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3.65 | 36 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 1995


1. Demanufacture (4:12)
2. Self Bias Resistor (5:12)
3. Zero Signal (5:56)
4. Replica (3:56)
5. New Breed (2:49)
6. Dog Day Sunrise (4:45)
7. Body Hammer (5:05)
8. Flashpoint (2:53)
9. H-K (Hunter-Killer) (5:17)
10. Pisschrist (5:25)
11. A Therapy for Pain (9:43)

Total Time: 55:18


- Burton C. Bell / Vocals
- Dino Cazares / Guitars
- Christian Olde Wolbers / bass
- Raymond Herrera / drums

About this release

Full-length, Roadrunner Records, June 16th, 1995

Released on Jewelcase CD, Digipak CD, LP and Tape Format.

Digipack Bonus Tracks:
12. Your Mistake (Agnostic Front cover) (1:29)
13. ¡Resistancia! (2:54)
14. New Breed (Revolutionary Designed mix) (2:58)
15. Replica (Electric Sheep mix) (3:58)

Re-released with Remanufacture in the Roadrunner Records 25th Anniversary Series
(see separate entry) with the addition of:
12. Your Mistake (Agnostic Front cover) (1:29)
13. ¡Resistancia! (2:54)
14. Concreto (3:35)
15. New Breed (Revolutionary Designed Mix) (2:58)
16. Manic Cure (5:08)
17. Flashpoint (Chosen Few Mix) (4:09)

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Rhythmically, very energetic and engaging. The album culminates extreme metal drumming and frequent double bass with almost danceable rhythms in between. The patterns are djent style focusing on polyrhythmic patterns and pure aggression. Almost every song has a clean-sung chorus that gives it some identity beyond the constant pummeling. The choruses aren’t catchy, but more atmospheric, using the clean vocals as a sustained melody rather than a hook.

Worst part of this album is the monotonous guitar. Again, very djent in nature, hitting a lot of rhythmic 0’s and featuring no memorable riffs. However, the energy and fantastic drumming help to cover this weakness.

The album is dark and mechanic, but in a fun way, and is quite consistent all the way through, unfortunately ending on the most boring track; the near 10 minute “A Therapy for Pain.”
"Demanufacture" is the 2nd full-length studio album by US death/groove/industrial metal act Fear Factory. The album was released through Roadrunner Records in June 1995. It´s the successor to "Soul of a New Machine" from 1992, although the "Fear is the Mindkiller" EP from 1993 bridges the gap between the two full-length releases. There has been one lineup change since the predecessor as bassist Christian Olde Wolbers has enlisted, making Fear Factory a four-piece on "Demanufacture".

When "Soul of a New Machine" was released in 1992, it was a very different and fresh sounding release. At it´s core it is an industrial tinged deathgrind album, but Burton C. Bell´s use of both clean vocals and growls was one of the first examples of that vocal approach and a bit of a revolution at the time. It´s of course been copied and used by many artists since then, but it can never be underestimated how much "Soul of a New Machine (1992)" meant for the use of clean vocals in extreme metal. The fact that Bell´s voice isn´t particularly strong and his ability to hit clean notes is a bit shaky, are only minor issues, because he understands how to work with what he has got, and seldom takes his mouth too full in terms of leaving his limited range.

On "Demanufacture", Fear Factory have opted to use clean vocals even more than they did on the debut album, and the growling vocals from the debut have also been replaced by a more raw yet still brutal shouting singing style. So this is not really death metal nor grindcore oriented music anymore, but instead the industrial and groove metal influences are in focus, as well as an almost mechanical rhythmic assualt. Razor sharp guitar riffs, inhumanly fast machine like drumming (recorded using click-track and triggers on the drums), and loads of atmosphere enhancing synths and electronics. "Demanufacture" is a sci-fi concept release telling the story of the life and suffering of a protagonist man in a future AI controlled society. A concept story strongly influenced by "The Terminator" movie universe (some tracks feature samples from the movies).

"Demanufacture" features 10 originals and a cover of "Dog Day Sunrise" by UK industrial rock band Head of David. The latter is placed at the center of the album, and with its atmospheric industrial rock sound is a melodic breather oasis in the midst of hard edged riffs, powerful precision drumming, a wall of futuristic synths/electronics and aggressive shouting vocals. The 9:43 minutes long closing track "A Therapy for Pain" is also slower and more atmospheric in nature, but the remaining tracks on the album are heavy, hard edged, and energetic industrial/groove metal tracks. It´s hard not to mention "Replica" as a standout track on the album, as it´s one of the most catchy tracks in the band´s discography, and the video for that track helped spread the band´s music to a wider audience. While it´s certainly a highlight of the album, it´s not necessarily the most interesting track on this release and I´d mention tracks like the opening trio of the title track, "Zero Zignal" and "Self Bias Resistor" before mentioning "Replica".

To my ears "Demanufacture" is frontloaded with the most standout tracks and tracks like "Flashpoint", "H-K (Hunter-Killer)", and "Pisschrist", do not quite reach the brilliance of the tracks featured on the first part of the album. "New Breed" can be added to that catagory of tracks too, but when that is said the quality is still high on those tracks...just not as high as on the best material on the album. The album features a clear, detailed, and powerful sound production, which perfectly suits the futuristic sci-fi theme of the music and upon conclusion "Demanufacture" is a high quality release and arguably a groundbreaking one too. A 4 - 4.5 (85%) star rating is deserved.
With its centre of gravity in industrial metal but aspects of groove, thrash, death and alternative metal styles informing it, Fear Factory's Demanufacture sees the band display an impressive command of features of a myriad different metal genres.

At points the album sounds a little thin to my ears - in particular, the production isn't always favourable to Raymond Herrera's drums - but the variety of material from more simplistic vaguely commercial compositions to deeper and more intense industrial meditations just about manages to sell me on the album's merits. Burton Bell deserves particular props for the sheer range of vocal styles at his command, to the point where he starts to resemble industrial metal's answer to Mike Patton.

That said, the album does suffer from a rather bad case of mid-album slump, with tracks like Replica and New Breed being pretty dispensable.

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