MEGADETH — So Far, So Good... So What! (review)

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2/5 ·
Young, brash, and pumped full of drugs, 1988's 'So Far, So Good... So What!' saw Megadeth continue along the path they'd started upon with 1986's 'Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?". While it originally seemed like the band had cleaned up their act and become more driven and focused, the reality was that a bigger album budget just meant more money to spend on drugs and alcohol.

Unfortunately, 'So Far, So Good...' doesn't quite live up to the standards set by its predecessor. The production is arguably weaker and the writing has clearly taken a backseat to drug-taking, as, while there's a few hits here that belong on any Megadeth compilation release, the overall quality of the songs is definitely a step down than previously.

As before, the music is fast and intense, accompanying lyrics riddled with hatred and spite. Thrash metal was in full swing in 1988 and this album goes to show why Megadeth were one of the top bands of their time. Dave Mustaine's vocals are seething with bitterness and sincerity, though lack the polish that they had on 'Peace Sells'. But his signature "snarl" is in full effect, and gives the music the rawness it needs.

One notable significance of this release is that we see the first of many (and I mean many) major line-up changes. With guitarist Jeff Young and drummer Chuck Behler replacing Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson respectively. Both would be ejected from the band soon enough, with neither man having any particular impact.

While songs like 'In My Darkest Hour', 'Hook in Mouth', 'Set the World Afire' and a cover of the Sex Pistols classic 'Anarchy in the U.K.' prevent this album from being a complete loss, as a whole it just seems like a pretty passable release, especially when compared to the bulk of the bands later releases.
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more than 2 years ago
I had the original on cassette and later on CD. Then I bought the remastered version. I didn't like some of the changes but it's sounds better than the original. I bought the album when it came out in 1988 and though I liked some songs of Peace Sells better, I like more of the songs on this album. It's just really short.
siLLy puPPy wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Production or not, this album rubs me the wrong way in every way despite a couple good tracks. It will never win me over. I've tried :(
Unitron wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I personally think Megadeth made a perfect trilogy of albums from the debut to this one. Peace Sells is my favorite, but this and the debut are nearly tied with it.
Vim Fuego wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I have occasionally compared the two versions, but I usually just go with whatever I have at hand and put it into whatever context suits my review, whether it be the original or a modern interpretation. Err... does that make sense?
martindavey87 wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I'm not sure how to go about reviewing the original albums releases separately from the 2004 remastered ones, as they all come under one listing on this site. Aw well, it'll be a long time before I get to them anyway so no immediate worries. ^_^
Vim Fuego wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Listening to this right now. The original production was shit, but it was heavier than the two previous and the one following albums. The remaster is a lot clearer. And "In My Darkest Hour" is Megadeth's best song, bar none.


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