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Album · 2000

Filed under Power Metal


1. Hunting High And Low (4:08)
2. Millennium (4:09)
3. Mother Gaia (8:18)
4. Phoenix (6:13)
5. Glory Of The World (4:53)
6. A Million Light Years Away (5:19)
7. Freedom (5:03)
8. Infinity (9:22)
9. Celestial Dream (2:31)

Total Time: 49:58


- Timo Kotipelto / vocals
- Timo Tolkki / guitars and vocals
- Jari Kainulainen / bass
- Jens Johansson / keyboards
- Jörg Michael / drums

- Timo Ojala / Vocals (Choirs)
- Perttu Kivilaakso / Violoncello
- Veli-Matti Iljin / Violoncello
- Kari Lindstedt / Violoncello
- Heikki Vehmanen / Viola
- Markus Sallinen / Viola
- Mauri Pietikäinen / Viola
- Mikko Pesonen / Violin
- Katarina Jämsä-Pesonen / Violin
- Timo Ronkainen / Horn
- Tuomo Eerikäinen / Horn
- Pasi Eskelinen / Vocals (Choirs)
- Marko Pankakoski / Vocals (Choirs)
- Jussi Lehtipuu / Vocals (Choirs)
- Suvi Lehto / Vocals (Choirs)
- Lotte Lindblom / Vocals (Choirs)
- Veera Railio / Vocals (Choirs)
- Sade Rissanen / Vocals (Choirs)
- Mongo Aaltonen / Orchestral percussion
- Teodor Nicolau / Violin
- Yrjö Lasonpalo / Violin
- Teppo AliMattila / Violin
- Marco Hietala / Vocals (Backing)
- Emma Vähälä / Violin
- Satu Laine / Violin
- Tuomas Ikonen / Violin
- Heikki Hämäläinen / Violin

About this release

Release date: February 28, 2000
Label: Nuclear Blast

Japanese and French version have the bonus track "Keep The Flame"

The limited boxset comes with an extra photo booklet, a sticker and a bonus CD
with the tracks "Why Are We Here?" (4:43) and
"It's A Mystery" (4:04)

Thanks to progshine, DippoMagoo for the updates


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Intermission + Infinite [2 CD]Intermission + Infinite [2 CD]
Armoury Records 2012
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Infinite VisionsInfinite Visions
CD+DVD · Limited Edition
Nuclear Blast 2009
$17.61 (used)
Stratovarius: Infinite VisionsStratovarius: Infinite Visions
Nuclear Blast Americ 2001
$13.67 (used)
Infinite/Hunting High & Low by StratovariusInfinite/Hunting High & Low by Stratovarius
$61.17 (used)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Setting aside the fact that the cover art is in this horribly dated 3D style which people kept dabbling in during the late 1990s and early 2000s, in some ways you really can judge Stratovarius' Infinite by its cover: it depicts a transition from a drab, grey, humdrum world to a colourful world full of wonder and possibility, and that's exactly the sort of cheerful, uplifting musical experience that the band's sunny style of power metal offers at its best.

It's that optimistic positivity which is the real love-it-or-hate-it aspect to Stratovarius: sometimes it can be a little grating, but when it works, it's a really nice palette-cleanser, and unless you absolutely insist that your metal listening should consist of all gruesome, grim, morbid or melancholy topics and atmospheres all the time, this album will probably put a smile on your face too.
2000’s Infinite was the Finnish Melodic Power Metal band Stratovarius’ eighth full-length studio album, it was self-produced by the band’s own leader/lead guitarist Timmo Tolkki, and released through Nuclear Blast records. It was a number one album in their Finnish Homeland, and featured the smash hit single “Hunting High And Low.”

This is a strong and thoroughly entertaining album, that sees the band mix in a few different styles, adding in some of their classic powerful, speedy Melodic Power Metal, a few commercial moments, and a few tips of the hat to the Progressive Metal side that would become a bigger and bigger part of their sound on subsequent records.

Highlights include the aforementioned hit single, which is incredibly good-fun and immensely replayable, as well as the thrashier “Millenium” which showcases the band’s heavier side, the incredibly fun “Freedom” (which almost sounds like Helloween in a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade), and the grandiose 9-minute “Infinity.”

The vocals are strong, the musicianship is honed to perfection, the production is crystal clear. If you are already a fan don’t hesitate to pick this one up. If not; Do you like your Metal with neoclassical keyboard solos, flowery sing along choruses and hammering double-kicks? Do you like a healthy mixture of ballads, epics, and straight ahead synthy Hard Rock tunes in there too for variety? If so, Infinite might just be the album for you.

Overall; Infinite is a pretty top-notch release from Stratovarius, one where they try their hand at all aspects of their sound and succeed in each of them.

(P.S. There’s an absolutely killer part three and a half minutes into “Pheonix” that will put a smile on any Metal fan’s face.)
Entering the new millennium, Stratovarius unleashed their seventh release, "Infinite", and marked the maturity of the band's musicianship and songwriting skill. Their musical flair is still revolving around the traditional European power metal where melodic and majestic chorus becomes the centerpoint of each tunes. Guitarist Timo Tolkki, as usual, is the mastermind of the band, pouring his creativity in every song except "Glory of The World" where this time, keyboardist Jens Johansson was given a chance to contribute his writing.

"Hunting High And Low", one of their most popular tracks, is a typical power metal track, very melodic and radio friendly, this one is a solid offering by the band. "Millennium" comes next, with a fierce power and gigantic rhythm, this song is perhaps their fastest one, and also a great piece. "Phoenix" wears the same shoes as "Hunting" but they smartly put a trace of progressive rhythm in the middle. "Glory of The World", which I've mentioned above, has victorious chorus and could be a colossal movie soundtrack. I love the guitar duels, and Johansson did an amazing job here. "Freedom" is also a similar attempt as "Glory" and I found this one interesting as well. Unfortunately, some tracks are too flat and uninspiring, "Mother Gaia" and the title track, for example, are like leftovers, and the bonus track, "What Can I Say?", is totally passable.

Stratovarius maintained their rank with "Infinite", showing a strong consistency in vocal department, rhythm section, and also songwriting concept. For fans of power metal, this one is paradise to the ears, probably not their best, but definitely a great release.

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