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Album · 1990

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Time (6:55)
2. Blood (7:13)
3. Keep It In The Family (7:08)
4. In My World (6:25)
5. Gridlock (5:17)
6. Intro To Reality (3:23)
7. Belly Of The Beast (4:47)
8. Got The Time (2:44)
9. H8 Red (5:04)
10. One Man Stands (5:38)
11. Discharge (4:12)
12. Protest And Survive* (Discharge cover) (2:22)

* Japan version bonus track

Total Time: 60:24


- Joey Belladonna / vocals
- Scott Ian / rhythm guitar, lead guitar (Got The Time), harmony Guitar (Intro To Reality) and lead vocals (Protest And Survive)
- Dan Spitz / lead guitar
- Frank Bello / bass
- Charlie Benante / drums and harmony guitar (Intro To Reality)

About this release

Release date: August 21, 1990
Label: Island Records
Japan version included bonus track.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Persistence of Time, the last Anthrax album to feature Joey Belladonna until 2011's Worship Music, is a great closer to the band's classic lineup. It takes the best of both the all out thrashing of Among the Living and the groovier hooks of State of Euphoria to create a groovy thrash classic.

The Joe Jackson cover Got the Time is probably the biggest hit from the album, and for great reason. It epitomizes the incredibly fun side of Anthrax, often expressed in their covers, and Got the Time almost sounds like a skate punk take on thrash. Belly of the Beast also has a similar vibe, though it's contrasted with a great melodic instrumental Intro to Reality. Blood is some pure groove, and even shows some of the band's influence from hip hop, with my favorite part of the song sounding influenced by the syncopated rhythms and vocal flow of the classics. H8 Red and Keep it in the Family are a couple more of my favorites, melodic, thrashing, and grooving.

Thrash bands would often close their albums with a slower or moodier song, like Metallica with Call of Ktulu of Slayer with Seasons in the Abyss. Anthrax is the opposite, they close the album with the high octane speed of Discharge. While not quite to the whiplash levels of Spreading the Disease's Gung-Ho, it's not far off.

After this, the band would get Armored Saint's John Bush on vocals, and start another row of classic albums and deliver some of the best thrash of the 90's.
Anthrax tended, with some justification, to be viewed as the most light-heartedly cheesy and least serious of the Big Four bands of thrash metal. Persistence of Time, their last album with Joey Belladonna until 2011's Worship Music, seems to have been crafted as a deliberate attempt to prove that they could bring to bear a bit more gravitas. It's not that they were always frivolous, mind - but the odes to comic book characters and songs about the joy of mosh pits are more or less absent this time, with the band tackling more serious subject matter of the sort which Metallica or Megadeth had been tackling on recent albums.

It's still a competent Anthrax album and their sound doesn't suffer massively from the shift in emphasis, but at the same time it's very slightly more anonymous and generic than, say, Among the Living or Spreading the Disease, where they seemed more able to balance serious subject matter with their chirpier, more upbeat nature.
Time Signature
Keep it in the family...

Genre: thrash metal

"Persistence of Time" is another thrash metal classic from Anthrax. Although the pace is a bit slower than on previous releases (although there are some fast songs, like "Gridlock", "One Man Stands" and the punky "Discharge"), and some more groove has been introduced, there is not shortage of aggression, and the sound is unmistakably the characteristic sound Anthrax had in the 1980s.

The album is void of any humor and references to comic books, skating, and all the other lyrical elements that gave Anthrax a more lighthearted feel than many of their contemporary thrash metal colleagues - and that is a shame, because it certainly takes away some of what made Anthrax stand out on the thrash metal scene.

Although this is a thrash metal classic, I am not sure that it appeals to every single thrash metal fan out there. It did take me some time to get into it, and I think that, even if you don't like it at first listen, you should give it a chance.

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