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Album · 1987

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Blind Faith (4:04)
2. Storming With Menace (4:23)
3. Terrible Certainty (4:26)
4. As the World Burns (3:47)
5. Toxic Trace (5:30)
6. No Escape (4:58)
7. One of Us (3:57)
8. Behind the Mirror (4:31)
9. Impossible to Cure (2:37)
10. Lambs to the Slaughter (3:32)
11. Terrible Certainty (live) (5:29)
12. Riot of Violence (live) (5:39)
13. Awakening of the Gods (live) (7:10)

Total Time: 60:10


- Mille Petrozza / Vocals, Guitars
- Jörg Tritze / Guitars
- Rob Fioretti / Bass
- Jurgen Ventor / Drums, Vocals on 4

About this release

Release date: October 01, 1987
Label: Noise Records

Reissued with "Out Of The Dark, Into The Light" EP as bonus tracks.

also released as limited edition in red vinyl.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Pleasure to Kill may well have been the high water mark for Kreator in terms of sheer, unflinching, terrifying aggression, but some of that raw power still holds over into Terrible Certainty. At the same time, the album also sees them beginning to experiment a little with more intricate, elaborate soloing and melodic songwriting, paving the way for more technically accomplished albums like Extreme Aggression (which, despite its name, felt to me like a further step down in terms of brutality). As a result, it's a bit of a transitional album, but so long as you enjoy at least one of the styles that preceded or succeeded it you'll probably find something to like here.
After a terribly primitive debut album, Kreator released one of their fan favorite albums 'Pleasure to Kill,' which was a ferocious and biting mixture of all out speed with all out aggression. Kreaor followed it up with 'Terrible Certainty,' a complex and interesting album with much more varied tempos and more interesting riffs; combing the sheer brute force of Pleasure To Kill with technical aptitude and most important of all, good songwriting.

Songs like 'Terrible Certainty,' 'One of Us,' and 'Behind The Mirror,' are great examples of how Kreator could make the music brutal without being repetitive or grating. Full of intersting riffs, catchy vocal patterns and virtuosic guitar solos, 'Terribly Certainty,' marked a move for Kreator into the big leagues, their increasing success not just due to increased touring or new MTV exposure, but because they had the quality music to back it up.

The only real problem the album suffers from is a rather thin and tinny production, but then again so did most of the albums released around this time.

Along with 'Extreme Aggression' and 'Coma of Souls,'this era of Kreator represents the pinnacle of their Thrash career, with future releases moving in different directions, dividing fan oppinions until their glorious return in 2001 and ever since.

Newer editions comes with the '..Out Of The Dark EP,' as bonus tracks, which consists of some dreadful quality live material and some interesting but non essential cover tunes.
Terrible Certainty is the 3rd full-length studio album by German thrash metal act Kreator. The album was released in October 1987 by Noise Records. Jörg Tritze has been added to the lineup as a second guitarist.

The music on the album is in the trademark Kreator thrash metal style. Aggressive and intense thrash metal tracks with frontman Mille Petrozza´s caustic vocal delivery in front. Drummer Ventor delivers his last vocal performance on a Kreator album on the track As the World Burns. Which is only for the better IMO. His raw barking vocal style isn´t nearly as rewarding as Mille Petrozza´s intense vocal delivery. Songs like Blind Faith, Storming With Menace, Behind the Mirror and especially the great Toxic Trace are excellent thrash metal tracks and while the raw nature of the tracks on Pleasure to Kill (1986) might appeal a great deal more to some people, I enjoy these tracks far more than the tracks on the more famous predecessor. The soloing is a bit underdeveloped and while it´s not as major problem, they could have been a bit more varied and also better played.

The production is raw and actually very cold. I kind of enjoy it though, but I´m sure it´s an aquired taste.

Listening to the album again after many years have actually left a positive impression on me. I remember I never really enjoyed Terrible Certainty much back when I started listening to Kreator. It was always the two albums that bookended the album that I found most interesting. I guess my taste has changed in the 20 years in between though because now I think most of Terrible Certainty is a great album. Somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4 star rating is warranted, but there are weaker points on the album ( I don´t enjoy the blatant Fight Fire With Fire staccato rip-off in the title track and Ventor´s vocal delivery on As the World Burns doesn´t do much for me either) so I´ll go with a 3.5 star rating. A great album though.

Members reviews

This is definitely the most underrated album of Kreator's early catalog and it is quite simply some of the best thrash metal ever released.

There are only 2 downers to this album, the first is the thin production which is particularly unfortunate given the beefier production on 'pleasure to kill' released the year before. The production isn't unlistenable but the guitars tend to drown everything out and are a bit too on the harsh black metal side of things. The second flaw is that it loses steam in the latter portion of the album, songs 6-8 aren't bad by any stretch but they don't compare to the rest.

Any flaws are easily overlooked though with the thrash genius of songs like 'Toxic Trace' and the title track which would have to rate up there as 2 of my favourite thrash tracks of all time.

There is a deceptive technicality to the music which is almost hard to perceive given the manner of delivery. The song structures too are quite clever, these guys know where to throw in a good breakdown and aren't afraid of a brief change of pace (the inability of many extreme metal bands to do this is their fatal flaw).

Overall a highly recommended thrash album - one of the best.

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