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Album · 2007

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Sleepwalker (5:53)
2. Washington Is Next! (5:19)
3. Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms (3:54)
4. United Abominations (5:35)
5. Gears of War (4:25)
6. Blessed Are the Dead (4:02)
7. Play for Blood (3:49)
8. À tout le monde (Set Me Free) (4:11)
9. Amerikhastan (3:43)
10. You're Dead (3:18)
11. Burnt Ice (3:47)

Total Time: 48:01


- Dave Mustaine / Vocals & Guitar
- Glenn Drover / Guitar
- James Lomenzo / Bass
- Shawn Drover / Drums

About this release

Label: Roadrunner Records
Release date: May 15th, 2007

Mixed & mastered by Andy Sneap at Backstage Productions, Belper, Derbyshire, England.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Following on from 2004’s triumphant return from hiatus (actually, retirement, to be precise), Megadeth’s 2007 album, ‘United Abominations’ sees the band continue along with a renewed vigour, as Dave Mustaine and a fresh line-up charges on with the thrash metal sound of old, proving that Megadeth can still maintain relevance in the new millennium.

Stylistically, this isn’t much different than its predecessor, ‘The System Has Failed’, however, while that album was mostly a Dave Mustaine solo effort with a bunch of guest musicians, ‘United Abominations’ comes from a band united (no pun intended). It’s clear that there’s a chemistry amongst everyone, and a high standard of musicianship. Brothers Glen and Shawn Drover (guitarist and drummer respectively) have already crafted a name for themselves with their band Eidolon, and bassist James LoMenzo has cut his teeth with an impressive résumé which includes the likes of Black Label Society, David Lee Roth and Tim “Ripper” Owens.

And the results are evident immediately, with some of the bands most furious guitar riffs, and an interplay not seen since the days of ‘Rust in Peace’ back in 1990. The music is incredibly tight, and Dave Mustaine’s vocals are as vicious and hate-filled as ever.

If there was any doubt that Megadeth’s comeback was a flash in the pan, then tracks like ‘Sleepwalker’, ‘Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms’, ‘Washington is Next’, ‘Pray for Blood’, ‘Amerikhastan’ and a rather unnecessary but still pretty cool re-recording of their 1994 hit ‘A Tout le Monde’ are all proof that Megadeth are well and firmly back to their thrash metal roots, with ‘United Abominations’ being another high-quality album among an already impressive discography.
I was delighted with The System Has Failed which was a step in the right direction musically in my opinion, it might have been a little more Youthanasia than Peace Sells but the important point is that the songs were great, the production was punchy again after three flat sounding records, and Dave sounded angry for the first time in years.

United Abominations, takes that ball and runs with it, coming across very much as a thrashier, harder and faster version of The System Has Failed. The great thing however, is that even if you forgot that a subgenre called thrash had ever existed, this would still be an absolutely phenomenal record.

There are no weak tracks, the guitar solos are good, the production job is good and the album feels more like a cohesive band effort than the previous record did.

While the album thankfully got the praise it got, some people remained suspicious. There have been a fair amount of criticisms made on some fairly petty things. So on the album artwork, skeletal-mascot Vic has skin? So the band re-recorded their classic track ‘A Toute Le Monde,’ ? So What ? it was a great song then, and its still the same song, and who really cares about the mascot on the artwork when the music is so great.

If you enjoy the music of Megadeth, aren’t stuck in the past, can overlook those petty flaws and if you can get over the lyrics then you will surely love United Abominations. Peace Sells, but Buy this instead.
United Abominations is the 11th full-length studio album by American thrash metal/ heavy metal act Megadeth. Their last album The System Has Failed (2004) was an improvement over the weak The World Needs a Hero (2001), but it was no revelation. It did show that Megadeth were still a force to be reckoned with though. Despite having serious doubts if he wanted to continue with Megadeth, and almost calling it quits in 2004, bandleader/ guitarist/ lead vocalist Dave Mustaine decided to soldier on. The lineup that recorded United Abominations consists of the two Drover brothers, Glenn and Shawn on guitars and drums respectively, bassist James Lomenzo ( Ozzy Osbourne, White Lion, Zakk Wylde...etc.) and of course Dave Mustaine on guitars and vocals. The Drover brothers put their own band Eidolon on hold to play with Megadeth.

The music on the album is a mix of melodic thrash metal and traditional heavy metal. The musicianship and interplay on the album are excellent and I think it´s audible that this constellation of the band had toured together before entering the studio to record this album. The album is a bit harder edged than its predecessor which is something that suits me just fine. I like it when Dave Mustaine sounds like he means it and on tracks like Sleepwalker, Gears of War and You´re Dead, he certainly sounds like that. I can´t say the idea to include a re-recorded version of À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) from Youthanasia (1994), with Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil on guest vocals, does much for me and I would have preferred more original material instead. This version is not bad by any means though. The lady sure can sing. The songs are all quality compositions but too many are just average and don´t leave much of a lasting impression.

As always there are loads of melodic and shredding guitar solos in the music and I must say that I enjoy Glenn Drover´s solo contributions more than I enjoyed Chris Poland´s solos on The System Has Failed.

United Abominations is another quality album by Megadeth and another step towards their total return to form on Endgame (2009). Personally I wouldn´t call it an excellent album but a 3.5 star rating is still deserved.

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