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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 52 3.65
2 Progressive Metal 52 3.98
3 Heavy Metal 46 3.53
4 Black Metal 40 3.80
5 Power Metal 39 3.60
6 Death Metal 37 4.00
7 Thrash Metal 30 3.67
8 Melodic Death Metal 16 4.19
9 Metalcore 14 3.57
10 Alternative Metal 14 3.43
11 Folk Metal 11 3.77
12 Technical Death Metal 11 3.86
13 Doom Metal 10 3.35
14 Metal Related 8 4.38
15 Brutal Death Metal 8 4.06
16 Symphonic Metal 8 3.75
17 Deathcore 7 4.07
18 Glam Metal 6 3.58
19 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 6 3.58
20 Melodic Black Metal 6 3.67
21 Non-Metal 5 4.00
22 Groove Metal 5 4.00
23 US Power Metal 5 3.70
24 Atmospheric Black Metal 4 4.00
25 Avant-garde Metal 3 3.17
26 Crossover Thrash 3 3.33
27 Death-Doom Metal 3 4.17
28 Hardcore Punk 3 3.33
29 Melodic Metalcore 3 4.00
30 Heavy Psych 3 4.00
31 Industrial Metal 3 3.50
32 Speed Metal 3 3.00
33 Stoner Metal 3 3.83
34 Stoner Rock 3 4.33
35 Symphonic Black Metal 3 4.83
36 NWoBHM 2 4.00
37 Sludge Metal 2 2.75
38 Gothic Metal 2 3.75
39 Grindcore 1 3.50
40 Funeral Doom Metal 1 4.00
41 Depressive Black Metal 1 2.00
42 Death 'n' Roll 1 2.50
43 Pagan Black Metal 1 3.00
44 Trance Metal 1 2.50

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MEMORIAM Requiem for Mankind

Album · 2019 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Memoriam were originally formed by singer Karl Willetts (Bolt Thrower) to fill the void left by the death of his bandmate, drummer Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns, and the new project was formed with old mates drummer Andrew Whales, guitarist Scott Fairfax and bassist Frank Healy. All four have been around the extreme scene for some years, and now here they are back with their third album in as many years.They have also used the same cover artist for all, so there is a consistent image coming through visually, as well as musically. As for the music, this is old school early Nineties melodic death metal, incredibly solid with some atmospheric interludes which slip more into black metal territory.

It is solid, as one would expect from musicians who have all been doing this for many years, who have played with each other in different acts, but I am having an issue with giving this the same rave reviews I have seen elsewhere. It does really feel at times as if they are going through the motions and following a melodic death metal playbook. They slow it down, they speed it up, they go quiet, they go loud, there are instrumental sections and others where Karl is very much in control, but there is no real feeling of passion, no emotion or openness. It is a wall of sound, and there are times when I found I had been listening to the album but actually hadn’t heard any of it so had to go back again. While it is playing it is fairly interesting, but as to whether it is something I would deliberately take down off the shelf to play is another matter altogether. Solid, but little more than that.

YGODEH Bunker 132

Album · 2019 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
I’ve been in contact with Piton for about 5 or 6 years now, reviewing both Ygodeh and Sectlinefor, and one thing I have always really enjoyed about his work is his refusal to accept what has happened in the past and to keep reinventing what is going on. Back with their fifth album, Piton (synths, guitars) and vocalist Andre S Cura have reinvented the band and the image. Cura is now Reverend Jeyzus, a mad self-proclaimed prophet of YGODEH turing every live performance into a sermon, while Piton is a sociopathic surgeon who performs live on a home-build guitar made from an old vacuum cleaner and some tent poles found at the side of the road somewhere in Tottenham. They have been joined in their Mad Max post-apocalyptic world by bassist Dan King who goes under the guise of The Kaptain, a former submarine brothel owner who after a mutiny was left drifting around the Atlantic in a rubber dingy with only a bottle of Captain Morgan as company. Having lost his mind, he believes himself to be Captain Morgan and the band bus to be a pirate ship. The line-up is completed with the addition of drummer Morten Fausboll who in real life is of course Melissa Rable, a gender confused, bionic pleasure machine that was found discharged by the side of the road. After recharged, showing incredible, pre-programmed rhythmic capabilities, she was put behind the drums. Got that?

Musically it is very much business as usual, or at least whatever usual business is in the twisted world of these guys. Piton was originally in straight death metal band, and he has taken those influences and combined them with synth and rap to create something which is dark and very, very twisted. Andre is also still as demented as he has been since he started working with Piton in 2012, with gruff death vocals giving way to Eminem-style rap, while musically they try and give voice to the image they have created. In many ways the photos one can find on their wonderful website, is a visual representation of what one can hear through the speakers in that it is a jumble of so many things that just shouldn’t sit together, ever. This is music which is progressive in its truest sense as it pushes through and makes a big mess of everything it touches. There are times when it comes across as the weirdest underground pop you’ve ever heard, at others it is crunching and dirty, often all at once and there is a feeling of real passion, power and an incredible sense of being.

