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Album · 1998

Filed under Symphonic Metal


1. The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah (6:45)
2. Birth of Venus Illegitima (5:15)
3. Wine of Aluqah (5:04)
4. Clavicula Nox (8:50)
5. The Wild Hunt (3:49)
6. Eye of Shiva (6:19)
7. Black Sun (5:10)
8. Draconian Trilogy, Part 1: The Opening (1:28)
9. Draconian Trilogy, Part 2: Morning Star (3:34)
10. Draconian Trilogy, Part 3: Black Diamonds (2:58)
11. Raven of Dispersion (5:57)

Total Time: 55:15


- Christofer Johnsson / Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
- Tommy Eriksson / Guitars
- Wolf Simon / Drums

- Javier Zapater / Vocals (Bass)
- Jochen Bauer / Vocals (Bass)
- Heike Haushalter / Violin
- Monika Malek / Viola
- Gesa Hansen / Cello
- Alois Kott / Double bass, Contrabass
- Petra Stalz / Violin
- Jan Kazda / Conductor (Orchestra & Choir), Bass
- Max Cilotek / Vocals (Tenor)
- Gregor Dippel / Vocals (Tenor)
- Anne Tributh / Vocals (Alto)
- Waldemar Sorychta / Guitars (Additional)
- Siggi Bemm / Guitars (Additional)
- Lorentz Aspen / Hammond Organ ( Tracks 8, 9 & 10)
- Ralf Scheepers / Vocals (Lead) (Track 5)
- Martina Hornbacher / Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto, Solo & Duet)
- Sarah Jezebel Deva / Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto, Solo & Duet)
- Eileen Küpper / Vocals (Soprano)
- Angelica Martz / Vocals (Soprano)
- Dorothee Fischer / Vocals (Alto)

About this release

Released by Nuclear Blast, May 4th, 1998

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Having fully blossomed on Lepaca Kliffoth and Theli, Therion then hit a transitional phase as they drained their music of its former death metal influences and worked to put in a more gothic foundation for their particular brand of symphonic metal. The end result is an album I can't help but find less immediately arresting than its two predecessors, though it's a competent enough job and when it does work it's an interesting continuation of this particular musical direction. Still, I can't help but feel that underneath the undeniable polish Vovin is just a bit more vapid than the preceding albums, relying slightly too much on orchestral pretensions without bringing sufficiently meaty material to the table to justify them.
Therion had one more great work in them before they turned into a metal muzak producing unit, While Theli marked the end of their creative progression, Vovin is a solid confirmation of their quality standards. Even though the music is very straightforward, the huge symphonic arrangements, operatic voices and pleasant melodies could easily win over many prog-heads.

While every song is most pleasant, the continuous slow place and generic approach bogs down the effect somewhat. The Wild Hunt is the only up-tempo track that stirs things up a bit. Another weakness is that it is really too sweet and smooth all the way through. It's sure done tastefully, neither kitschy nor excessive (which is quite an achievement in this style), but sometimes I'd really like to kick their butt hoping they would put a bit more adventure in their work.

Therion used to be a unique and ground-breaking metal act in the 90's. Vovin easily proves that. But I used to be more overwhelmed by it at the time it came out. Since then it hasn't survived repeated critical listens all that well, I only play it occasionally now.

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