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2.85 | 31 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1999

Filed under Nu Metal


1. 742617000027 (0:36)
2. (sic) (3:19)
3. Eyeless (3:56)
4. Wait and Bleed (2:27)
5. Surfacing (3:38)
6. Spit It Out (2:39)
7. Tattered & Torn (2:53)
8. Me Inside (2:39)
9. Liberate (3:06)
10. Prosthetics (4:58)
11. No Life (2:47)
12. Diluted (3:23)
13. Only One (2:26)
14. Scissors (8:25)
15. Get This (2:03)
16. Spit It Out (Hyper version) (2:24)
17. Wait and Bleed (Terry Date mix) (2:31)
18. Interloper (demo) (2:18)
19. Despise (demo) (3:41)
20. Surfacing (live) / Eeyore (12:39)

Total Time: 72:57


- Corey Taylor / vocals
- Mick Thomson / guitar
- Shawn "Clown" Crahan / custom percussions, backing vocals
- Craig "133" Jones / samples, media
- Jim Root / guitar (on "Purity" and "Me Inside")
- Chris Fehn / custom percussion, backing vocals
- Paul Gray / bass guitar, backing vocals
- Joey Jordison / drums, mixing
- Sid Wilson / turntables
- Josh Brainard – guitar (all tracks except "Purity" and "Me Inside")(uncredited)

About this release

Roadrunner, June 29, 1999.

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Members reviews

Slipknot's self-titled album was one of my most-listened to albums in 7th grade, and to this day, I enjoy revisiting it. I'm no nu-metal fan, but this band has enough of a raw edge to avoid sounding derivative and overly predictable. The band's percussion-driven sound and Corey Taylor's vocals are what make this a good metal album. The band has a drummer along with two custom percussionists that have a distinctive voice with their rolling, overlapping playing. As far as this type of music goes, Corey Taylor is one of the best vocalists around. He rages from energetic growl-yells to solid clean vocals back and forth, and he comes across as really passionate and genuinely pissed off. Slipknot's debut is my favorite nu-metal album, and many music fans will likely miss out on a nu-metal album done right.

Rating: 7/10
Slipknot is a nu metal band from Iowa and this is their popular debut album from 1999.

I have never understood why this band is so popular. Their sound is very generic nu metal, that fails to distinguish itself in a crowded genre. Even other maligned nu metal band's like Korn and Mushroomhead at least manage to distinguish themselves from the rest by experimenting with other sounds/genres etc. This is the only Slipknot album i've heard and i was not impressed, all the songs here have the same sounding riffs, same boring shouted/rapped vocals and idiotic lyrics that sound directly aimed at angsty teenagers.

I know the nu metal fans eat this sort of stuff up, but fans of other genres should steer clear.

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