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Album · 1987

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Intro (0:32)
2. From the Past Comes the Storms (4:56)
3. To the Wall (5:38)
4. Escape to the Void (4:41)
5. Inquisition Symphony (7:15)
6. Screams Behind the Shadows (4:50)
7. Septic Schizo (4:33)
8. The Abyss (1:02)
9. R.I.P. (Rest in Pain) (4:38)
10. Troops of Doom * (3:18)
11. The Past Reborns the Storms * (demo version) (5:08)
12. Septic Schizo * (rough mix) (4:34)
13. To the Wall * (rough mix) (5:31)

* bonus track

Total Time: 56:43


- Max Cavalera / Vocals, rhythm guitar
- Andreas Kisser / lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- Paulo Jr. / bass
- Igor Cavalera / drums

About this release

Release date: October 30, 1987
Label: Cogumelo Produções

Producer: Jeff Daniels

Rereleased by Roadrunner Records in 1990 with bonus track (Troops of Doom). Remastered by Roadrunner Records in 1997 with 4 bonus tracks.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Schizophrenia is the 2nd full-length studio album by Brazilian death/ thrash metal act Sepultura. The album was released in October 1987 by Cogumelo Records. The album was recorded on 16 track at J.G. Estudios, Belo Horizonte in August 1987. The original album contained 9 tracks and featured a playing time of 38:13 minutes. Later re-issues include a re-recorded version of Troop of Doom from the band´s debut album Morbid Visions (1986). Some versions also include some demos and rough mixes of songs from the album.

The music on the album is aggressive death/ thrash metal with an emphasis on the thrash metal part. There´s been great development in the band´s sound since the more primitive/ simple debut album Morbid Visions, which was released just a year before Schizophrenia. The music on Schizophrenia is not only aggressive and powerful, it´s also rather sophisticated in places. While the band had certainly listened to the brutal euro thrash metal of Kreator, Sodom and Celtic Frost, it´s obvious that the more sophisticated thrash metal of Metallica also had great impact on the sound on Schizophrenia. There´s even a long instrumental track on the album in the 7:16 minute long Inquisition Symphony. The short acoustic The Abyss is also a nice variation from the more regular death/ thrash assault of songs like From the Past Comes the Storms, R.I.P. (Rest in Pain), To the Wall and Escape to the Void. Guitarist Jairo Guedes has been replaced by Andreas Kisser who adds a new dimension to the sound on the album. His playing is much more diverse and sophisticated than the style of his predecessor.

Schizophrenia was the album that caught the attention of Roadrunner/ Roadracer Records who signed Sepultura. Roadrunner/ Roadracer Records re-released Sepultura´s first two albums in addition to releasing the band´s international breakthrough album Beneath the Remains (1989) and the rest is history. This particular album may have put Sepultura´s on the map, but Schizophrenia is like listening to a demo version of Beneath the Remains. There are tons of powerful and aggressive death/ thrash riffing, good solo work and generally good compositional ideas, but the execution lacks in places. First of all the production isn´t very good. It´s distorted and muddy and while that´s not a problem all the time, it disturbs my listening experience in places. Secondly the musicianship isn´t as tight as it would be just a few years down the line, and especially Igor Cavalera´s drumming is a bit untight in places. Schizophrenia is overall still a good album though and a 3 star rating is deserved. When the album is best a 3.5 star rating wouldn´t be out of place.
The Angry Scotsman
This album grew on me over time. For this release, the band added Andreas Kisser, (who I think is one of the more under rated guitarists in metal). Schizophrenia moves away from their previous death metal releases, and more towards thrash metal. Don't worry though, there are still plenty of manically tremolo picked, blast beat fueled sections.

Besides a change in musical direction, we also see a step up in musical talent. Instead of pure tremolo picking and off the wall solos, this album displays more riffing and precise solos. The riffing is quite fast and precise. Songs also show more structure and diversity to them.

After the intriguing and somewhat frightening intro, 3 great songs follow. The best song on the album, Inquisition Symphony, than comes up. The next 2 are nothing to write home about, and then we get to The Abyss, a minute long acoustic piece. We are seeing some more creative song writing now! This is then followed by R.I.P. which is the most intense, unrelenting song on the album. Real mind melter. Things end with a remastered version of Troops of Doom, which isn't terrible.

Quick note, Max's vocals are a bit better than earlier releases, but he is still finding himself here. An interesting album, a thrash/death metal mix with some real display of technicality, musicianship, and composition skills.

Don't overlook this album!

Three and a Half Stars

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