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Album · 1979

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Dead Men Tell No Tales (3:04)
2. Lawman (3:56)
3. Sweet Revenge (4:14)
4. Sharpshooter (3:18)
5. Poison (2:54)
6. Stone Dead Forever (4:56)
7. All the Aces (3:25)
8. Step Down (3:42)
9. Talking Head (3:42)
10. Bomber (3:41)

Total Time: 36:56

Bonus disc
1. Over the Top (3:20)
2. Stone Dead Forever (alternative version) (4:34)
3. Sharpshooter (alternative version) (3:16)
4. Bomber (alternative version) (3:35)
5. Step Down (alternative version) (3:29)
6. Leaving Here (live) (3:02)
7. Stone Dead Forever (live) (5:31)
8. Dead Men Tell No Tales (live) (2:44)
9. Too Late, Too Late (live) (3:20)
10. Step Down (live) (3:48)

Total Time: 36:39


- Lemmy / vocals and bass
- Eddie Clarke / guitars and vocals on Step Down
- Philthy Taylor / drums

About this release

Release date: October 27th, 1979
Label: Bronze

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Only falling very, very slightly short of the standards of the preceding Overkill or the following Ace of Spades - and that's only because the title track is very, very slightly less iconic and memorable than the title cuts from those two - Bomber continues Motorhead's ongoing fusion of heavy metal aggression and volume, punk rock attitude, and classic rock and roll songwriting.

As with many Motorhead albums, the title song is the best - this time placed as the album closer rather than kicking off the set - with an insanely catchy chorus it's almost impossible not to sing along to. Lemmy's talent as a lyricist is in full flow this time around, with Poison being a frank and emotionally raw condemnation of his absentee father and Lawman being one of the most eloquent "fuck the police" songs ever recorded. Fast Eddie gets a shot at lead vocals on Step Down, but can't really match Lemmy's iconic roar - not that anyone could expect him to, but it does mean that song is a step down compared to the rest of the album.

As far as the music goes, it's more of the classic Motorhead sound - loud as fuck bass and percussion, with Lemmy playing bass like it's another lead guitar, and fast and furious lead guitar from Fast Eddie to sweeten the deal. If you've heard one of their songs from this era - and who hasn't heard Ace of Spades? - you know what you're letting yourself in for, and you know whether you love their classic sound or hate it. If you love it, there's plenty to love here. If you hate it, well, I'm not going to convince you otherwise and Bomber probably won't either.
Bomber is the 3rd full-length studio album by UK hard rock/ metal act Motörhead. The album was the 2nd release by the band on the Bronce label and it was released in October 1979. It was also the 2nd album released by the band in 1979 as Motörhead´s sophomore album Overkill had been released only 7 months prior to Bomber.

The music on the album is filthy garage rock´n´roll with a metal edge. Motörhead had enjoyed a lot of succes with Overkill and the band saw no reason to change a winning formula. But I guess you could say that about their whole career. The tracks are generally a bit less memorable than on the predecessor though and there are only few of what I would call "classic" Motörhead tracks on Bomber. I´ll mention Dead Men Tell No Tales, Stone Dead Forever, All The Aces and the title track as the most prominent tracks on the album. The rest are good but not excellent IMO.

The production is absolutely filthy and it´s almost like being in the room with the band while they are playing. Bomber more or less sounds like it was recorded live in the studio.

Bomber is seldom held in as high regards as the two albums that bookend it, and I agree that Overkill and Ace of Spades (1980) are arguably stronger albums ( I won´t mention On Parole (1979) which was released in December 1979 because it was a shelved album recorded in 1975 and meant to be released in 1976, so basically it´s the band´s debut album) and yes Bomber doesn´t feature as many "classic" Motörhead tracks as those two albums, but Bomber is still quite the enjoyable hard rock/ metal album and a 3 - 3.5 star rating is deserved. If you´re looking for an "authentic" and filthy rock´n´roll album with a metal edge, I can highly recommend Bomber.

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