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AXEL RUDI PELL - The Ballads Heavy Metal | review permalink
U.D.O. - Holy Heavy Metal | review permalink
KING DIAMOND - The Dark Sides Heavy Metal | review permalink
ATOMIC ROOSTER - Rarities Hard Rock | review permalink
DEMONS & WIZARDS - Demons & Wizards US Power Metal | review permalink

Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 3 3.83
2 US Power Metal 1 3.00
3 Hard Rock 1 3.00

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DEMONS & WIZARDS Demons & Wizards

Album · 2000 · US Power Metal
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I do not look for excuses. When "Demons & Wizards" was published it did not like it as I would have had to pleasure. Basically this mix between Iced Earth and Blind Guardian it was successful only in two songs, on first hearing: "Heaven Denies", a great mix of Iced Earth and Blind Guardian, Powerful, technical and emotional and in "Poor Man's Crusade", an almost Hard Rock mix between Blind Guardian and Iced Earth. And Today? I remain of the same idea. Beautiful music. Do not just take the granitic riffs of Iced Earth and add them to the rhythm of Blind Guardian (or vice versa)to really make this a winning musical proposal. Hansi Kürsch and Jon Schaffer are two genes but underestimated the fact that the two former band are not complementary between them. To the public he was looking for Power Metal at all costs the proposal was Ok. For those looking for beautiful music, able to make their mark for the eternity, Demons & Wizards was just another band that rode the current fashion. As a side project deserved to be more personal, and musical level. Unfortunately it was only a good mix of Iced Earth and Blind Guardian.

U.D.O. Holy

Album · 1999 · Heavy Metal
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"Holy" is an album that I always listen willingly. It is not a masterpiece, this seventh album by U.D.O.. The biggest flaw (perhaps the only) is the use of a drum machine. In general "Holy" is a dip in the 80's. The music, in fact, is a typical Traditional Heavy Metal, quiet and melodic, with an album of U.D.O. It can be. Sincerely, rather than on individual songs, I shall focus to a general discussion. Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola are two excellent guitarists who play here parts uncomplicated but technical. They form a single entity with Udo Dirkschneider because they wrote music and lyrics really complementary, so that the lack of a component makes the useless and ugly. Nothing is out of place. There is a unity that is scary. The songs are immediately in the brain. "Shout It Out" is the most melodic and Hard Rock. "Back Off" is a melodic Speed Metal. However, both already on first listen have always resonated in the mind.

So, in conclusion, "Holy" is a great album. Great to listen to in the car. It is melodic but powerful. It is technical but immediate. Not a masterpiece. But, I repeat: "Holy" is a great album. That with each listen like more and more.


Boxset / Compilation · 1993 · Heavy Metal
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While Malmsteen is a pure imitator in neoclassical version of Blackmore A. R. Pell retrieves the blues and romantic side of Blackmore but with a true personal style. A. R. Pell, is a great writer of ballads, most in the wake of Uriah Heep that Deep Purple. However, he resumed here "Tearin' Out My Heart" dei Rainbow e "When A Blind Man Cries" dei Deep Purple, two Great ballads (and "Tearin' Out My Heart" It is too faithful to the original, unfortunately). Listen to "Your Life (Not Close Enough To Paradise)" is a real pleasure. This power ballad is the sum of what I would call power ballad:Built on power, it has a simple melody and full of emotion and a refrain that is printed in the mind from the first note. In this vein I also insert "You Want Love". To those who see A. R. Pell just an imitator of Blackmore would like to point out that his ballads They are closer to those of Uriah Heep, for the atmosphere and the building than to those of the Scorpions. Not to be found, in a ballad of return receipt Pell, the fact that each band of Traditional Heavy Metal wrote big power ballads, to enhance their singers.In a ballad of A. R. Pell you have to seek the pleasure of writing, playing and giving great music,because A. R. Pell wants to show how difficult it is to write ballads that do not get bored (And even in this it seems to me very close to Uriah Heep). If I love his Speed Metal songs (technically sublime for difficulty) but I find superb in technique and in writing also the guitar version of "Broken Heart". In fact, here's a warmth and a transport that I rarely find in a song by A. R. Pell. And all without trying to be technical or wanting to be superior to other axe-maen.

We do not call it "The Ballads" a pure compilation. Some versions or songs are unreleased. And this is enough for me to consider it an album. Of course, a particular album. But beautiful. Maybe not perfect and essential but not banal.


Boxset / Compilation · 2000 · Hard Rock
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"Rarities" is a compilation album of rare and unreleased material by the British rock band Atomic Rooster. As it is structured this compilation could be an album of Atomic Rooster. And no one could say that is not true!!! Demos, Radio ad, rare songs... The sound is good... John Du Cann has done a nice job. The songs/ tracks are generally good. Only that this compilation is heavy and unattractive. Because of this is the fact that there is no true Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. The music is only a Rock with Hard sound and heavy atmospheres. Good songs are: "Death Walks Behind You" (live studio version from 1981/ unreleased), "Do You Know Who’s Looking for You?" (demo version, 1980), "Don’t Lose Your Mind" (demo version, 1980), "End Of The Day" (demo version, 1981), "Lost In Space" (demo version, 1980), "Play It Again" (demo version, 1981) and "I Can’t Take No More" (live at the Marquee, 1980). These songs are little Heavy Metal jewelry. But, for the rest, the other tracks fail to excite me like they should.

This compilation is good, because is a compilation of rare demos, unreleased tracks, live tracks and radio ad. But, sincerely, it's nothing important. Unless you're a die-hard fan of atomic rooster.


EP · 1988 · Heavy Metal
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"The Dark Sides" is a good compilation. Short but good.If "Halloween" and "Them" are from "Fatal Portrait" and "Them", "No Presents for Christmas" is a single track (and as bonus track on limited edition of "Fatal Portrait"), "Shrine" is another single track (and as bonus track on limited edition on "Abigail")as "The Lake" is another single track (and as bonus track on limited edition on "Fatal Portrait". "Phone Call" is a previously unreleased track (this is only a fake phone call between King and his grandmother).

The music is good, obvioudly. Typical 80's Heavy Metal with good melodies and power. In my opinion is an excellent addition to a good 80's Metal collection or if you love Traditional Heavy Metal. But is clear that "The Dark Sides" isn't a compilation that introduce King Diamond in a good manner. Notwithstanding, because it also contains rare songs, And because is a good sidekick during a driving trip i think that this Ep/ compilation is good. But not essential.

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