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SLAYER - Show No Mercy Thrash Metal | review permalink
SLAYER - Hell Awaits Thrash Metal | review permalink
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Thrash Metal | review permalink
SLAYER - South of Heaven Thrash Metal | review permalink
EXODUS - Bonded by Blood Thrash Metal
QUEENSRŸCHE - Rage For Order Heavy Metal
KREATOR - Terrible Certainty Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Haunting the Chapel Thrash Metal
QUEENSRŸCHE - Operation: Mindcrime Progressive Metal | review permalink
METAL CHURCH - Metal Church US Power Metal
POSSESSED - Seven Churches Death Metal | review permalink
WATCHTOWER - Energetic Disassembly Technical Thrash Metal | review permalink
TROUBLE - The Skull Traditional Doom Metal | review permalink
METAL CHURCH - The Dark US Power Metal
KREATOR - Pleasure to Kill Thrash Metal
ANGEL DUST - Into the Dark Past Speed Metal
IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere In Time Heavy Metal | review permalink
POSSESSED - Beyond the Gates Thrash Metal | review permalink
TROUBLE - Run to the Light Traditional Doom Metal
VOIVOD - Killing Technology Technical Thrash Metal

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 127 2.39
2 Thrash Metal 58 3.27
3 US Power Metal 30 2.75
4 Hard Rock 24 2.10
5 Speed Metal 23 2.74
6 Proto-Metal 16 1.69
7 Traditional Doom Metal 14 2.36
8 NWoBHM 13 2.42
9 Neoclassical metal 11 2.64
10 Hardcore Punk 10 1.45
11 Death Metal 8 3.19
12 Technical Thrash Metal 8 3.06
13 Power Metal 7 2.57
14 Black Metal 7 2.36
15 Crossover Thrash 4 2.00
16 Progressive Metal 4 2.75
17 Alternative Metal 3 1.33
18 Funk Metal 3 1.83
19 Heavy Psych 3 1.83
20 Industrial Metal 3 1.00
21 Metal Related 2 1.00
22 Grindcore 2 0.75
23 Glam Metal 2 1.25
24 Doom Metal 2 3.00
25 Goregrind 1 0.50
26 Avant-garde Metal 1 2.00
27 Rap Metal 1 1.00
28 Sludge Metal 1 1.00

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MINISTRY The Land of Rape and Honey

Album · 1988 · Industrial Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The album starts off quite energetically, with some simple yet aggressive and heavy riffs and some artificial but effective beats with some nice double bass work giving it some extra power. After the first couple of songs, it shifts more towards Electro-Industrial territory and loses its metallic edge. It also slows down considerably, and relies on sampling to break its simple, repetitive beats. Most of the non-musical noises thrown in add little to the sound and are usually just abrasive for the sake of being abrasive. The instrumental tracks are especially hard to bear, as Al’s manic, crazed vocals are one of the main appeals to the album.

An incredibly unique record when it was first conceived, and highly influential to Industrial Metal and other similar circles of music. Today, it is too simple and limited without offering any staying power to hold up very well.


Album · 1988 · Funk Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Living Colour emerged with a highly original sound and conscious, politically charged lyrics that as of then had not been prominent in Metal. Simple yet extremely catchy and funky riffage carries the somewhat repetitive songs along as Glover’s fantastic voice and words drive them home. The subject matter ranges from razor sharp critiques of social injustice to introspective, passionate longing, all done very effectively. The album is rather eclectic, and the band showcases their ability to shift between hard hitting Metal anthems and slow, funky bluesy numbers, touching on numerous styles in between.

Vivid is effectively one of the first Funk Metal albums ever recorded, with only Faith No More’s Introduce Yourself coming earlier, though this album is a more fully realized representation of the genre.

CANDLEMASS Ancient Dreams

Album · 1988 · Traditional Doom Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Candlemass deliver the same kind of quality, riff-driven epic Trad Doom as always. Again with Messiah’s intense vocal prowess, the album retains the sound from Nightfall. Ancient Dreams tends to be seen as a drop in quality, but I instead see it as a trade off of sorts. There is no doubt that Ancient Dreams fails to deliver the same highs as Nightfall; however, it also does away with any sort of filler material, which dragged Nightfall down a bit. What remains is an extremely consistent album where every song is of equal quality – an odd exception being the title track, who’s riffs are just odd, and Messiah’s vocals don’t really play off them well.

All in all, another high quality Trad Doom album that should be given the same respect as the rest of Candlemass’ first four albums.

DEATH Leprosy

Album · 1988 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Death’s debut album was a very traditional and straightforward Death Metal release. There’s absolutely no shame in that, and since it was one of the first Death Metal albums ever, it was innovative despite being as straightforward as Death Metal goes. However, Chuck upped the ante on their sophomore Leprosy by adding a good amount of technicality and progressive elements to the songwriting. The lyrics are also better than the juvenile rubbish on the debut; still death and violence, but written much more effectively. Much like Ride the Lightning was to Kill ‘Em All, the songs here are much more mature and developed, each offering multiple passages, wild solos and a huge number of massive riffs. It’s also very consistent; some songs lean more towards the new technical direction than others, but every track is a killer.

It’s still classic OSDM most of the time, but the songwriting techniques in such an early stage for the genre are what laid the groundwork for Tech Death and Prog Death. This band was one of the first on the scene of Death Metal, but instead of remaining stagnant in that position, they continue to innovate and evolve the scene further.

JASON BECKER Perpetual Burn

Album · 1988 · Neoclassical metal
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Jason Becker, to me, is actually the least appealing of the many Neoclassical guitar heroes of the 80’s. He is arguably the most talented guitar player, but when it comes to songwriting, or playing anything memorable, or evocative, he doesn’t do it for me. There’s also the backing band – or lack thereof. Unlike some shredders like David Chastain who love giving their highly capable backing band moments to shine, this is just Becker, basically soloing for 40 minutes over very simple and repetitive backing music. His skill is incredible yes, but it’s basically a gimmick album at this point. The only appeal is that this guy plays so amazingly fast it might distract you from the fact that nothing else is going on.

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