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3.81 | 5 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1999

Filed under Nu Metal


1. Home (3:34)
2. Denial (4:17)
3. Headtrip (3:08)
4. Insecure (1:01)
5. Reconnect (3:37)
6. Waffle (3:30)
7. Rumble Fish (3:21)
8. Licking Cream (3:17)
9. Grasp (4:21)
10. Crumbled (3:28)
11. Feel So (3:38)
12. Grasshopper (0:08)
13. Bender (3:45)

Total Time: 41:09

Japanese Release bonus tracks:
14. Black (Live) (4:13)
15. Speak (Live) (3:26)
16. Too Close to Hate (Live) (4:04)


- Lajon Witherspoon / lead vocals
- John Connolly / rhythm guitars, backing vocals
- Clint Lowery / lead guitars, backing vocals
- Vinnie Hornsby / bass guitar
- Morgan Rose / drums, backing vocals

About this release

Released by TVT on August 24, 1999.

Thanks to Unitron, adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up"

One of the best "jumpdafuckup" metal albums out there. Usually whenever I'm inclined to spin a Sevendust album, it's usually the debut, but gave Home a full listen for the first time in years and it holds up as a close second. It's a bit more polished, but in a way that gives more punch to the guitar which benefits the pure nu metal style that they got on this album. Also I can swear I hear the bass rattling in some of the songs on here, which is an added bonus.

I think this is where Sevendust had the best balance of melody and aggression, as it mostly comes together nicely here. Denial has a fantastic blend of the two, but they don't add unnecessary melodic choruses to songs like Rumble Fish which wouldn't be the mosh-ready anthem it is if they did. For those of you who remember the ATV: Offroad Fury games on PS2, Denial will probably bring a lot of nostalgia.

Sevendust has kept on going, but their first two still hold most of their great stuff. They focused a bit too much on melodic alt-metalcore later on for my tastes, but if you just want some good heavy grooves this delivers.
While Sevendust’s second album, 1999’s ‘Home’, is a step up from its predecessor, it’s still a fairly average album at best. There’s a noticeable improvement in the band’s sound and performance, and a number of solid tracks make this album superior to the group’s debut.

With nu metal on the rise, Sevendust’s “alternative” brand of metal was starting to gain the band some recognition, with a good balance of groove, heaviness and melody, the Atlanta-based five-piece are starting to sound a lot more polished with their sound. In particular, vocalist Lajon Witherspoon’s interesting mixture of singing, shouting and rapping is starting to really suit the music better than before. The guitars are also sounding a lot more confident, with the twin-guitar format being utilized to full effect.

Personal highlights for me include ‘Headtrip’, ‘Rumble Fish’, ‘Licking Cream’, ‘Denial’, ‘Bender’ and the title track. While a number of songs on this album seem similar and repetitive, these ones stand out, and show a band that may have finally stumbled upon a sound that’ll give them their own identity.

‘Home’, ultimately, isn’t a bad album, and has its fair share of memorable moments. But it’s just not an album I’d consider coming back to very often. Sevendust are certainly showing potential for greater things though, and with the nu metal subgenre on the verge of taking over the world (this is back in 1999, remember), it’ll be interesting to see if the band can fulfil that potential on later releases.

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