I am convinced that 99 people out of 100 will think this is awful, but that 1% will find something here which is both majestic and inspiring, taking the work of bands like Art Zoyd and twisting it into something special and different indeed.

WINGS OF DESTINY Butterfly Effect

Album · 2017 · Power Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Wings of Destiny are a power metal band from Costa Rica, fronted by a Russian singer. This 2017 release was their third full-length album, and they recently released another, ‘Revelations’. This is the only album of theirs I have come across, and they have been heavily influenced by Angra and Stratovarius in particular. When the band are really moving, they are a sight to behold. These guys can play, and really show their stuff when they are in full flight and running up and down the frets, but while some of the slower more orchestral and keyboard-led pieces do well as a lead into heavier songs, some other ideas just fall flat. I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard someone moving through a radio station and hearing different snippets of songs before settling on the one from the album. This was already old hat in the Seventies, let alone in 2017. That sort of trick means there are times when momentum is lost, which is a real shame as here is a band with real promise.

There are parts of “Brave New World”, for example, which feels almost as if the band is just treading water, but there are others where the guitars fly and the keyboards provide the needed relief as well as taking lead roles, and one can almost imagine that Savatage are in the house. By the end of the album one knows that it is an enjoyable ride, but also that it could have been better with some judicious editing, and then there is “Time”. The very last song on the album is marked as an acoustic version so I did some digging and listened to the original version which is the title cut of their 2015 debut. It is hard to realise this is the same song, as here it has been slowed down, sung in a totally different manner, with acoustic guitars and orchestral symphonic keyboards. This song screams “class” to the rooftops, and means I ended up a little perplexed. I mean, a low score doesn’t seem fair and proper given there are some great songs and the guys can really play, but a high score also isn’t right as it’s not essential. I have a fight with myself and am still not sure who won, but do know I want to hear more from the band and isn’t it refreshing to find a group still dedicated to pumping out releases with four studio albums in five years?

VADER Thy Messenger

EP · 2019 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This five-track EP originally wasn’t supposed to be coming out like this, but as the band explains, “We recorded those five songs in January , when we supposed to record full length album. However, we changed some plans and dates, which delayed the album until December 2019. Since we already had several songs ready, we decided to travel to Hertz Studio again and record an independent release. We added a re-make of the title track from ‘Litany’, which was recorded 20 years ago. The other song is our version of “Steeler” from legendary Judas Priest’s ‘British Steel’ record and is our huge respect for their heritage in metal scene.”

Five songs, just a tad over thirteen minutes in length, by a band who honestly sound as if they are having fun in the studio, especially on “Steeler”. I hadn’t realised just how close to Priest they can sound if they wish, as in many ways this is quite a bit more basic than one would normally expect from them, but they push through it in a very powerful way indeed. Some three years since ‘The Empire’, and still with the same line-up, it is best to treat this EP as an 'amuse bouche’ for the ears. There is only one thing wrong with it, and that it is just too short! It is fun, it is metallic, it is a band totally at home with their identity and what they wish to deliver. In many ways this release sees Vader far more in the thrash space than death but keeping the death mentality while speeding through the songs. The confidence in this is palpable, and is essential for anyone who wants to play their music very loudly indeed.

VADER Tibi et Igni

Album · 2014 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Polish band Vader were formed as long ago as 1983 by Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and guitarist Zbigniew "Vika" Wróblewski, although over the years there have been multiple line-up changes with Peter being the only constant. There was a major shift in 2011, with ‘Welcome To The Morbid Reich’ being recorded by what was basically a new band, and ‘Tibi Et Igni’ followed some 3 years later. By now the guys were all bedded in as the result of constant touring, and Peter (vocals, lead guitar) along with Marek "Spider" Pająk (rhythm guitar), Tomasz "Hal" Halicki (bass) and James Stewart (drums) deliver the goods. This is a potent mix of death and thrash, with plenty of riff-heavy melodies and a stunning production (take a bow Wojtek and Sławek Wiesławscy) and they even secured the services of the mighty Joe Petagno (yes, the man behind Snaggletooth) for the cover art. They need powerful and strong imagery to go with this as here is a band with a long history behind them who are determined to keep delivering the goods.

There are few extreme bands with a history as long as Vader, and this album shows that they are no content to rest on their laurels just yet but are going to keep delivering time and again. It is the guitar solos more than anything else which move this out of death and into thrash, yet they also combine symphonic sounds to produce something which is atmospheric and 100% Vader. While some bands have mellowed out in their latter years, or turned into something which early fans of the band may not recognise (who said Opeth?), Vader continue to deliver. Rich, chunky, this is incredibly heavy yet still melodic as the music twists and turns and will certainly bring a smile to anyone into this style of music. If you have yet to come across Vader then this is definitely a great place to start.

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