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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 187 2.44
2 Thrash Metal 125 3.18
3 Death Metal 74 3.09
4 Black Metal 50 2.43
5 Power Metal 46 2.89
6 US Power Metal 41 2.93
7 Progressive Metal 39 2.92
8 Hard Rock 37 2.08
9 Traditional Doom Metal 27 2.37
10 Speed Metal 26 2.77
11 Death-Doom Metal 26 2.15
12 Hardcore Punk 23 1.54
13 Industrial Metal 23 1.41
14 Alternative Metal 21 1.69
15 Technical Thrash Metal 20 2.88
16 Groove Metal 18 2.14
17 Neoclassical metal 17 2.56
18 Stoner Metal 17 1.53
19 Metal Related 16 1.03
20 Proto-Metal 16 1.66
21 Funk Metal 16 1.47
22 Gothic Metal 13 2.46
23 Doom Metal 13 2.23
24 NWoBHM 13 2.42
25 Sludge Metal 13 1.50
26 Melodic Death Metal 12 3.21
27 Grindcore 9 1.00
28 Non-Metal 8 1.25
29 Technical Death Metal 8 3.75
30 Avant-garde Metal 7 1.50
31 Heavy Alternative Rock 7 1.86
32 Folk Metal 7 2.50
33 Atmospheric Black Metal 6 2.00
34 Crossover Thrash 5 2.00
35 Melodic Black Metal 5 2.70
36 Metalcore 4 1.88
37 Brutal Death Metal 4 3.50
38 Drone Metal 3 0.50
39 Heavy Psych 3 1.83
40 Viking Metal 3 2.33
41 War Metal 2 2.25
42 Symphonic Black Metal 2 3.25
43 Nu Metal 2 1.50
44 Rap Metal 2 1.00
45 Funeral Doom Metal 2 2.00
46 Glam Metal 2 1.25
47 Goregrind 2 1.25
48 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 2 2.75
49 Death 'n' Roll 2 3.50
50 Deathgrind 2 3.25
51 Pagan Black Metal 1 3.50

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ANATHEMA The Silent Enigma

Album · 1995 · Death-Doom Metal
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Much like it took some time for Death Metal to shed its Thrash roots, and Doom Metal to evolve out of Trad Doom, so too did Death Doom undergo a lengthy transitional phase. In the late 80’s into the early 90’s, Death Doom was, more or less, slow Death Metal, and many of the early releases no longer represent what the genre would become. In time, Death Doom added its signature focus on atmosphere and melancholia, and became something completely separate from Death Metal, named more so for the inclusion of harsh vocals and other extreme metal tropes.

The Silent Enigma is one of the earliest examples of Death Doom in its fully fleshed out form, completely forgoing any hint of Death Metal stylistically and taking a full focus on crafting melodic yet crushing pieces of dark atmosphere and morose despair. A surprising amount of energy is found here, with the opening track aggressively assaulting you with poetic shrapnel of hopelessness. A great deal of variety is found in the following tracks, with classic plodding Doom full of panic-attack inducing atmospheres, gentle gothic style interludes, and a few that sit somewhere in between. The penultimate track, A Dying Wish, remains a crowning achievement of Death Doom, the 8-minute track delivering an uncompromising death throe of mourning and regret.

DEATH Symbolic

Album · 1995 · Technical Death Metal
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Symbolic is considered to be not only the magnum opus of Death, but perhaps the greatest Death Metal record of all time, and by extension among the best releases in extreme music. Death not only managed to up their game and change styles ever so slightly between albums, but also consistently release nothing but the highest quality material.

Symbolic is an album I have been anticipating for some time now, knowing its reputation well, and it managed to meet every expectation. The songs here are probably the most identifiable in Death’s catalogue, each having insanely memorable guitar leads and mind blowing solos that do not sacrifice a strong melody for technical prowess. Musically, it is near-perfect as far as Tech-Death goes, placing the emphasis on brilliant songwriting and fantastic riffage first and foremost, and weaving their intricate technical abilities within the songs rather than using the songs as a means to show off. Production is great, rhythm section is great, vocals are intelligible… it’s the total package.

