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Album · 2021


1. Final Crime (3:41)
2. Virus (4:22)
3. Cold Black (3:38)
4. First World Problems (4:15)
5. Killing You (3:34)
6. False Prophets (4:00)
7. Ice (3:31)
8. Cult (4:38)
9. Oracle (3:32)
10. Stoner (5:27)

Total time: 40:45


- James Davies / vocals
- Stu Bedford / guitars
- George Larin / guitars
- Karl Lean / bass
- Sham / drums

About this release

Released July 16, 2021, on Rockshot Records.

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Time Signature
First world problems...

Genre: power-thrash

Among the pioneers of the power-thrash genre, Nothing Sacred have had an on-off career since the early 80s. After a hiatus of a couple of years, the band reactivated in 2015 and have been in an on-phase since. This has culminated in their second full-length album "No Gods" which is to be released in July 2021.

This is a pretty solid effort that combines the uptempo-based aggression of old-school thrash metal with the melodic sensibilities of traditional 80s metal. The opening track is a good example of the style that represents the album, starting out with a crushing midtempo riff and then exploding into a fast thrasher whose chorus is considerably melodic vocals-wise and whose bridge is groovy as fuck. You see, there is a considerable element of groove on this album as well without it veering into 90s groove metal territory of boredom (some examples of more groove-oriented elements are the bridge of 'Cult', the drive of 'Virus', part of the verse of 'First World Problems' and - of course - the slightly sludgy 'Stoner'). There are plenty of strong guitar riffs and rock solid drum beats as well as some pretty sweet melodic guitar solos. While looking back at the 80s and the 90s, the album does also have a slightly modern edge to it, and listeners might detect a slight melodeath feel to some of the riffage (this can arguably be heard in a long like 'Ice', for instance).

The production is pretty well defined without being overly polished. It suits the musical style quite well with its balance between retro tropes and more modern elements. The album is characterized by songwriting which, while not super innovative, reveals a strong ability to balance the main components of the band's style (i.e. the groove, the melody, and the aggression). Likewise, the musicianship is admirable across the board. I particularly enjoy the drumming and the guitar solos which are facemelters, but not wanky in any way. Singer James Davies' has more of a rock-oriented singing style than onay might expect from a thrash album; actually, he sounds a lot like Eric Wagner from Trouble and my dad (that's actually true!). It might take some getting used to (in particular for me, because it sounds like my dad fronting a thrash metal band), but it actually works quite well. Thumbs up from me.

The blend of new and old on this album reminds me of the two Judal Priest albums that featured Ripper Owens on vocals. This is not a diss. I actually really like those two albums, so take it as a complement. Fans of more recent releases by Artillery, Helstar, Judas Priest, Death Angel, Overkill and Sacred Reich should find this album to be to their liking, I think. Overall, if you are a fan of US power metal, more melodic thrash metal and, of course, power-thrash, you should check this album out.

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