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Stuck Mojo is a rap metal group from Atlanta, Georgia. They were formed in 1989 by guitarist Rich Ward and original bassist Dwayne Fowler. Lead vocalist Bonz joined later in the year. They released their first album, Snappin’ Necks, in 1995, with Century Media Records. Since then they've gone on to release six more studio albums, the latest to date being 2008's The Great Revival.

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STUCK MOJO Discography

STUCK MOJO albums / top albums

STUCK MOJO Snappin' Necks album cover 3.33 | 2 ratings
Snappin' Necks
Rap Metal 1995
STUCK MOJO Pigwalk album cover 4.08 | 2 ratings
Rap Metal 1996
STUCK MOJO Rising album cover 4.14 | 3 ratings
Rap Metal 1998
STUCK MOJO Declaration of a Headhunter album cover 4.86 | 3 ratings
Declaration of a Headhunter
Rap Metal 2000
STUCK MOJO Southern Born Killers album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Southern Born Killers
Rap Metal 2006
STUCK MOJO The Great Revival album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
The Great Revival
Rap Metal 2008
STUCK MOJO Here Come the Infidels album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Here Come the Infidels
Rap Metal 2016

STUCK MOJO EPs & splits

STUCK MOJO Violated album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Rap Metal 1996

STUCK MOJO live albums

STUCK MOJO HVY1 album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Rap Metal 1999

STUCK MOJO demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

STUCK MOJO re-issues & compilations

STUCK MOJO Violate This album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Violate This
Rap Metal 2001

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Live album · 1999 · Rap Metal
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I'm not usually one for listening to live albums. Sure, if I like a band, I'll certainly go out and buy everything they release (damn collector OCD), but for the most part, I prefer the crisp and clear sound of a studio recording. However, with that said, Stuck Mojo were, and always will be, a live tour de force, and any live offering from these rap metal pioneers will certainly be worth the purchase.

Performing music that is tailor-made for mosh pits, Stuck Mojo were always about energetic performances that leave all their contemporaries in the dust, and it's clearly evident that the crowds featured on this album, from recordings in Atlanta, Georgia and Barcelona in Spain, are at an absolute fever-pitch throughout.

What makes the Mojo so incredible live is the boundless passion, showmanship and banter between each member. While the songs are mostly performed as they sound on their respective studio recordings, it's the stuff that takes place between the songs that make this such a joy to listen to. In particular, vocalist Bonz and guitarist Rich Ward confidently and charismatically engage the fans in such a way, that's it just as much fun to hear them talk as it is to hear them play.

'HVY1' consists of pretty much every Mojo classic from what could be considered "chapter one" of their career. 'Rising', 'Enemy Territory', '2 Minutes of Death', 'Southern Pride', 'Mental Meltdown', 'Not Promised Tomorrow' and 'Throw the Switch'... they're all here! The inclusion of two new songs, 'Reborn' and 'My Will', serves as icing on the cake, and a hidden track which is mostly five minutes of the band rambling on stage and interacting with the audience is an absolute joy to listen to.

As I've said before, I've never really been the biggest advocate of live albums, but I truly cannot praise this release enough! Not only are the songs performed immaculately, but it's the chemistry between the band members and the audience that make this essential listening for anyone looking to be a true performer.


EP · 1996 · Rap Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
'Violated' is a six-song EP by rap metal band Stuck Mojo, released prior to the groups second album, 'Pigwalk', and originally intended only for European audiences.

The disc consists of four studio recordings, including early versions of 'Violated' and 'Back in the Saddle' (titled 'U.B.Otch' here), which would go on to appear on the 'Pigwalk' and 'Rising' albums respectively, (and much-improved, I might add). A Black Sabbath cover, and EP exclusive 'Pizza Man' are also included, and these are probably the only reasons to own this disc. Especially the latter, which is actually a really cool song, despite only being just over two minutes long!

Then there's two live tracks. Personally, I'm always sceptical about early rock releases like this with "live" songs. The quality is very raw, and the audience sound pretty fake, but either way, they're not really songs I'm bothered about.

Stuck Mojo are easily one of my all-time favourite bands, and guitarist Rich Ward is one of my absolute heroes as a musician, but overall, this release is one for the die-hard fans (and surely I'm not the only one!). The music is rough and gritty and the attitude and energy is easily apparent, but there's not really anything here that is either relevant or not improved-upon with later recordings.

STUCK MOJO Violate This

Boxset / Compilation · 2001 · Rap Metal
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Consisting of various demos, b-sides and other "rarities", Stuck Mojo's compilation album 'Violate This' works as a nice bookend to the first chapter of their career. With constant tension between the members, the band were falling apart, and while this line-up would eventually call it quits, it would be six years of periodic gigging as-and-when anyone was available, before the band would bounce back with a new vocalist and a new album.

