancie / Narration (as Forever of the Stars)

About this release

Release date: March 27th, 2020
Label: Music Theories Recordings
Format: Blu-Ray, DVD

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Electric Castle Live and Other Tales (2020) is a live release by Dutch progressive rock/metal project Ayreon. It is a documentation of the second run of official live Ayreon shows following the Ayreon Universe shows and was recorded in Tilburg in September 2019. While the prior Ayreon Universe was a retrospective show, Electric Castle live is a stage version of Ayreon's breakthrough album Into the Electric Castle (1998) with an assortment of songs from other Arjen Anthony Lucassen projects and one cover song.

Like with Ayreon Universe Arjen Lucassen isn't performing himself as part of the live band, but he does reprise his original vocalist role as the Hippie from Into the Electric Castle so is generally on stage more often on this live release than he was on the former. Speaking of the cast most of the vocalists from the original album have returned to their roles on Electric Castle Live; Fish (ex-Marillion) as the Highlander, Damian Wilson (ex-Threshold, Headspace) as the Knight, Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering, Vuur) as the Egyptian, Edward Reekers (ex-Kayak) as the Futureman, Edwin Balogh (ex-Tamás Szekeres) as the Roman and George Oosthoek (ex-Orphanage, MaYaN) as one of the voices of Death. Replacement cast members for unavailable vocalists are Simon Simons (Epica) as the Indian (replacing Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)), John 'Jaycee' Cuijpers (Praying Mantis) as the Barbarian (replacing Jay van Feggelen (ex-Bodine)) and Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYaN) as the other voice of Death (replacing Robert Westerholt (Within Temptation)). The vocalists replacements are well chosen and you'd be forgiven for mistaking them for those who original sang their parts. Of course there is one person I have no mentioned yet, the most notable of the re-casts: actor John de Lancie (best known as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation) replacing Peter Daltrey as 'Forever' of the Stars, complete with new narration. Marcela Bovio (ex-Stream of Passion), Jan Willem Ketelaers (Knight Are) and Dianne van Giersbergen (ex-Xandria) make up a trio of backing vocalists.

Some of the stage musicians are the same as on Ayreon Universe but with some changes that were likely due to availability from their usual projects. Of course Ed Warby is there on drums and Joost van den Broek on keyboards, with a triple guitar setup of Ferry Duijsens (Vuur), Bob Wijtsma (Ex Libris) and Marcel Singor (Kayak), with Johan van Stratum on the bass. Ayreon regular Ben Mathot is on violin with cello performed by newcomer Jurriaan Westerveld. The most noted guest performer is of course Thijs van Leer of Focus, just as on the original album. He makes his entrance during Amazing Flight and continues to appear both through the album show and the Other Tales segment.

The narration change is the biggest difference that the live version of Into the Electric Castle has to the original. The songs themselves are faithfully performed, more so than much of the material on Ayreon Universe was, with minimal other changes to the flow of the album. Some other changes are the inclusion of a piano solo by guest musician Robby Valentine after Cosmic Fusion; some backing death growls on The Castle Hall and some vocal alternations to include Fish on the final song Another Time, Another Space. Nothing changed is out of place and makes the performance unique from the original. In some ways de Lancie's narration is faithful to Daltrey's original, but is a little jarring at first when you're like me and are so familiar with the original that anything else seems wrong to start with. By the time the show is over though, I've come to realise that the de Lancie narration is in some ways a improvement on the original, especially for the live environment.

The show isn't over with Into the Electric Castle though, as there is more to come. After a quick pre-recorded video introduction by Mike Mills (Toehinder) in character as Th-1 from The Source (2017), the other projects of Arjen Lucassen are worked through: The Gentle Storm and the heavy version of Shores of India (sung of course by original vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen), Stream of Passion's Out in the Real World (with Marcela Bovio on vocals), Ambeon's Ashes (with Simone Simons on vocals), Guilt Machine's Twisted Coil (with Damian Wilson on vocals), a cover of Marillion's Kayleigh (with Fish on vocals, of course), Arjen's solo album Lost in the New Real and after a speech by Lucassen and Joost van den Broek, Star One's Songs of the Ocean as an encore with Arjen on guitar and primary vocals by Robert Soeterboek (making his first and only appearance during the show), Dianne van Giersbergen, Marcela Bovio and Damian Wilson before everyone involved in the show comes out on stage for a climatic sing-alone finale. The extra songs allow some Lucassen work that wasn't featured on Ayreon Universe to also get an airing. The total show is over two and a half hours long, so there's a lot of value for money to be had here.

Where Ayreon Universe gave the overall better airing of the Ayreon catalogue in the live environment, a stage show of a complete album is where the project's music really comes to life. The main cast of singers are all dressed up as their characters, with Damian Wilson coming out in full knightly armour and wielding a sword being the best costume, while Oosthoek and Jansen don black metal style corpse paint in the role of Death. The stage is done up as a castle set, though sadly it doesn't look like the Electric Castle from the original album's cover, but that's probably for production reasons: the castle set is set up to its battlements can be used by the vocalists and musicians as well as the main stage.

So Ayreon Universe or Electric Castle Live? There's no easy answer to that question. Except perhaps to say, both. Once again this is an essential live release from the project that I once thought would never have true live releases. This is especially essential if you're as big a fan of Into the Electric Castle as I am (it's my favourite album of all time) and it's clear that more Ayreon albums deserve this kind of attention.

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