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Fen is a UK post/experimental/atmospheric black metal act formed in 2006. The band is named after a region in England called The Fens where the band members grew up. The Fens is an area of marsh- and wetlands and is characterized by being a very flat and mysterious landscape. Fen find much of their inspiration in the atmosphere of this area.

Their music is based in harsh black metal but has lots of ambient and epic elements as well as elements from post rock/ metal.

The band currently consists of Grungyn (bass, vocals, 2006 -), The Watcher (vocals, guitars, keyboards, 2006 -) and Derwydd (drums, 2011 -). Former members are Theutus (drums, 2006 - 2011), Draugluin (keyboards, 2006 - 2010) and Æðelwalh (keyboards, 2010 - 2011).

The first release by the band was the Ancient Sorrow EP from 2007. Fen released an independent demo called Onset of Winter in November of 2008 before
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FEN Discography

FEN albums / top albums

FEN The Malediction Fields album cover 4.08 | 19 ratings
The Malediction Fields
Atmospheric Black Metal 2009
FEN Epoch album cover 4.20 | 36 ratings
Atmospheric Black Metal 2011
FEN Dustwalker album cover 3.72 | 13 ratings
Atmospheric Black Metal 2013
FEN Carrion Skies album cover 4.19 | 8 ratings
Carrion Skies
Atmospheric Black Metal 2014
FEN Winter album cover 4.36 | 15 ratings
Atmospheric Black Metal 2017
FEN The Dead Light album cover 4.50 | 2 ratings
The Dead Light
Atmospheric Black Metal 2019

FEN EPs & splits

FEN Ancient Sorrow album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Ancient Sorrow
Atmospheric Black Metal 2007
FEN Towards the Shores of the End album cover 4.00 | 4 ratings
Towards the Shores of the End
Atmospheric Black Metal 2011
FEN Call of Ashes II / Stone and Sea album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Call of Ashes II / Stone and Sea
Atmospheric Black Metal 2016
FEN Stone and Sea album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Stone and Sea
Atmospheric Black Metal 2019

FEN live albums

FEN demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

FEN Onset of Winter album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Onset of Winter
Atmospheric Black Metal 2008

FEN re-issues & compilations

FEN Album Discography album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Album Discography
Atmospheric Black Metal 2019

FEN singles (0)

FEN movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

FEN Reviews

FEN The Malediction Fields

Album · 2009 · Atmospheric Black Metal
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Though I found that the followup, Epoch, suffered from a little sophomore slump, I was impressed enough by Fen's Winter to want to go back and explore more of their discography, and I find that The Malediction Fields is a superior example of their early sound. It's still atmospheric black metal with some blackgaze elements, but what makes this a keeper for me is the slightly more prominent post-rock influences, making Fen a sort of UK answer to the likes of Agalloch. Deftly balancing harsher and more gentle musical stretches, Fen display a deft command of atmosphere here, which of course is the name of the game in this particular black metal subgenre.

FEN Winter

Album · 2017 · Atmospheric Black Metal
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I hadn't found Fen's second album, Epoch, to be much of a keeper, feeling like it was riding along on the blackgaze bandwagon without really contributing much of its own. I'm very glad to find that on hearing this latest release of theirs I'm much more taken by their sound; perhaps they've improved and matured in terms of their overall atmospheric black metal mastery, or perhaps it's that the album shows a bit more original ambition this time. Constructed of one continuous multi-part suite, it takes the listener as promised on a journey through chilly landscapes - and whilst winter-themed black metal isn't something there's a shortage of, Fen's baroque, intricate take on it is a real treat.

FEN Winter

Album · 2017 · Atmospheric Black Metal
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Kev Rowland

Formed in early 2006 with the goal of producing Atmospheric Black Metal that incorporates elements of post-rock, Fen have, since then, found themselves at the vanguard of a resurgent UK Black Metal scene. With an EP, four full length albums, several splits and compilations to their name so far, this their latest full-length album (released March 2017) is their most ambitious to date, as they have combined Black metal with many other styles to create something that is very special indeed. Conceptually, they have returned to the roots of their ideology, seeking to embrace and distil all that inspired them when they first set out on this path over a decade ago – that is, to invoke the ambience of bleak reflection and ancient sorrow that permeates the mysterious landscapes of the fens of Eastern England.

According to singer/guitarist The Watcher this album “very much describes a journey towards sanctity and redemption across a landscape steeped in mystery, hints of forgotten darkness and sorrows long since drowned in the distant past.” There are six songs, but the only real way to play this album is to put it on at the beginning and be prepared for seventy-five minutes of music that will take you well away from the comfortable world you reside in, to a place that is far more barren and bleak, filled with foggy atmosphere and danger. How just three guys (The Watcher is joined by Havenless on drums and Grungyn on bass and vocals) can produce something as majestic and over the top of as this is just beyond me. It shows that although the Scandinavian countries seemed to have very much a stranglehold on this type of music for a long time, that is no longer the case. Fen have been going for ten years now, and they are just maturing and getting even better with age. The record label describes this as “atmospheric Black Metal and delicate, spacious cleans, married with aspects of 70s progressive rock, shoegaze and doom metal”. I can make it much simpler than that. This is genius, nothing less.

