OCTOBER TIDE — Rain Without End

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4.30 | 10 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 1997


1. 12 Days of Rain (6:43)
2. Ephemeral (6:22)
3. All Painted Cold (5:45)
4. Sightless (6:28)
5. Losing Tomorrow (2:35)
6. Blue Gallery (5:43)
7. Infinite Submission (5:36)

Total Time 39:12


- Jonas Renkse / Drums, Vocals
- Fred Norrman / Guitars, Bass

Guest/session musicians:
- Morion / Keyboards, Effects
- Christer Åberg / Violin

About this release

Label: Vic Records
Release date: 1997

Recorded at Unisound,Orebro,Sweden 1995.
Produced by October tide.
Engineered by Dan Swano.
Re-released on CD and LP by VIC Records / Candlelight Records in summer 2008.
Cover art & layout by Ivan "De Pivan" Bragin.
Remastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound,Orebro,Sweden winter 2007-2008 with new artwork(different on CD and LP).

Thanks to Prog Geo, UMUR, MorniumGoatahl for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

This is one of those albums I’d had on my radar for years, but only just gotten around to. As Death Doom, particularly Melodic Death Doom, is my favorite music genre, I had a lot of expectations for this thing.

Well, 30 seconds into track one, my face contorted into a disharmoniously gleeful smile while listening to the aural form of melodic depression, and halfway through track two I prematurely judged this to be a masterpiece, completely meeting all expectations and more. The incredible part is that the album only grew stronger, the main riffs of “Sightless” and “Blue Gallery” in particular absolutely blowing my mind. THIS was the BIRTH of Melodic Death Doom. This was the origin of the brand of music that had come to be my absolute favorite.

Quite immediately, I began thinking “Damn, these guys really listened to Brave Murder Day and just worshipped the hell out of it.” This was less shoegaze-y and more melodic, but the overall style was uncannily similar. I mean hell, the first track was “12 Days of Rain”… you cannot convince me that isn’t a Brave Murder Day reference! Not that it mattered to me. More of something great = a win for me. I later felt stupid, after 17 listens, upon reading that this was composed by the vocalist/drummer and guitarist of Katatonia. And then I was in awe, because the whole thing was done by JUST those two people. Insane how two people crafted an album better than what full bands can do.

Anyway, to talk of the musical merit… some of the best, most melancholic guitar leads ever crafted. Doomy, yet full of energy and power. Ditto to the drumming, simple but perfectly serving the music, generous amount of double bass. Vocals are harrowing and beautiful. Sparse keys/synths round out the atmosphere perfectly. Lyrics are morose, slightly symbolic and poetic. Perfect album, absolutely flawless.
"Rain Without End" is the debut full-length studio album by Swedish doom/death metal act October Tide. The album was released through Vic Records in 1997. October Tide was at this point a side-project for the two Katatonia members Jonas Renkse (vocals, guitars, drums) and Fredrik Norrman (guitars, bass). "Rain Without End" was already recorded in 1995 between the releases of "Dance of December Souls (1993)" and "Brave Murder Day (1996)" by Katatonia.

...stylistically that´s also how it sounds. While "Rain Without End" is not a Katatonia album, the difference between the music on "Rain Without End" and the music on the early Katatonia albums is minimal. We´re talking melodic, slow and sorrowfilled doom/death metal with growling vocals. "Losing Tomorrow" features clean vocals but it´s a short track and there is no questioning that the growling vocals are the dominant vocal style on the album. The heavy riffs and melodic lead work is complimented by the occasional atmospheric acoustic section, which is healthy for the variation of the album. There are generally not that much variation between tracks though and the tracks have a tendency to feel longer than they are, which of course is a bit of an issue. The too simple drumming isn´t exactly a positive either, but otherwise I´d call "Rain Without End" a pretty strong doom/death metal release.

The album was recorded at Dan Swanö´s Unisound Studio and the band have achieved a decent sound, but the drums sound a bit thin. The musicianship is (besides the drumming) strong and the songwriting is alright too (seldom reaching the excellent mark though), so I guess a 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

Members reviews

Prog Geo
Outstanding album!The band-continuation of old Katatonia.All the tracks are splendid.The guitars are mourning perfectly.You'll find big amount of inspiration here.There are only two members.Jonas Renkse - Vocals(amazing performance)and Drums and Fredrik Norrman - Guitars and Bass.The lyrical themes are isolation,misery,depression and despair.The whole album has growls except Losing tomorrow(gothic vocals in Robert Smith's(The cure)vein).In the remastered version(Dan Swano has remastered it)there are keyboard and various effects by Morion and violin by Christer Aberg.

The artwork(remastered version)is perfect.A great description of the title of the album.It shows an old man outside of his wooden house(near the sea and it's on the grass)with a stone base and the clouds are very grey(and close to the ground)and it's raining.

My favorite tracks are:12 days of rain(wonderful beginning),Ephemeral(it expresses right this feeling,my favorite track),All painted cold,Losing tomorrow(gothic/doom track) and Infinite submission(just awesome,my 2nd favorite track)

An appropriate album for melancholic metallers(not only).A doom/death metal gem!

My grade:8/10

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