One weakness to me; the lyrics go a bit too far. By that, I mean at this point in his career, it seems Chuck was obsessed with the spiritual and abstract, and honestly half the songs don’t even sound like they are about anything, just philosophical ramblings without explicit meaning. Not for me, in any case…

Barring that, it’s about as great as Tech Death gets, which is kind of a sad thought in itself. To think that the genre would never pass a release from its early inception is a pity, but you would be incredibly hard pressed to find anything better than this in its entirety. Deservedly reigns as possibly the best Extreme Metal record of all time.

BLIND GUARDIAN Imaginations From the Other Side

Album · 1995 · Power Metal
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On their 5th album, Blind Guardian released what I consider to be their best work up to that point. I’m one of the few who preferred their aggressive Thrash/Speed days on their first two albums to the more polished and melodic albums that followed (though this is mostly because they always had useless interludes bloating them). Well, Imaginations still has one of those in the way of acoustic ballad “A Past and Future Secret,” but the rest of the material is just about as perfect as Power Metal gets.

Blind Guardian stated themselves that the new producer for this album took them to new levels, and it shows here. The choruses are insane, the vocal performance in general just sends shivers down your spine in a perfect mix of gruff yell-singing and epic, multilayered cleans. The guitar melodies sound a bit darker than before, which is always welcome, but of course they remain just as catchy. The rhythm section is just superb, so much speed and aggression on display here, definitely matching their Thrash days in that department.

The album isn’t a true concept album, but themes of lost innocence run rampant throughout the album. Letting go of better imaginary worlds, living under a suppressive political system, and learning to cope with inner demons and even childhood trauma are all alluded to in ways that still sound fantastical. I absolutely have to mention the track “Bright Eyes” as the best thing they have done yet, and by god it will be hard for them to surpass it. The chorus in the song is one of the most immense I’ve ever heard, and the riffs are passionate and dark. It’s quite a moody song for the band, and supposedly about a child struggling with abuse from his parents. It’s as powerful thematically as it is musically, an instant standout from the moment I heard it and only growing stronger the more I listened to it.

MY DYING BRIDE The Angel and the Dark River

Album · 1995 · Doom Metal
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On their third album, My Dying Bride pretty much perfected the Gothic Doom style, leaving all of their Death Doom roots behind for a melodic and mournful masterpiece. Seeing as how the growls are gone, vocalist Aaron had to really find his cleans here, and they are pleasantly somber and melodramatic throughout.

The opening track is an easy highlight, with a roaring wall of guitar lead by marching piano scales that add a great urgency to the song, while Aaron’s vocals on the other hand sound entirely devoid of life. The album remains quality throughout, with more standard Gothic Doom songs making up the meat of the album. It ends on another fantastic note, “Your Shameful Heaven,” easily the most energetic and aggressive song here. The band goes from depressive to disturbing as both riffs and lyricism take on a more evil atmosphere, finishing the album off in triumphant darkness.

This thing became the standard against which Gothic Doom was measured, and for good reason. Every track here is of great quality, but there’s still decent variation running throughout. A fantastic run through negative emotion in a mature and poetic package.

VIRGIN STEELE The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, Part Two

Album · 1995 · US Power Metal
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Virgin Steele’s last album (Pt. 1) was a huge triumph and where they finally found their signature sound. It was also miles ahead of anything they’d done prior. Pt. 2 is amazingly on par with Pt. 1 and jam packed with some of the best USPM that has ever graced the globe. Virgin Steele have a generous amount of true/euro Power Metal and Symphonic Metal in their sound, and the album is laden with synthed strings, horns, and general fanfare.

Really, this thing just doesn’t miss. 13 tracks and almost all of them rip, even the interlude/outro tracks are still good. The drumming here is definitely better than anything prior, showcased well on Crown of Glory, and everything else is the same peak quality as the prior album. Each track does a great job distinguishing itself, be it by a razor sharp riff, some epic key melodies, or memorable vocals (or all of the above on a few!). The album is just amazing fun.

I’ve got no complaints on this one. I don’t know how USPM could get any better than this in terms of a full hour long album. Also, Strawgirl is beautiful, the haters can get clapped.

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