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Album · 1987

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1. Force Ten (4:32)
2. Time Stand Still (5:08)
3. Open Secrets (5:38)
4. Second Nature (4:36)
5. Prime Mover (5:21)
6. Lock and Key (5:09)
7. Mission (5:17)
8. Turn the Page (4:55)
9. Tai Shan (4:17)
10. High Water (5:33)

Total Time: 50:30


- Geddy Lee / vocals, bass guitar, bass pedals, synthesizers
- Alex Lifeson / electric and acoustic guitars
- Neil Peart / drums, percussion, electronic percussion

- Aimee Mann / additional vocals
- Andy Richards / additional keyboards

About this release

Studio album
September 8, 1987
Produced by Peter Collins and Rush

1987 - Mercury(US)(Brazil)(UK) LP
1987 - Anthem(Canada) LP
1987 - Mercury(US)(Germany) CD
1987 - Anthem(Canada) CD
1997 - Mercury(US)(Germany) CD: remasyered
1997 - Anthem(Canada) CD: remastered
2009 - Warner(Japan) SHM-CD: Cd sized album replica, remastered, limited edition

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Ugh. The malaise which had crept into Rush's sound on Power Windows continues apace on Hold Your Fire, which is a formulaic Rush-by-numbers album from their mid-1980s synthesiser era - and the fact that any Rush album could be called "formulaic" illustrates the magnitude of the problem. The fact is that whilst Signals was a decent album and Grace Under Pressure was a superb refinement of its formula, the band followed that up with two albums which just lazily repeated the formula rather than continuing to grow and develop and change their sound, and whilst this was disappointing enough on Power Windows, by Hold Your Fire the band had become decidedly stale.

Time Stand Still is downright repetitive - a word I'd never have applied to any prior Rush song - whilst most of the other songs on the album are outright forgettable. Stick to Signals and Grace Under Pressure - those albums show off all the tricks Rush bring to the table on Hold Your Fire, and deliver with with significantly more passion and gusto than they are able to muster on this tepid, limp offering.
Rush-Hold Your Fire

After the good but sometimes poppy 'Power Windows', Rush must have thought it was a good idea to continue down that path and fully embrace the 80's sound that they had created. Lifeson's presence was already somewhat low on the last album, but this album makes his work on 'Windows' seem prominent.

The main problem with 'Hold Your Fire' for me is that other then a song here and there, all the songs sound the same. Unlike all previous Rush albums which always seemed to have a nice variety, 'Fire' just lacks unique composition that was always so great about Rush.

1. Force Ten. The album starts out promising enough with the best track on the album 'Force Ten'; Rush seems to be pretty good at making great opening songs. The choir at the beginning and Peart's driving drum beats really make this the most enjoyable. Lee's bass is really catchy and Lifeson is actually able to be heard well here. There is also a certain atmosphere in this song that fits well. The short bridge is nice too. The only 5 star song on this album for me. (10/10)

Other then 'Force Ten' there isn't much else to say, 'Turn the Page' is an enjoyable song and has some nice bass. 'Open Secrets' and 'Lock and Key' are okay. 'Tai Shan' isn't a song I particularly like, but it is different and unique. Other then that, there isn't really much else to say. All the rest of the songs have the same synth-led, guitar-lacking sound. Peart's lyrics are still strong, but they are not complimented very well by the music.

If you happen to enjoy this album, that's great! It just isn't my thing, but thankfully Rush would make a great comeback two years later. Unless you are a fan of 80's Rush, I wouldn't recommend this album.

Hope you found this review helpful.

siLLy puPPy
This album should really be re-titled “Hold Your Creativity” since despite a whole bunch of guest stars adding their input to it seems like a whole lotta filler to me. I also vote that they repackage it and instead of the three red dots on the cover they should be tomatoes being thrown at the faces of the three members (the cute pics of them with their hip new wave hairdos in the liner notes would do nicely). I suspect at this point that their fan base who was so patiently waiting for another at least decent album again were ready to pull plug on their support. In fact they did just that. This album saw a huge decline in sales which was the thunderbolt that caused RUSH to tone down the synths on their following album.

HOLD YOUR FIRE is their 12th studio album and one of the weakest IMO. I find the first three tracks tolerable and the rest absolutely horrendous and tolerable isn't good enough for a band with this much talent. Listening to this I can only wonder what planet RUSH was living on at the time. I know that they were doing what they wanted and were experimenting with ideas that all the members had wanted to follow, but I can only wonder WHY these particular ideas that they seemed to put so much into to make happen sound so, well, awful. Another good title for this would be HOLD YOUR PURCHASE. Save your precious shelf space for something worth hearing. I'm adding a star just for their boldness in experimenting otherwise this is a 1 star album musically speaking.
The 80's Rush is a 8/80 situation, love it or hate it. I on the other hand prefer to sit on the fence, I don't hate and I don't love. Every situation is different. When the band decided to go deep into new directions after Signals (1982) each album was deeper into the keyboards 'drama' - as Alex Lifeson would say - and the results vary from album to album.

Grace Under Pressure (1984) is a weaker album, Power Windows (1985) their best of this phase and Hold Your Fire (1987) a weak one again. But one thing must be said, even when Rush is weak they are above the medium!

On Hold Your Fire (1987) keyboards are everywhere and you have to really dig into the album's sound to find Alex's guitars. Geddy Lee's amazing bass playing is still here, Neal Peart's lyrics too. Tracks like 'Force Ten', 'Time Stand Still' (with the wonderful Aimee Mann) and 'Turn The Page' prove that.

Unfortunatelly the albums also have tracks like 'Tai Shan' and 'High Water' that are just forgetable. The rest of the material is ok, but not that very attractive.

Rush wouls release one more album in the 80's and caputure their synth phase with a live album before going to a new era once again.

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