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Album · 1997

Filed under Nu Metal


1. Snot (3:22)
2. Stoopid (3:52)
3. Joy Ride (2:25)
4. The Box (3:25)
5. Snooze Button (4:16)
6. 313 (2:25)
7. Get Some (4:55)
8. Deadfall (2:19)
9. I Jus' Lie (3:33)
10. Get Some O' Deez (0:57)
11. Unplugged (4:10)
12. Tecato (4:29)
13. Mr. Brett (2:13)
14. Get Some Keez (2:46)
15. My Balls (2:57)

Total Time: 48:11


- Mikey Doling / guitar
- John Fahnestock / bass
- Sonny Mayo / guitar
- Lynn Strait / vocals
- Jamie Miller / drums

About this release

Geffen, May 27, 1997.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Snot, aside from an unfortunate band name, also has the unfortunate fate of being a one-album band's whose career was cut short by the untimely death of their frontman Lynn Strait. That's what they tend to be remembered for the most, and I can't say I hear all that much about their music.

So what about the music? Pretty good stuff. It reminds me of a bit of Powerman 5000, though not quite the same extent of style hopping and blending. There's near thrashers like Deadfall, groovy hooks with I Jus' Lie and Tecato, rap metal tracks like Stoopid and Snooze Button that switch between mellow and intense, and even a great chillout jazzy instrumental with Get Some Keez.

Snot is one of those bands that I've always been under the impression that they carry a legacy more for circumstance rather than their music, like Nirvana. While that may be true historically speaking, Get Some is a pretty good album with nice variety and Snot could've probably made an even better follow up had they gotten the chance. Check out Powerman 5000 first, and then this if you want some more of a slightly similar sound.
siLLy puPPy
SNOT was one of the many nu metal bands that emerged in the 90s. They were from Santa Barbara, CA and managed to release this one album GET SOME before the lead singer Lynn Strait was killed in a car crash in 1998 which also took with him his dog, Dobbs, which is featured on the album cover. The band was actually poised to become somewhat successful as they performed on the 1998 Ozzfest tour five months before Strait’s untimely demise.

This is one of those albums where i hear lots of potential but the band was clearly idolizing their influences and not at the point where they could strut their originality quite yet. I hear riffs borrowed from Rage Against The Machine, nu metal leanings in the Korn arena and even a little Pantera-esque riff on the harder parts. The music is generally aggressive like in the Slipknot camp but there are slow passages that follow in the ambient Korn footsteps.

Personally i can see the potential ready to explode with this band as they were all very young but they already could perform their craft very well even if it were snippets of other influences. The group decided to call it quits after Strait’s death and there is no telling how far the band could have evolved but i do feel a spark there. Unfortunately this album is only a mediocre sampling of the day but a decent snippet in the underground history of the sub genre of nu metal.

Members reviews

Californian band Snot's 1997 debut album "Get Some" presented a mix of the downtuned guitars of nu metal, the aggression of hardcore punk, grunge vocals, and funk. Well this sound wasn't exactly revolutionary or anything, but it was a refreshing change from the usual rap oriented nu metal of the day. The band shows potential on some song's like "I jus' Lie" and "Unplugged" along with some interesting chill-out funk tracks, however the majority of stuff on here is pretty forgettable hardcore punk fare with some really horrible sounding shouted vocals. After this album was released the lead singer Lynn Strait and his boxer Dobbs (pictured on the album cover) passed away in a car crash. This pretty much ended Snot, with the band sadly fading into obscurity.

By no means a classic in this genre, but it does have a few redeeming qualities about it.

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