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Movie · 2010

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Anthrax (DVD 1/BD 1/CD 1)
1. Caught in a Mosh (6:04)
2. Got the Time (3:42)
3. Madhouse (4:24)
4. Be All, End All (8:00)
5. Antisocial (6:37)
6. Indians/Heaven and Hell (10:10)
7. Medusa (5:53)
8. Only (6:46)
9. Metal Thrashing Mad (3:27)
10. I Am the Law (8:14)

Megadeth (DVD 1/BD 1/CD 2)
1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (6:33)
2. Hangar 18 (5:04)
3. Wake Up Dead (3:44)
4. Head Crusher (3:18)
5. In My Darkest Hour (5:26)
6. Skin o' My Teeth (3:14)
7. À Tout le Monde (4:28)
8. Hook in Mouth (4:39)
9. Trust (5:04)
10. Sweating Bullets (4:50)
11. Symphony of Destruction (4:15)
12. Peace Sells/Holy Wars Reprise (10:22)

Slayer (DVD 1/BD 1/CD 3)
1. World Painted Blood (6:26)
2. Jihad (4:31)
3. War Ensemble (5:09)
4. Hate Worldwide (3:11)
5. Seasons in the Abyss (6:24)
6. Angel of Death (5:34)
7. Beauty Through Order (5:11)
8. Disciple (5:07)
9. Mandatory Suicide (4:14)
10. Chemical Warfare (5:50)
11. South of Heaven (4:30)
12. Raining Blood (5:39)

Metallica (DVD 2/BD 2/CD 4 & 5)
1. Creeping Death (8:11)
2. For Whom the Bell Tolls (4:29)
3. Fuel (4:15)
4. Harvester of Sorrow (6:18)
5. Fade to Black (7:31)
6. That Was Just Your Life (6:53)
7. Cyanide (7:16)
8. Sad but True (6:33)
9. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (6:14)
10. All Nightmare Long (7:50)
11. One (8:34)
12. Master of Puppets (8:06)
13. Blackened (7:58)
14. Nothing Else Matters (5:56)
15. Enter Sandman (11:08)
16. Am I Evil? (with members of Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer) (6:05)
17. Hit the Lights (5:25)
18. Seek & Destroy (12:40)

DVD Bonus Feature: DVD 2/ BD 2
* Behind the scenes documentary backstage at Sonisphere, including interviews and "Am I Evil?" rehearsal footage.


- Joey Belladonna / lead vocals
- Rob Caggiano / lead guitar
- Scott Ian / rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead guitar in "Madhouse"
- Frank Bello / bass, backing vocals
- Charlie Benante / drums

- Dave Mustaine / lead vocals, guitar
- Chris Broderick / guitar, backing vocals
- David Ellefson / bass, backing vocals
- Shawn Drover / drums

- Tom Araya / vocals, bass
- Jeff Hanneman / guitar
- Kerry King / guitar
- Dave Lombardo / drums

- James Hetfield / vocals, rhythm guitar
- Kirk Hammett / lead guitar, backing vocals
- Robert Trujillo / bass, backing vocals
- Lars Ulrich / drums

About this release

Split DVD, Universal Music, October 29th, 2010

Release has a 2 DVD set, Blu-Ray and a deluxe box set including the 2 DVD set, 5 CD's, a 24 page booklet, a poster, photos of each band and a Big 4 guitar pick.

Thanks to Pekka for the addition


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

I'm reviewing this as a Metallica release cause, well, it seems like one Metallica release with 3 good guests (not trying to bash the other bands, not at all, you'll see on the review).

Anthrax: Great show full of energy, you can see the joy on the band members faces, also, Joey Belladonna vocals are pretty in shape, specially for a 50 years old man. The fact all of them are using the same t-shirt is very nice, shows the unity of the band, no egos involved, one for all, all for one and a good metal show. Rate: 4

Megadeth: Dave gathered great musicians, they're not really new (but sounds as a one man band with guests). Guitars and bass (David Ellefson is one of the great metal bassists ever) are great. But what the f**k is his voice here? What Dave's trying to do with all that falsettos? Is a pain to watch him singing. And he seems worried and nervous the whole show. I never really watched Megadeth live, so I can't say if he's always been like that. Rate: 3

Slayer: The band hit the stage and their hardcore/thrash/metal fast sound comes right to your face. Kerry King accessories (braces and chains) are a little too much on my opinion, but so are the Jeff Hanneman boots xD But their guitars models are very cool. I do like Slayer and they were the one I wanted to see most, but on stage they look like a prog/hardcore/thrash act, cause it looks like the same song over and over. But still, they have great energy, still 'angry' after all this time and Tom Araya's voice still great. Rate: 4

Before Metallica hit the stage a couple of interviews about the Dio death, all of those guys are fans, for sure.

Metallica: Of course they are the 'big brother' here, playing doubled amount of time than the other bands. And you can say whatever you want to say, but few bands can put up a show like these guys do. They made every penny worth. And James Hetfield is singing better than ever, and in a crooner kinda of microphone xD Trujillo is always a fun scene, walking like a 10 pound Gorilla on stage. And I'm sure I'll never like Lars drumming. And every days that passes one idea comes to my mind stronger and stronger, I really would like to see a James solo album, he would do some serious good thing alone, for sure. But, they'll not have a bigger rate for me, cause of one thing, the show IT IS great, but it's the same show over and over the past 2 tours, same songs, same sequence and even James using the same words with the audience. Rate: 4

All in all, it's worth to watch, with a beer on your side will be even better, even if you do not drink (like myself) xD

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