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Album · 2015

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1. Delusions of Saviour (1:55) (instrumental)
2. Repentless (3:20)
3. Take Control (3:14)
4. Vices (3:32)
5. Cast the First Stone (3:43)
6. When the Stillness Comes (4:21)
7. Chasing Death (3:45)
8. Implode (3:49)
9. Piano Wire (2:49)
10. Atrocity Vendor (2:55)
11. You Against You (4:21)
12. Pride in Prejudice (4:14)

Total Time 41:58


- Kerry King / Guitars
- Tom Araya / Vocals, Bass
- Paul Bostaph / Drums

- Gary Holt / Guitars (lead)

About this release

Release date: 11 September 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Deluxe digipak edition contains:
Bonus DVD/Blu-ray:
- SLAYER Live At Wacken 2014
- Making Of »Repentless« documentary

The Metal Eagle will include the following exclusive items:
* Deluxe digipak (folds out into "inverted cross")
* Bonus Blu-Ray and DVD including "Slayer Live At Wacken 2014" and "Making Of Repentless Documentary"
* Bonus live CD "Slayer Live At Wacken 2014"
* Fold-out poster
* Album sticker
* Numbered certificate

• Recorded and mixed at Henson Studios om Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.
• Mastered at Howie Weinberg Mastering, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Thanks to diamondblack for the addition and UMUR, adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Repentless" is the 12th full-length studio album by US thrash metal act Slayer. The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records in September 2015. It´s been quite a few years since the release of "World Painted Blood (2009)", but in addition to a lot of touring, there have been a couple of rather major lineup changes since that release. Drummer Dave Lombardo was fired in 2013 after a contract dispute with the other members of the band and has been replaced by a returning Paul Bostaph, who hasn´t appeared on a Slayer release since "God Hates Us All (2001)". But maybe a bit more serious guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman passed away in 2013. He had been struggling with his health after contracting necrotizing fasciitis as a result of a spider bite in 2011, but it was eventually liver failure as a consequence of his alcohol abuse which killed him. Gary Holt (Exodus) who has functioned as live guitarist for Slayer since 2011, when Hanneman became unable to perform, plays some guitar solos on "Repentless", but is not credited as a permanent member of the lineup.

Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King typically shared the main songwriting credits on most preceeding releases by Slayer (with Tom Araya and Paul Bostaph (only once) contributing too), so with one part of the main songwriting team gone (and the original drummer gone again too), a lot of fans have questioned if Slayer would still sound like Slayer. The material on "Repentless" however more than proves that Slayer is still undeniably Slayer. King has written quite a lot of the band´s post 2000 material anyway, so it´s not like the sound on "Repentless" is that different from the last couple of releases. So there are a lot of pretty straight forward and very aggressive fast tracks featured on the album, but also quite a few heavier tracks, and King has actually managed to put a great deal of variation into his songwriting (even a couple of acoustic sections), which ultimately makes "Repentless" an album with a good flow that is also stylistically consistent. Highlights include the title track, "Take Control", "Vices", "When the Stillness Comes", and "Atrocity Vendor", but there´s nothing sub par on the album, and the compositional quality is high throughout.

One place where the variation could have been greater is in the lyric department, because that´s where King is a bit limited. His lyrics are angry and often deal with violence or threats of violence (or relatively shallow political/social comments), using swear words to emphasize aggression, and it quite frankly becomes a bit tiresome after a while. It was alright when it was just a couple of tracks on each album which dealt with those subjects in that fashion, as the rest of the lyrics dealing with other things balanced them out, but a whole album with lyrics only written by King is a bit hard on the ears. He is just a bit too butch for his own good...

When that is said "Repentless" is still a quality release in all other departments (and I probably exaggerated the issue with the lyrics a bit). The songwriting is generally on a high level, the musicianship is strong as ever, and the sound production is professional, heavy, and raw. "Repentless" is probably the most meaty and heavy sounding album yet released by Slayer. So upon conclusion this is another strong album release by Slayer, which shows that the decision to soldier on after Hanneman´s death was the right one seen from an artistic point of view. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.
In some ways Repentless may be the most important album Slayer have ever made. Not only have they lost their drummer Dave Lombardo (again) but it’s also their first since the shocking death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman who wrote much of the bands most celebrated material. Fortunately past drummer, the excellent Paul Bostaph has returned and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who’s been helping them out with live shows even before Hanneman’s death when he was in poor health is a more than able substitute. Both are on brilliant form here.

It’s good news, not only have they proved that there’s life for the band without Hanneman, they’ve actually released their best album since...ooh….probably Seasons In The Abyss. World Painted Blood was good, the title track stunning, but was marred by a thin and harsh sounding production. Repentless sounds meatier – could this be anything to do with this being the first Slayer album I’ve bought on vinyl since South Of Heaven? Probably not but I think Slayer’s sound does benefit from the warmth of vinyl. Most importantly though it’s the songs that matter and they’ve come up with some killers and overall consistency too. After short opening instrumental Delusions of Saviour the ferocious title track kicks in and is powerful statement of intent driving along at breakneck speed with Kerry King and Holt riffing like their life depended on it and vocalist/bassist Tom Araya on fine form. The pace continues on Take Control, at least in part but this album’s not all about speed. They’re never going to top Reign In Blood for sheer speed and ferocity but they grind and groove with some truly memorable and great riffs, none better than the broodingly dark Cast The First Stone.

The first half is a bit more memorable than the second but only just, there’s still much to offer like the driving Chasing Death and Piano Wire’s riff after a few plays reveals itself to be one of the most infectious riffs on the album.

Slayer no doubt felt they had much to prove with Repentless but such is the quality of this album that even their harshest critics must be silenced. They’ve exceeded expectations and if there’s a better thrash metal album released this year I’ll be amazed. We couldn’t have hoped for more than this.

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