With that said, 'Violate This' is a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the demos are completed and mastered, or at the very least, of a high quality, while some of them are very primitive, and taken directly from cassette tapes. The better quality ones are the standout tracks by far. 'Ten Years', 'Revolution', and in particular, a re-recorded version of 'Not Promised Tomorrow' off of their debut album, are all fantastic offerings that make this a worthwhile purchase.

Most of the other songs are hit-or-miss though. There's demos from some of the bands most beloved tracks, though the raw sound and the differences to the arrangements make these far inferior to the finished products. There's a couple of covers which feature Devin Townsend on vocals, though the quality is so naff they're not very listenable. And there's a number of demos from the groups early days. While the rap/rock crossover was already apparent, there's a more funk and groove vibe than a metal one. The songs are alright, though nothing special, serving only to show how the Atlanta foursome have evolved from their humble beginnings.

Other than the aforementioned, 'Hate Must Be a Gift' and 'No Pride, No Respect' are also noteworthy songs. Though sadly, everything else is mostly forgettable, and will probably only appeal to die-hard fans (are there any others besides me?!). Overall, 'Violate This' isn't a bad release, and there's enough good material to justify owning it. And the booklet, which features a biography, liner notes and pictures, is a nice touch. But if you're new to Stuck Mojo, or just a casual fan, go with any of their studio albums instead.

STUCK MOJO The Great Revival

Album · 2008 · Rap Metal
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One year after their return from a seven year hiatus and Stuck Mojo are at it again. Back with Lord Nelson on vocals, the southern born killers released 'The Great Revival', which pushes the envelope further with their more rock-inspired sound and even more non-metal influences creeping into the compositions. Safe to say, if you didn't like their previous album, you'll hate this one.

While 'The Great Revival' features the trademark Stuck Mojo sound, there's a complete smorgasbord of genres mashed together in various places, with hints of country, soul, gospel and pop music all finding their way onto the record. There's a lot of singing on here, including female vocals, and as a whole there's a very "bubbly", radio-friendly vibe about this album (don't expect to hear any of these on the radio, though).

Of course, none of this is bad per se, but if you're a long-time fan of the band who isn't open-minded to different things, this certainly won't win many people over. However, despite all the changes to their sound, this is, in my opinion (and hey, this is my review after all), a really good album. I love when bands try new things, and as a long-time fan of guitarist Rich Ward, I'm a sucker for anything he releases.

Songs like '15 Minutes of Fame', 'Friends' (yep, I like that song), 'Now That You're All Alone' and 'Invincible' are all solid rap rock songs. They may not have the heaviness or aggression of Stuck Mojo's earlier albums, but there is still an abundance of Rich Ward's signature riffs that will please the metal fans.

As is the case with any artist, experimentation can prevent stagnation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Props to Stuck Mojo for trying new things, and as far as I'm concerned it worked out. So why only three stars? Admittedly, this is probably still their weakest album, and while it is good, their earlier material is just so damn awesome!

STUCK MOJO Here Come the Infidels

Album · 2016 · Rap Metal
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Eight years after their last studio album and Stuck Mojo are back to breathe new life into the rap metal genre which they helped pioneer in the early 90's. While I loved 2007's 'Southern Born Killers' and even 2008's 'The Great Revival', the more hip-hop oriented rapper Lord Nelson and the commercially tinted songs (full of gospel and pop influences) put off a lot of fans.

However, a 2014 reunion show which saw the return of classic Mojo vocalist Bonz had the band once again retracing their metal roots. And while the newly revived classic line-up wouldn't last, it did plant the seeds for a new album which would take the band back into a more heavier direction.

And heavy, it is!

With new vocalist Robbie J. Fonts, Stuck Mojo have truly released a beast of an album that takes them right back to their 'Pigwalk' days. Brutal, unrelenting and uncompromising, 'Here Come the Infidels' is a great record that perfectly blends metal and hip hop whilst trying to give the genre the integrity it deserves. Rich Wards guitar riffs are as killer as ever (check that guitar tone!), and long-gone are the lyrics about friendships and "mom's favourite song", we're back to the anti-political, anti-social, anti-everything Stuck Mojo that we all know and love.

And it is glorious!

The album starts off with some of the bands best material, however, towards the end it does start to slowly creep back into that commercial rock territory. While songs like 'Tambourine' and 'Blasphemy' aren't bad by any stretch, they kind of feel a bit out of place on a release that started off as an all-out metal return to form.

Still, with that said, 'Verbal Combat', 'Rape Whistle', 'Charles Bronson', 'The Business of Hate' and the title track, 'Here Come the Infidels', are all some of Stuck Mojo's best songs, and are all perfect examples of why rap metal crossovers shouldn't be so casually disregarded. And if nothing else, surely this makes up for 'The Great Revival'... right?

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