FEN Winter

Album · 2017 · Atmospheric Black Metal
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The United Kingdom has become a bit of a little hotbed for a certain brand of atmospheric black metal act in the last ten years. There's a trio of bands that have long stood out that represent this niche; Winterfylleth, the sadly now defunct Wodensthrone and of course the subject of this review, Fen, who to my ears have proved themselves the pack leader for their high quality, consistent output all the way back to debut album The Malediction Fields (2009). The band, which has revolved around The Watcher (vocals, guitars) and Grungyn (bass, vocals) since their 2006 formation, have continued to impress with each release, with up until this point the standout for me being Dustwalker (2013), which a few years down the track I've started to think of as their underrated release. Now presenting their fifth album Winter (2017), I have little reason to think that Fen will be giving their fans anything to worry about.

And that's absolutely the case, naturally. Masters of their craft, on Winter we find Fen delivering a set of six tracks that flow into each other, making the experience like listening to one seventy-five minute song, an impression only further cemented by them being titled with Roman numerals, with the rest of their names in brackets, making them appear more like sub-titles. Each track breaks or at least gets very close to the ten minute barrier and includes the band's longest track yet, the 17:08 I (Pathway). The shortest is the last, VI (Sight), which still lasts for 9:44. Though broken up into these hefty chunks, each of which carries it's own feel and identity, Winter is an album that deserves your full attention from beginning to end without a pause and it's for that reason that I shan't mention any particular track as a clear highlight. Winter is the highlight.

Musically Winter blends many elements familiar to the Fen sound such as atmospheric black metal, post-rock and a mix of harsh and clean vocals. While they are not a band whose sound tends to vary too much between releases, the biggest shift in the past being between second album Epoch (2011) and Dustwalker when they dropped having a keyboardist in their line-up, meaning that Winter is unmistakeably the work of Fen, they have never been a 'heard one, heard them all' kind of band and that's especially true of this album as it finds Fen adding more progressive metal airs to their sound, with the album featuring some riffs of added complexity compared to the blackened atmosphere that their genre typically serves up. I (Pathway) is quite noticeable for this and is quite a direct progressive black metal sounding section of the album for a good chunk of its length, while other tracks tread more familiar ground.

A long album such as Winter has every chance of coming across as overwhelming or even simply being too much of a good thing. That is not the case here. Like other Fen albums the first impression was incredibly positive and further listens have only shown the album to keep on giving the more it is explored. Speaking as someone who has loved all of Fen's prior work, to my ears Winter is on a whole other level. An ambitious release and one that the trio pull off smoothly and with finesse. For my money, this is the best album from Fen yet.

FEN Dustwalker

Album · 2013 · Atmospheric Black Metal
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"Dustwalker" is the 3rd full-length studio album by UK black metal/shoegaze act Fen. The album was released through code666 in January 2013. Since the release of "Epoch (2011)" drummer Theutus has been replaced by Derwydd and keyboard player Æðelwalh has left the band. As a consequence "Dustwalker" was recorded as a trio consisting of Derwydd (drums), The Watcher (lead vocals, guitars) and Grungyn (bass, vocals).

...the new trio format and the lack of a keyboard player replacement, have quite a bit of impact on how "Dustwalker" sounds compared to the first two albums. But then again, the basic core of the band´s music is still intact and you are never in doubt that it is Fen you´re listening to. I´d say "Dustwalker" leans a bit more toward the shoegaze part of Fen´s sound, but there are still several raw yet atmosperic black metal parts on the album too. The epic majestic element that was often created with the use of keyboards on the first couple of albums, is not as prominent on "Dustwalker", but I´d still call the music epic albeit in a slightly different way. The vocals alternate between raspy black metal type vocals and melancholic clean vocals. It´s still the influence from artists like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive that are most prominent in the music (of course paired with an atmospheric and raw black metal sound) but the vocal delivery in "Hands of Dust" also brings Joy Division into the picture as an influence.

The organic and raw sound production suits the music perfectly and proves to be another asset to an already great album release by Fen. The tracks are generally very long (most of them between 7 and 13 minutes long) and the 66:48 minutes long album requires both patience and many spins before all details unveil themselves. It will probably be debated among fans if they prefer they "old" sound with the dominant synths or the more organic and simple three-piece sound of "Dustwalker". Personally it took some getting used to, but upon conclusion I think it´s great that Fen have opted for a slightly different musical approach this time around. Both because it works really well but also because it makes "Dustwalker" stand out from their first two albums. A 4 - 4.5 star (85%) rating is deserved.

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